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Acne is already a tough struggle for many of us – what about more severe and permanent skin concerns such as vitiligo, burns, birthmarks, or even side effects of cancer treatment?

For many inflicted with these skin issues, it can take a toll on their self-esteem and confidence, especially since the usual makeup offerings in the market are not able to provide the coverage they desire or extra comfort that their skin needs.

With that in mind, Shiseido launched Southeast Asia’s first Life Quality Beauty Centre (LQBC) in Singapore to help individuals with a wide range of serious skin concerns to achieve better life quality by supporting them through the power of make-up.

Shiseido Life Quality Centre

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Centre

The LQBC actually traces its roots back to 1956, when the company developed a foundation called Spots Cover that was designed to mask post-war scars. Since then, Shiseido has been actively promoting appearance care for people with skin concerns, and this centre is part of the company’s efforts to improve their quality of life.

At the centre, people suffering from serious skin concerns will be able to have free one-on-one consultation sessions with voluntary advisors, where they can receive makeup advice on the most suitable makeup methods and cosmetic products to use, as well as explore the best ways to apply the different products to address their concerns.

The current voluntary advisors are actually Shiseido employees – they undergo rigorous training where they learn how to apply makeup over different skin tones and various issues that may affect the texture and colouration of the skin. This ensures that they are able to give appropriate advice, especially since many people with different skin problems have been visiting the centre since its opening in May.

Shiseido Life Quality Centre Model Dolls

Realistic models that voluntary advisors practise on

According to Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Centre Singapore’s manager, Fang Jiayun, a lot of thought has been put into the centre’s decor to ensure that the consultees feel comfortable enough to share openly and show the advisors their skin problems.

After all, many of them are looking to cover up these ‘flaws’, hence it is important to create a private and safe space for them – a place that ideally feels just like home.

Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center

Consultation rooms

Shiseido Perfect Cover product range

During the private consultation session, advisors will use Shiseido’s Perfect Cover makeup range to demonstrate makeup techniques, and also help consultees to find their perfect shade match.

The series currently has just three products in Singapore – a foundation (SGD46), loose powder (SGD46) and a cleansing oil (SGD30) – and are available for purchase only at the Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Centre. All three products are dermatologist-approved and non-comedogenic, which will not clog pores, and are safe to use for men, women and even children.

As Shiseido’s main aim is to encourage more people to create their ideal kind of beauty and regain confidence in themselves rather than seek profit, the products in this range have been priced affordably.

The product range is also capped at the bare essentials, as Shiseido realised that many of the consultees are just looking for simple and effective makeup solutions that can work across all skin concerns.

Shiseido Perfect Cover Makeup Series

Shiseido Perfect Cover product range

Shiseido’s Perfect Cover Foundation MV is specially developed to cover various skin concerns, including blueish, reddish, or brownish discolouration, severe skin dullness due to treatment, unevenness and vitiligo.

There are currently 12 shades available, ranging from a very fair shade (WBOW) to the darkest OC80. The shade range is quite impressive, especially considering the fact that they catered to different skin undertones as well for a better fit. In fact, Singapore is the first to have five new shades in addition to the original seven released in 2017.

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation shades

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation Closeup

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation MV has a creamy texture

The foundation has a creamy texture that was less thick than you would imagine – in fact, it sits comfortably on the skin as a thin layer that is so light and breathable, you may even forget that you’re even wearing foundation! You’ll also find that the waterproof formula resists sweat, water, and product transfer to clothes and towels.

Compared to other foundations made solely for the face, Shiseido shared with us that this is highly suitable for those who are also looking to apply foundation on other parts of their body. For example, some people with conditions like vitiligo tend to uneven blotches of colour on their limbs as well, and the last thing they want is foundation coming off their arms after a gym session.

Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation Examples

High coverage of Shiseido Perfect Cover Foundation

Although the coverage provided by this foundation is unrivalled, there are cases where people request for less-than-perfect covering of their skin conditions.

For example, a consultee once requested to still have some of her birthmark seen through the foundation, as she felt uneasy about suddenly not being able to see something that she has grown up with. In cases like these, it is important to share what you hope to achieve in your makeup looks so that your advisor can teach you suitable makeup techniques.

The range also includes the Perfect Cover Powder MV (Fitting), a loose powder made with a waterproof formula that resists sweat, water, and product transfer to clothes and towels.

This amazing powder stays on the skin for long hours without clogging your pores, helping to absorb excess sebum and blur the pores, fine lines and uneven surfaces so that your skin stays oil-free and in turn, blemish-free for the rest of the day. It also helps to set the foundation so that it lasts even longer than the promised 12 hours.

Shiseido Perfect Cover Loose Powder

Lastly, the Perfect Cover Oil Cleansing is a gentle cleanser that can remove all traces of makeup thoroughly without damaging the skin – especially important for those who are suffering from conditions such as burns and scars. The oil clings to the skin to quickly dissolve and remove all long-lasting and waterproof makeup products.

How to book a consultation at Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Centre

Shiseido works closely with dermatologists and medical staff to refer patients to the Life Quality Beauty Centre – in fact, Jiayun shared with us that many were recommended to the centre via nurses, whom they interacted with the most during their treatment process.

If you would like to arrange for a free private consultation at the centre for makeup guidance, you may do so through your current doctors or dermatologists, or book an appointment by approaching the centre directly through telephone or email.

Do take note that consultations must be arranged beforehand, and walk-ins will not be accepted. Waiting time between booking and actual appointment may vary depending on manpower, although the usual range is about one month.

Address: Shiseido Life Quality Beauty Center, 182 Cecil Street, #15-03 Frasers Tower, Singapore 069547
Appointment contact: +65 6430 9969 | [email protected]

For more information, please visit Shiseido Group’s website.