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Just like your unique MBTI, your makeup should represent who you are and suit your personality and tastes perfectly.

That’s why ETUDE has launched a unique new eyeshadow palette that you can customise however you want!

While the traditional MBTI test stands for Myers-Briggs Type Indicator, ETUDE is bringing us a fresh perspective on this personality test with their MBTEye Palette, a creative name which stands for My Best Tone Eye Palette.

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

Apart from harnessing the popularity of MBTI tests, ETUDE is also leaning into the personal colour analysis trend that’s been wildly popular in Korea, to design three palettes that are meant to suit a unique seasonal colour each.

From interchangeable eyeshadow pans to adorable decorative charms, you’ll have a palette that’s tailored exactly to your needs.

Read on to get all the details on this creative new launch!

The Shade Ranges

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

The palette comes in three variations, so no matter what your preferred makeup look or your skin’s undertone is, you’re sure to find the right palette for you.

Each palette contains a mix of soft mattes and fine shimmers, with some pans being engraved with adorable symbols, such as stars and flowers.

#I Love mE is a palette of warm-toned brown and beige shades. Created for Warm Autumn skin tones, this palette is incredibly useful for creating everyday looks.

If you want to add just a hint of dimension to highlight your eyes, while still maintaining that effortless no-makeup look, this is the palette for you!

#Everyone’s Ideal Type is a vibrant coral palette for warm-toned skin, so you can achieve a radiant and youthful look with a flattering pop of colour.

Plus, it comes with a peachy blush to top off your makeup look. This palette is designed for those with Warm Spring skin tones!

Lastly, created for Cool Summer skin tones, #It’s Not E but I is a cool-toned palette featuring shades of muted pink and mauve, for an elegantly feminine makeup look.

This palette comes with a pink blush that echoes the eyeshadow shades, so your makeup look’s colour palette will definitely be coherent overall.

Each palette also comes with a complimentary eyeshadow brush, so creating your makeup look will be more convenient than ever!

Customising Your Palette

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

To tailor the eyeshadow palettes to your personal tastes, you’ll need to pick up the eyeshadow “refills”, which come in sets of two pans each.

The bottom row in the palette has two detachable magnetic sections, so you can easily remove and swap your eyeshadow pans whenever you’re in the mood for something new.

With slots for four pans in total, you can opt for four unique eyeshadow shades, or two eyeshadow pans and and one larger pan for blush.

#I Love mE is paired with a dark brown shade and a champagne-coloured shimmer, while #Everyone’s Ideal Type has a bonus neutral brown shade and a rosy shimmer.

Lastly, #It’s Not E but I is matched with a dark mauve shade and a deeper purple shimmer.


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♬ rewind – .

Beyond the makeup itself, every palette can be decorated with a unique metal keychain shaped like a safety pin!

This keychain comes with a silver heart charm, an elegant black ribbon, as well as alphabet charms.

So, you’ll be able to customise your palette with any message you want, giving it that extra fashionable touch.

Where To Get It

Credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram

The ETUDE MBTEye Palette retails for US$31 (approximately S$41.88) as a set on Olive Young, including one eyeshadow “refill” and keychain with charms.

While they’re sold out at the time of writing, you can also purchase the palette alone without customisation options, as well as the individual eyeshadow “refills”.

Featured image credits: @etudeofficial/Instagram.