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Gua sha has become the sought-after tool of choice when it comes to skincare, whether at home or at the spa. But besides the now popular gua sha, there are, in fact, so many other Eastern facial techniques that have a myriad of benefits – one of these techniques being bojin.

Bojin facial treatments might not have gained quite as much attention as gua sha treatments yet, but just wait, because they offer a slew of unique benefits and are super comfortable.

If you’re only turning to gua sha facials to satisfy your face sculpting and skin revitalising needs, then you’re in luck because we’re adding bojin facials to the menu.

Ahead, we share all you need to know about bojin facial treatments and the best spas in Singapore to visit for a relaxing bojin experience!

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What is a bojin facial treatment?

Bojin facial treatments use similar techniques as gua sha facials. They target the acupressure points on the face to encourage the flow of energy and improve overall wellness, which leads to healthier, more radiant skin.

bojin facials singapore - tools

Photo source: Joyre TCMedi Spa Meridian Detox Bojin Facial

Using a tool that narrows from the top to the bottom and ends with a pointed tip, the therapist will massage the face along the meridian channels and acupressure points.

Some of these points are located between the eyebrows, at the temples, and under the nose, so you’ll experience comfortable pressure relief as your face is massaged during the bojin facial.

Unlike gua sha which uses scraping and longer strokes, bojin causes less redness on the skin as well as reaches deeper into the muscles. So besides giving you firmer skin and a clearer complexion, bojin also helps to sculpt the face for a sharper jawline.

Bojin facial benefits

There are so many benefits of bojin facial treatments that it’s hard to name them all. However, some of the best-known advantages of bojin facials are that they promote the flow of qi, stimulate blood circulation, and flush out the toxins from the skin.

bojin facials singapore healthy skin

Since bojin unclogs the meridian channels, the organs in the body are able to function optimally, and the skin will be in its best health. Pigmentation, acne, or dullness that are often caused by problems within the body will then be combated with bojin facial techniques.

Altogether, bojin facials rejuvenate the skin, sculpt the face, and increase overall wellness in the body.

7 best bojin facial treatments in Singapore

Chrysalis Spa Bojin Facial Save 83%!

bojin facials singapore - chrysalis

Trust Chrysalis Spa to provide effective East-meets-West treatments, including bojin facials!

The bojin facial treatment is an hour long, and the therapist will use the sharp end of the jade tool to massage your acupressure points such as under the eyes, and at the inner corners of your eyebrows.

It’s not just relaxing, though. By improving the flow of qi in your face, the treatment also plumps and rejuvenates the skin so you walk away with a healthy glow.

Besides bojin facials, the spa also offers an extensive menu of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) treatments like Gua Sha Facial, Aiju Facial, and La Jin massage.

Get this bojin facial for S$72.76 instead of S$428 on Salon Finder.

Location: Ang Mo Kio Hub, #03-26 | Pacific Plaza, #03-13 | Jurong Point, #03-04
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Sat) | 10am – 7pm (Sun)
Contact: 6564 2420
Website | Facebook

Institut Care & Balance Beauty Workshop Meridian Bojin Facial 86% off!

bojin facials singapore

The bojin facial treatment at Institut Care & Balance Beauty Workshop doesn’t only focus on the face, but it also focuses specifically on the areas around the eyes, the ears, as well as the neck.

So besides rejuvenating the skin on your face, the bojin facial treatment will also reduce eye bags, lighten dark eye circles, and even improve your eyesight. Using the bojin techniques on the ears can also help with any hearing problems that you may have, and relieve earaches.

The Institut Care & Balance Beauty Workshop has high ratings on Google from customers who praise the therapist to be professional and attentive in their services, as well as being able to give great results.

Get the Meridian Bojin Facial + Eye & Neck for S$99 instead of S$699 on Salon Finder.

Location: 82 Jellicoe Road, City Light Singapore, #01-05, Singapore 208741
Opening hours: 12pm – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 6pm (Sat) | 12pm – 6pm (Sun & PH)
Contact: 8320 0121
Facebook | Instagram

Healing Touch Bojin Gua Sha Face Lift

bojin facials singapore - healing touch

Bojin and gua sha are rooted in similar Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) theories, so it’s no surprise that Healing Touch spa combines the two techniques in its Bojin Gua Sha Face Lift facial treatment!

This bojin treatment includes all your regular facial steps like deep cleansing, exfoliation, and application of a face mask. However, unlike your typical facial, it even has an eyebrow trimming step so that your face looks and feels truly refreshed after one session here.

Get the Healing Touch Bojin Gua Sha Face Lift for S$241.82.

Location: Click here to view all outlets
Opening hours: 11am – 10.30pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 6715 1515, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

F.G Beauty House Oriental Bojin Facial Treatment

bojin facials singapore - fg beauty house

A cosy salon that’s nestled on the ground floor of an HDB flat in Whampoa, F.G Beauty House is not to be overlooked for its quality facial services as well as nail manicures and pedicures.

Get a comfortable bojin facial treatment at this salon to experience the lifting effects on your face and see a radiant glow after.

Get this bojin facial treatment for S$138 on Salon Finder.

Location: Blk 82 Whampoa Drive, #01-965, Singapore 320082
Opening hours: 10am – 8pm (Mon to Sun)
Contact: 8646 0555

Beauty_Full Skin Wellness Bojin Facial

bojin facials singapore - beauty_full skin

Bojin facial is this spa’s signature service, which is why customers give great reviews about the bojin facial treatment as well as a collective 4.9 out of five stars rating to Beauty_Full Skin Wellness on Google.

Their therapists are trained in bojin techniques, so you can trust their hands to work magic on your face, eye, and neck areas for a relaxing 100 minutes. You can also check out their range of other bojin treatments, including bojin head massages and full-body bojin massages!

Get the Signature Bojin Facial for S$128 for the first trial.

Location: 371 Beach Road, City Gate, #B1-50, Singapore 199597
Opening hours: 11am – 7pm (Sat to Sun) | Closed from Mon to Fri
Contact: 9847 8845
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Joyre TCMedi Spa Meridian Detox Bojin Facial

bojin facials singapore - joyre

If you’re looking for a spa that focuses on TCM-inspired treatments, then look no further than Joyre TCMedi Spa, which offers everything from acupuncture, tui na, to – of course – bojin facials.

The bojin facial is this spa’s signature treatment, helping to restore radiance to tired skin as well as lift and shape for a sculpted V-shaped face.

Get this bojin facial treatment for S$398, or S$58 for the first trial.

Location: Click here to view all outlets
Opening hours: 10am – 9pm (Mon to Fri)
Contact: 9230 0355
Website | Facebook | Instagram

Summer Nail Services Head Bojin

Summer Nail Services Head Bojin

This one’s not a bojin facial, but if you’re up for a comfortable head massage using bojin techniques, then this treatment is one that you’ll want to go for!

Summer Nail Services mainly offers gorgeous nail manicures and pedicures, but it also has a handful of spa facial and head massage services to pamper you all the way through.

The salon’s bojin facial treatment uses Eve Taylor essential oil to soothe your senses. As the therapist kneads along the meridian channels to ease pain, you’ll feel completely relaxed.

Get this Head Bojin treatment for S$59 on Salon Finder.

Location: 79 Anson Road, Core Collective, #21-01, Singapore 079906
Opening hours: 11am – 8pm (Mon to Sat) | Closed on Sun
Contact: 8837 8668
Website | Facebook

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