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Social media app, TikTok, has been the birthplace of many beauty trends – some useful, some… truly bizarre. You’ve heard of using erection cream as lip plumper, dark undereye circles makeup look, and even using excessive foundation so it drips from your brush, and this time, get ready for facial cupping.

That’s right! It’s cupping therapy, but on your face. This traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) method has even been backed by the likes of Kim Kardashian, who first posted about it on Snapchat in 2017.

What is facial cupping?

Facial Cupping Ii

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Facial cupping is typically done using silicone cups on strategic areas of the face, creating a vacuum-like effect when the skin gets “sucked” into the cup. It’s meant to be relaxing, with your muscles relaxing and facial tension melting away!

Plumper, fuller skin, and a naturally lifted face? Who wouldn’t want that! Besides, facial cupping is also known to firm and tone facial muscles and even get rid of the appearance of double chin, if you persist long enough with it.

… And it’s trending on Tik Tok

Facial Cupping

Lately, we’ve been seeing beauty gurus and skinfluencers on Tik Tok sharing their love for this beauty routine.

TikToker Gisele Ayora (@giseleayora) has taken to her page to share some of her favourite facial cupping routines – all with different benefits.

Tighten jawline & lose the double chin

@giseleayoraBe sure to only do 3 passes on each side! You can do this every other day ? link in bio for cups! #facialcupping #cuppingtherapy #skincare♬ Kolors – Monte Booker & Smino

Smooth out smile lines and sculpt your cheeks

@giseleayoraSmooth out Smile Lines & Sculpt your Cheeks‼️Amazon link in bio✨ to get your own cups?details on my IG post ##facialcupping ##skincare ##antiaging♬ Sunset Lover – Petit Biscuit

Reduce forehead wrinkles & relieve tension headaches

@giseleayoraSo easy to do! Add this to your skin care routine and see great results✨?? ##skincare ##facialcupping ##skincareroutine ##GuaSha ##antiaging♬ They Cant Duplicate You – Robbie Franklin

Actress Christa B. Allen (@christaallen) who has garnered quite the following on TikTok for her beauty and lifestyle videos also shared her facial cupping routine, but she does not recommend it for those with extremely sensitive skin or rosacea.

@christaallen##facialcupping ##skincare ##skincareroutine♬ La vie en rose – Michele Garruti

Wild Lily (@wildlilyorganics) posted a cupping demo showing how you can achieve an all-natural face lift, sans fillers or facial tweakments.

@wildlilyorganicsNO FILLER NEEDED ? #facialcupping #esthetician #skincare #beauty #beautytips #fyp #foryoupage #botox #filler♬ UCKERS – Shygirl

But be warned…

As with any bizarre beauty hacks, take note of risks before you right on board with the DIY facial cupping trend.

Tiktokers such as @montykeates and @megan_sester have had their fare share of facial cupping horror stories that resulting in… face hickeys – the large, dark purple-red splotches on their skin. Definitely not the look they were going for!

@montykeates@sebbbyjon and i tried facial cupping… never again… ##isolationgames ##foryou ##featureme ##viral♬ Rhythm thief but cursed – Tik Toker

@megan_sester##hickys ##acnesolution ##whatswrongwithme♬ oops! – Yung Gravy

Our final thoughts on facial cupping

Kim Kardashian herself has this to say: “Since the skin on your face is delicate, use professional or medical grade silicone cups to reduce the risk of bruising and broken capillaries. It should feel like a relaxing massage, not an intense and painful suction session.”

It’s certainly worth a try, seeing as it’s such a simple addition to your beauty routine with so many incredible benefits. That being said, be careful when trying it for the first time – you might want to “patch test” it on a small area of your face before diving right in.

We recommend avoiding facial cupping altogether if you have sensitive skin, bruise easily, or skin conditions that will flare up easily.

But if you’d like a go, here’s how you can get started:

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