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Apart from dance challenges, adorable pet videos, and meme-worthy pranks, TikTok has given us some pretty helpful beauty hacks and even a few viral makeup trends.

However, the app isn’t just limited to the Gen Z crowd. Dermatologists have gotten wind of TikTok’s ever-growing popularity, and some have jumped on board to share their opinions on the latest skincare trends.

Watching these dermatologists react to someone’s skincare routine provides us with more than just entertainment value, though. Since we can’t all afford regular appointments at the derm, getting a virtual education in the form of short TikTok clips gives us all a chance to up our skincare knowledge.

To help you navigate the endless stream of videos and accounts online, we’ve rounded up the 7 top dermatologists you should follow on TikTok!

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Dr. Muneeb Shah (@dermdoctor)

@dermdoctorMy Empty Cleansers #dermatologist #firstaidbeauty #cerave #skincare #dermdoctor♬ Whoopty x What You Know Bout Love – carneyval

With a whopping 4.5 million followers to date, there’s a good chance you’ve seen one of Dr. Muneeb Shah’s videos pop up on your “For You” page.

The dermatology resident physician uses TikTok to cover everything from the dos and don’ts of at-home remedies to hair loss. He often reacts to aesthetic procedures and extractions too, where he provides insight on what they are and the best way to do them.

For more of his content, you can also find him on Instagram (@doctorly) and on his YouTube channel, which he co-hosts with Dr. Luke Maxfield, a fellow dermatology resident physician.

Follow Dr. Muneeb Shah on TikTok

Dr. Joyce Park (@teawithmd)

@teawithmdNo I’m not saying you can’t eat anything on the right. Enjoy in moderation. See a derm for help #acne #dermbypark #skincare♬ Vivi Trend x No hands DJ Yames – Dj_yames

Dr Joyce Park is a Stanford and NYU-trained dermatologist who can give you the resources you need to build the right skincare routine. Unlike most dermatologists who have taken to TikTok, Dr. Park was first attracted to all the dance routines on the platforms. Of course, she makes sure to educate people on skincare along the way.

From her recommendations to fight dandruff to tips for glowing skin and her takes on bogus product claims, Dr. Park’s videos on TikTok has plenty of useful advice we could all use.

Follow Dr. Joyce Park on TikTok

Dr. Alexis Stephens (@dralexisstephens)

@dralexisstephensDermatologist reviews New supergoop mineral sheer screen. @supergoop #supergoop #supergoopsunscreen♬ original sound – Dr Alexis

Armed with a wealth of knowledge, Dr. Alexis Stephens seeks to improve all types of skin conditions for every skin tone. Besides that, she also shares her opinions on cosmetic procedures, such as facial contouring with dermal fillers and botox alternatives.

On the app, Dr. Alexis Stephens duets some of her derm peers as well, including Dr. Muneeb Shah, who’s also on our list.

She was recently invited by Krave Beauty’s founder Liah Yoo on an IGTV special to share her tips and trick on how to care for darker skin. For more in-depth explanations, you can subscribe to her YouTube page!

Follow Dr. Alexis Stephens on TikTok

Dr. Dustin Portela (@208skindoc)

@208skindoc#duet with @im_d_ollady gorilla glue hair spray #dermatologist #dermreacts #208skindoc #hair #gorillaglue♬ original sound – Tessica Brown

With a particular interest in acne, dermatologist Dr Dustin Portela has amassed over one million TikTok followers, which he shares his knowledge with frequently.

If he seems a little familiar to you, that’s because he was one of the professionals who chimed in to help Tessica Brown, the woman who went viral on TikTok for using Gorilla Glue adhesive as hairspray.

His “dermatologist reacts” videos are particularly fun to watch, but Dr Portela also takes his role as an educator very seriously. As you scroll through his videos, you’ll notice how often he stresses the importance of using sunscreen daily, and he takes his followers through different types of skin cancer too.

On top of that, he walks his followers through certain surgical procedures in the dermatology world, providing a little insight into his job.

Follow Dr. Dustin Portela on TikTok

Dr. Suchismita Paul (@derm4brownskin)

@derm4brownskinReposting this since I get a lot of questions! Also will share my new fav retinols soon ? #lifestyle #retinoid #retinol #acne #acnetreatment♬ Coffee for Your Head – Vinyll

If your bank account is pleading you to scale back on the number of products you’ve been purchasing, here’s a dermatologist who can help: Dr. Suchismita Paul.

The Harvard-educated derm is our go-to source for product suggestions that will help your skin and keep within your budget. As her TikTok handle suggests, she has plenty of recommendations for those with darker skin tones. So, if you aren’t sure which sunscreen is for you, have a scroll through her videos. Her quick clips are perfect for those who are looking to start on retinol and retinoids too.

Follow Dr. Suchismita Paul on TikTok

Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic (@dermbeautydoc)

@dermbeautydocReply to @deebreathes #ontherunway #dermatologist #strawberryskin #keratosispilaris #skincareroutine♬ telepatía – Kali Uchis

Board-certified dermatologist Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic keeps it real on her TikTok account, where she gives insight into her personal experiences with products and procedures like retinoids and injectable lip fillers.

She also reviews some of the buzziest products on the market and debunks viral DIY beauty hacks, so you’ll be up to date on the latest formulas and fads. Besides being a derm, Dr. Howard-Verovic is also the founder of GIRL + HAIR, a natural haircare line that’s designed for women with natural or relaxed hair.

Follow Dr. Camille Howard-Verovic on TikTok

Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky (@dermguru)

@dermguruAffordable drug store #vitaminc serums #drugstoremakeup #dermatologist #skincare #skinaddict #glow #brighteningskin♬ Face Dance – Funny Tok

Want to know how to get plumper skin instantly or which affordable vitamin C serums are worth a try? Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky offers her take on the best drugstore picks, the perfect night regimen, and the products dermatologists will never put on their own skin.

If you’re struggling to manage your acne-prone skin, Dr. Zubritsky also explains why you still get pesky pimples so frequently – and they might not be due to your skincare routine. You can’t miss her no-holds-barred reviews of TikTok skin-care routines too.

Follow Dr. Lindsey Zubritsky on TikTok.