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If you want good luck and prosperity in the new year, look over here!

According to Master Hui from Hui Master International Geomancy (yes, the fengshui master that you see on TV every Chinese New Year!), these are the lucky colours for all 12 zodiacs in the new lunar year:

  • Rat: Red
  • Ox: Black
  • Tiger: Red
  • Rabbit: Yellow
  • Dragon: Yellow
  • Snake: White
  • Horse: Black
  • Goat: Red
  • Monkey: Black
  • Rooster: Green
  • Dog: White
  • Pig: Yellow

For those of us whose zodiac’s lucky colour is completely different from our usual go-to colours, incorporating these lucky colours can be a real headache.

I am born in the year of the Rat, which means that my lucky colour for this year is red. However, I usually avoid using red shades in my makeup and prefer more ‘nude’ shades for a natural look. I also do not wear red outfits (not even during Chinese New Year) because I feel that it does not look good on me.

In order to better understand how I can make my lucky colour part of my daily getup, I went to Etude House Colour Factory. During the session, you can receive a one-to-one consultation, where you are recommended your own personal colour, and then customise your lipsticks according to your preferences.

Etude House Colour Factory

Etude House Color Factory 2

First, a Colour Artist will assess your skin tone based on your bare face. This is a crucial step, as your undertones will determine which colours suit you.

Etude House Color Factory 3

I was told that I have neutral tones, although it leans towards more the yellow side. This means that most colours would work well on me, but I will have an easier time with the warmer colour set.

After you find out about your personal colour set, the next step to discovering your personal colour is colour draping. This step not only helps you explore new colours that you have never considered before, but also determines whether the lighter or more intense shades bring out the best in your features.

Etude House Color Factory 4

Etude House Color Factory 5

You may be pleasantly surprised by the results you get. For example, I found out that peach pink works the best in brightening up my skin tone, lightening my dark eye circles and acne scars, and making my eyes look less puffy. On the other hand, I also discovered that red (the kind from your typical red lipstick) also works fine on me, but my Colour Artist advised that the colour would make me look more mature, which I may want to avoid.

In summary, if I wanted to include red in my daily makeup and outfit, I should use a lighter pink (a variation of red) or orange-red, instead of a bright red. You can also ask your Colour Artist to test your lucky colour on you, and find a shade that will make your skin look really great.

After you’ve learnt about your personal colours, it’s time to pick your lipstick shade! Unfortunately, while there are 240 colours to choose from, it’s unlikely that you can pull all of them. Your Colour Artist will pick out a few based on the results from your skin undertones and colour draping, and recommend that you choose from those shades.

Etude House Color Factory 1

Etude House Color Factory 7

In Etude House, warm tones are classified as either ‘Spring’ or ‘Autumn’, which usually create vibrant and cheerful looks, while the cooler tones (‘Summer’ and ‘Winter’) are recommended feminine makeup looks.

As my skin is better suited for light, warm colours, these are the lipstick shades recommended for me. With my lucky colour and colour recommendations in mind, I picked red shades that contain hints of pink and orange. The Colour Artist then tested these 4 shades on my lips to let me take a look, and I picked my final 2 favourite shades.

Etude House Color Factory 8

You can also test which shade of foundation fits your skin better, if you have opted to get a bottle of Etude House’s latest Double Lasting Serum Foundation. Two shades are applied to your face and left to settle on your skin for a while before you check again to see which one you prefer.

After that is done, your Colour Artist will take note of your preferences and results on a card, which you can bring back for future reference!

Etude House Color Factory 9

The last step is to pick a lipstick case of your choice, and let your Colour Artist know what text you want to have engraved on it. This is also another opportunity to pick a case with your lucky colour on it, so that you can have a lucky charm with you wherever you go.

Etude House Color Factory

After the one hour session, you now have your lucky items that are customised specially for you!

Etude House Color Factory 10

At Etude House Colour Factory, you can get advice on how to incorporate these into your makeup routine, and find out how to make it work for you. It is also a great way to try out new colours in the new year, and of course a good excuse to buy new makeup products and clothes.

Etude House Color Factory 11

Personally, I started actively using red in my makeup products, accessories, and outfit after the session. Keeping in mind the advice that clear and bright shades work best, I can easily use subtle shades of pink and orange in my eyeshadow and blush, while using my customised pink-red lipstick to instantly brighten up my skin.

Interested to find out more about your skin tone and how to include your lucky colours on a daily basis? Book a Etude House Colour Factory session at their Wisma Atria Flagship store!