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To welcome the Year of the Rat that is coming in less than a month’s time, Etude House has collaborated with our favourite cartoon characters from childhood days: Tom & Jerry!

Etude House Tom Jerry Collection

In the spirit of reconnecting with our relatives and friends, this beauty collection allows you to reminisce your childhood days and indulge in the fun of play again – this time with beauty products.

This range consists of Etude House’s customer favourites dressed in cute packaging and with limited edition shades and colours – read on to see what’s in store!

Colorful Tattoo Tint

Etude House Tom Jerry Colorful Tattoo Tint

Here’s a vivid and weightless lip tint that will stay put through all those delicious reunion dinners and irresistible snacks that you’ll be munching on at every CNY gathering!

There are four limited-edition shades that you’ll want to collect: Run!Tom, Tom The Chaser, Run Away! Jerry and Jerry The Chasee.

Colorful Tattoo Tint retails at SGD17 each.

Look At My Eyes

Etude House Tom Jerry Look At My Eyes

With 10 vibrant shades in glitter and mattes finishes, you can mix and match the different colours of these eyeshadows together to create different looks for all the different outfits you’re going to sport during CNY house visits!

You can either buy these individually and put them in your makeup pouch for touchups on the go, or buy a few and pop them into a palette for your very own customised four-colour palette.

The collection also features a unique dual-ended eyeshadow brush – use the brush-ended to apply powder-type eyeshadows, and the silicon-end to easily slide on the colours with a glitter finish!

Look At My Eyes retails at SGD7.90 or SGD11.90 per pot, Lucky Together Shadow Palette at SGD11, and Lucky Together Eyeshadow Brush at SGD10.90.

Two Tone Cheek Dome

Etude House Tom Jerry Two Tone Cheek Tone

Just like how the iconic characters come together in a pair, this dome-shaped blush contains two tones to create a dimensional, delicate blush look that frames your face.

Available in four colour combinations, each of the Two Tone Cheek Domes is perfectly matched and applies easily without looking cakey or overly-powdery on skin.

For the best application of the Two Tone Cheek Dome, you’re recommended to use the TOM & JERRY Lucky Together Jerry Cheek Brush, the limited edition wool-fiber kabuki cheek brush, to take an appropriate amount and gently sweep over the part of the cheeks that slightly protrude when you smile.

Two Tone Cheek Dome: Fantastic Duo Like Tom & Jerry retails at SGD20.90, and Lucky Together Jerry Cheek Brush retails at SGD16.90.

Soon Jung Lip Balm

Etude House Tom Jerry Soon Jung Lip Balm

Formulated for the most sensitive of skins, the Soon Jung Lip Balm comes unscented and is formulated with PanthensosideTM, a combination of Panthenol and Madecassoside, to soothe and comfort irritated lips.

For a clean, dewy look, use the Clear Soon Jung Lip Balm, and the Natural Red Soon Jung Lip Balm for a natural-looking, vibrant red lip. The Natural Red Soon Jung Lip Balm is made from nature-derived ingredients instead of synthetic pigments to get the red tint, so you don’t have to worry about chemicals potentially irritating your puckers!

Soon Jung Lip Balm retails at SGD15 each.

Cheese Puff

Etude House Tom Jerry Cheese Puff

What better way to celebrate the Year of the Rat than by applying your makeup with a puff that looks exactly like Jerry’s favourite emmental cheese?

With its various curves, its wide sides and the sharp and narrow edges, the Cheese Puff makes your foundation application much easier. To create a dewy look (which is hot K-beauty makeup trend in 2020!), soak the Cheese Puff in water and watch it expand into a cheese that’s approximately 1.5 times its original size.

The Cheese Puff also comes in an exclusive cheese-shaped case for easy storage and hygienic reasons – it’s so cute, we’re sure this will be sold out ASAP!

Cheese Puff retails at SGD12.90 each.

Other products in the lineup

  • Lucky Together Bubble Body Wash Set (SGD27)
  • Lucky Together Glow On Base Set (SGD33)
  • Soon Jung Hydro Barrier Cream (SGD40.60 for 130ml)
  • Moistfull Collagen Cream (SGD40.60 for 130ml)
  • Moistfull Collagen Skin Care Set (SGD42.50)
  • Colour My Brows (SGD12.90)
  • Face Blur Set (SGD31.90)

The TOM & JERRY Lucky Together Collection will be available from 1 January 2020 onwards at Etude House stores islandwide and at the official online store on Shopee and Lazada.