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Many of us make slimming goals and they often mean embarking on a weight loss plan that involves meal-planning and many gym sessions.

As for slimming treatments, they may sometimes be seen as ineffective or simply frowned upon as a method that you resort to because you have no will power.

Do slimming treatments work and are they really only meant for those who can’t commit to a plan? Read on as we explore these questions.

Why do people go for slimming treatments?

do slimming treatments work reason

It’s true that weight loss is all about ensuring that your caloric output is higher than your caloric input. In other words, having a low-calorie diet and working out frequently can definitely help in seeing drops on the weighing scale.

However, we are also genetically more disposed to having more fat cells on certain parts of our body. This means that there may be stubborn pockets of fat that are extra difficult to get rid of, even if we stick to our fitness and diet plans.

This is where slimming treatments, especially those that are able to do spot treatment, can help.

Do slimming treatments work?

types of slimming treatments

While liposuction is the only tried-and-true method that can physically remove fat cells permanently, many slimming treatments available use medical technology to help with fat reduction.

Besides fat reduction, slimming treatments can also help with body contouring and shaping such as improving the appearance of cellulite and toning of muscles and skin.

While these may not directly lead to weight loss (liposuction can’t do it too), slimming treatments can certainly help you achieve a more svelte body silhouette, so that it appears like you have lost weight. You’ll also be able to fit into clothes in a more flattering way.

Some of the slimming treatments that have been proven to work include:

Cryotherapy or “Fat Freeze” slimming treatments

When fat cells are subjected to cold temperatures, they “die”, and this slimming treatment make use of this knowledge to deliver results.

During the treatment, a device is used to do controlled cooing on targeted areas, so that fat cells in these areas are “frozen” and “die”. Subsequently, these dead cells are removed from your body system through natural metabolism as waste.

This technology is quite popular among those seeking slimming treatments that work because there’s no downtime, is applicable on several areas (including double chin, tummy, thighs, and arms), and is a fast procedure, at up to 60 minutes for a large area.

Radiofrequency slimming treatments

One of the safer waves on the electromagnetic spectrum, radiofrequency (RF) slimming treatments are able to penetrate deeply into skin, using heat to stimulate collagen production, which in turn helps improve the elasticity and tightness of skin. This helps you achieve a slimmer and toner look.

As one of the most established technologies that has been used for a long time, RF slimming treatments are considered safe while delivering great results.

The non-invasive treatment also doesn’t have downtime and is quite comfortable to go through.

Ultrasonic slimming treatments

Ultrasound technology can help to break down fat cells underneath the skin into liquid form. The body then disposes it through your natural metabolism as waste.

This technology is great for spot treatment on area such as the tummy, thighs, and arms.

This has little to no downtime and minimal discomfort and side effects.

Low-level laser therapy slimming treatments

This uses cold laser energy emitted into body tissues and are absorbed by fat cells, eliminating them in the process.

Your body then gets rid of it through your natural metabolism as waste.

This is considered one of the most gentle fat reduction treatments out there and can be used on the waist, hips, and thighs.

Side effects are extremely rare and it’s also virtually painless. The process is also quite fast at around 20 to 40 minutes.

Laser Lipolysis slimming treatments

While Fat Freeze slimming treatments kill fat cells by freezing them, laser lypolysis treatments do so by heating them till they rupture.

This is great for targeted treatments on stubborn fat area.

While it’s a relatively quick treatment at less than 30 minutes, this can be slightly uncomfortable because of the high temperature applied.

Effective slimming treatments to try

We started the article trying to answer the question of whether slimming treatments work, and the conclusion is that they do, provided you go for proven technology.

Speak with your beauty therapist or aesthetic doctor to discuss your desired results, and they will be able to make a recommendation based on your body shape, health status, and lifestyle.

Here are a few salons you can look out for that can offer you slimming treatments that work.