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Everyone knows that Korea is the place to go for beauty lovers – think cheap sheet masks, tax refunds, and all sorts of indie brands you have never heard of.

However, did you also know that Daiso Korea is one of the best places you should check out for the most underrated beauty buys? For example, it gave us the mini washing machine that you can use to wash your makeup brushes!

Just when we thought we had seen it all, it turns out that Daiso Korea is also stocked with some of the most innovative and highly affordable hair accessories & tools you could possibly find!

From amazing brushes that give you carpet-ready hair to the trendiest hair clips in Seoul, we gather the best of the best things you should totally get for your hair in Daiso:

Curling Comb

Daiso Korea Curling Comb

Source: Daiso Korea

Don’t belittle this simple brush that costs less than SGD4 – this has been dubbed the “Miracle Comb” online because it can help you to achieve long-lasting, natural-looking curls as though you got them done at a salon!

With a round shaped brush and clip to hold your hair in place while you blow dry your hair, it actually mimics what a curling iron would do, sans the heat. This makes it perfect for beginners as you don’t have to worry about scalding yourself with the curling iron. You can also pop this into your bag to touch up as needed, which will come in handy in Singapore’s humid weather.

Curling comb retails at KRW3,000 (~SGD3.48) in Daiso Korea.

Mini Roll Brush

Daiso Korea Mini Roll Brush

Source: Daiso Korea

If you have a fringe (particularly airy bangs), you would know the frustrations of having a fringe that lies too flat on your forehead, which can feel extra icky when you are perspiring profusely.

For a quick way to get a voluminous fringe in the morning (because not all of us want to head to work with a plastic curler on our foreheads), this mini roll brush will do the trick. You can use this brush with or without heat, so feel free to save your sagging fringe any time, anywhere.

Mini roll brush retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) in Daiso Korea.

Tango Hair Wig

Best Hairstyling Products From Daiso Korea Tango Hair Wig

Up-do hairstyles are particularly popular in Korea during the fall, so you may see many women on the streets of Seoul sporting an effortless bun. However, just like ‘no-makeup makeup looks’, we all know that ‘effortless bun’ is nowhere near effortless to create.

The key is to fake it till you make it, and Daiso Korea has given us the perfect solution to this in the form of a bun ring. All you have to do is tie your hair naturally and stuff it into this wig. Ta-da – you now have a bun that is truly effortless!

Bun ring retails at KRW3,000 (~SGD3.48) in Daiso Korea.

Hair Volume in

Daiso Korea Hair Volume Pin

Source: Daiso Korea

Having flat and thin hair can be particularly tricky to style. Now, you just need to part with around SGD1 for a pair of hair clips that can add volume to your hair in just one second!

Hair volume pin retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) per set in Daiso Korea.

Ponytail Mold

Daiso Korea Ponytail Mold

Source: Daiso Korea

Using a tight hairband to tie your hair back can actually be very damaging for your hair and scalp over time, so if you want to get a neat and elegant hairstyle without needing to use hairbands at all, you can get this ponytail mold instead.

If you haven’t used one of these before, don’t worry – it’s a lot simpler than it looks! Each set also comes with a simple guide for you to follow and create a ponytail of your choice.

Ponytail mold retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) per set in Daiso Korea.

Check Hair Band

Daiso Korea Check Hair Band

Source: Daiso Korea

You probably know by now that hair clips are back in trend, but here’s how you can truly exude retro vibes: by using check hair bands! Daiso Korea offers these check hair bands in a variety of colours that you can choose from, so you can buy as many different designs as your heart desires.

Did we also mention that each costs only about SGD1? Go ahead – stock up on these and style them in any way you can dream of!

Check hair band retails at KRW1000 (SGD1.16) in Daiso Korea.

Heat-Conducting Hair Curler

Daiso Korea Heat Conducting Hair Curler

Source: Daiso Korea

Hair curlers are great, but you know what’s even better? Heat-conducting hair curlers.

Although most of us know that high heat can damage your hair, these hair curlers actually prevent it from happening. Instead of using high heat to curl your hair instantly, these hair curlers use residual heat (lower temperature, lasts longer) instead to create a beautiful, natural curl in your tresses.

Heat-conducting hair curler retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) per set in Daiso Korea.

Hair Curler

Daiso Korea Hair Curler

Source: Daiso Korea

If you have very thick and long hair that always takes a long time to curl, consider getting this pack of hair curlers from Daiso Korea. It doesn’t require you to use heat, so all you need to do is roll your hair up with the curlers, do your makeup, and you’ll be ready to head out!

Hair curler retails at KRW2,000 (SGD2.32) in Daiso Korea.

Stick Curler

Daiso Korea Stick Curler

Source: Daiso Korea

Plastic hair curlers are commonly used to create tighter and smaller curls, but if you prefer natural and loose beach waves, you may want to get this set of three stick curlers instead. It may look rather funny sticking out of your hair, but what’s more important is that this really works!

Stick curler retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) in Daiso Korea.

Glitter Hair Piece

Daiso Korea Glitter Hair Piece

Source: Daiso Korea

Add oomph and sparkle to your mane with strands of glitter! This accessory is commonly sported by K-pop idols to look extra dazzling on stage, so with these in your hair, you are definitely one step closer to looking like your favourite Korean celebrity.

Glitter hair piece retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) per set in Daiso Korea.

Hairpins and Hair Clips

Daiso Korea Hairpins And Hair Clips 1

Source: Daiso Korea

Daiso Korea Hairpins And Hair Clips 2

Source: Daiso Korea

Daiso Korea Hairpins And Hair Clips 3

Source: Daiso Korea

Hairpins and hair clips are all the rage these days, so it’s little surprise that Daiso Korea stocks so many variations of these popular hair accessories.

However, what would really amaze you is the highly-affordable price: every set costs only around SGD1! Some of these actually come with three or more pins in a set, so you only pay a few cents for each pin – an absolute steal!

Hairpins and hair clips retails at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) per set in Daiso Korea.

Disco Pins

Daiso Korea Disco Pins

Source: Daiso Korea

If you loved this hair accessory as a young girl and ever wished you could wear these on your head again, you’re in luck.

These hair pins are now one of the hottest items to have (it’s been listed as a highly-recommended hair product in Daiso), so you’re encouraged to plug in these pastel-coloured pins and indulge in the nostalgia.

Disco pins retail at KRW1,000 (SGD1.16) per set in Daiso Korea.