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We’ve seen our fair share of beautiful and adorable packaging on beauty products, but we’ll never get enough of it!

Beauty junkies may remember seeing a range of regal lipsticks inspired by Beijing’s Summer Palace, which went viral last year – this was a collaboration between a Chinese makeup brand called Catkin and Empress Dowager Cixi’s favourite residence.

The viral collection was launched in March 2019 and was quickly sold out on Tmall within 24 hours. According to reports by local media, the company sold more than 4,000 of the ’empress-style’ lipsticks during that time.



Although the brand may be unfamiliar to most of us, Catkin is actually one of the leading cosmetics brands in China.

In addition to its online businesses, Catkin actually has over 6,000 counters in various shopping malls and beauty stores!

Other than the wildly successful partnership with Summer Palace, the Chinese brand has also been making waves in the overseas markets with its line of oriental-inspired makeup that is perfect for creating both traditional and modern makeup looks.


Catkin is also frequently raved about by both local and overseas beauty gurus for its irresistible packaging and high-quality products – even American singer-songwriter Serena Laurel was sported wearing the brand’s signature red lipstick at the recent Oscars!


We know you’re excited to find out what else this brand offers, so scroll down to see a list of the best beauty products from Catkin and where to buy them!

Best products from Catkin to try and where to buy them

Catkin x Summer Palace Carved Satin Lipstick

Catkin X Summer Palace Carved Satin Lipstick

A surprise lies inside the exquisite Summer Palace-inspired packaging: a bullet lipstick with intricate carvings of oriental motifs, including the phoenix!

This best-selling lipstick from Catkin comes in three shades and two finishes – Dirty Orange (Satin), Brick Red (Glossy), and Wine Red (Satin).

Beauty junkies who have purchased this are not only in love with the flattering colours that are true to photo and superb staying power, but also the brand’s attention to fine details, such as a magnetic lipstick case that really elevates the user experience.

Get this lipstick at CNY139 (around SGD27.65) here.

Catkin x Summer Palace Cushion Foundation

Catkin X Summer Palace Cushion Foundation

The packaging is a huge plus, but what many customers really like about the cushion foundation in this Summer Palace collection is that it is waterproof & sweatproof, provides high coverage, and even controls excess sebum production so that your skin looks perfect for hours on end.

This is made possible by the high-quality ingredients and materials used – for example, you’ll find that it contains a German-designed cushion sponge that is soft to the touch and allows the foundation to glide on the skin smoothly.

Get this cushion foundation at CNY189 (around SGD37.60) here.

Catkin Eternal Love Rosy Cranes Blush

Catkin Eternal Love Rosy Cranes Blush

This has got to be one of the prettiest blushes we’ve seen in a long time!

It comes in five shades – four of them are pretty marbled colours that create a natural and radiant glow, and the last one a healthy orange imprinted with an oriental motif.

You are recommended to gently sweep the blush across your cheeks – the strong colour payoff of the long-lasting blush means that you don’t have to keep layering on the product nor touch up throughout the day!

Get this blush at CNY109 (around SGD21.70) here.

Catkin Satin Lip Tint

Catkin Satin Lip Tint

If you’re more of a lip tint person, you don’t want to miss this lippie from Catkin that not only looks stunning, but also makes your lips look just as gorgeous!

Inspired by and designed after the breathtaking natural scenery in China, these satin lip tints are formulated to give vibrant and long-lasting colour while keeping your puckers moisturised. You can either apply one layer for a subtle wash of colour, or apply a second layer to create the appearance of fuller lips.

There are six shades of red to choose from, catering to both warm and cool tones. We highly recommend shade C05, a neutral MLBB shade that looks good on all skin colours and undertones!

Get this lip tint at CNY129 (around SGD25.65) here.

Catkin Allure 10 Colors Eyeshadow

Catkin Allure 10 Colors Eyeshadow

We’re not sure if eyeshadow palettes existed in ancient China, but if they did, we’re sure that they look exactly like these ones from Catkin.

Take your pick from three different palettes – C01 is a combination of warm and bright colours, C02 a rose-inspired cool-toned collection, and C03 a good mix of neutral colours. No matter which you choose, you’ll be delighted by the number of different eye looks you can create with the mattes, shimmers, and glittery shades.

Get this eyeshadow palette at CNY129 (around SGD25.65) here.

Catkin Eyeliner

Catkin Eyeliner

Drawing eyeliner can be the most stressful step in your makeup routine even for the experienced gurus, but this one that comes with a Chinese painting design will actually put you at ease!

The extremely fine 0.1mm brush tip is made from high-quality Japanese fibres that are soft yet sturdy, making it easy to draw the most precise lines. The ink dries quickly in just three seconds and doesn’t budge or smudge even if you sweat, making this the perfect tool to have in Singapore’s hot weather.

Get this eyeliner at CNY99 (around SGD19.70) here.

Catkin Eyebrow Pencil

Catkin Eyebrow Pencil

Whether you are hard-pressed for time or want to fill in your brow hairs strand by strand, this affordable brow pencil can do all of that.

The 1.22mm pencil lead comes with a flat side and a sharper edge – use the former to quickly fill in empty spaces for a fuller look, and the latter to draw on brow strands that look natural.

It currently comes in four shades to fit most Asian brow colours, each one said to hold up for long hours so you don’t have to deal with the embarrassment of disappearing eyebrows when it rains.

Get this eyebrow pencil at CNY79 (around SGD15.70) here.

To see more products from Catkin, visit the brand’s official Taobao store here .