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If you follow Flora Isabelle Lim on social media, you’ll definitely not miss the gorgeous selfies and OOTDs that she posts of herself. But if you, for a moment, dismiss this social media influencer as just another pretty face, you’ll probably be surprised that the 31-year-old is actually an entrepreneur who is running a few businesses at the same time.

The owner of several start-ups based in Singapore and Thailand, Flora estimates that work takes up 90% of her time. The other 10% is spent on blogging, attending yoga classes, and baking.

The ambitious entrepreneur leads a fast-paced daily routine but social life is important to her too. “I usually spend weekday evenings meeting my friends and reserve the weekends for my family,” says Flora.

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From 20 to 30…

While Flora spent most of her 20s working hard at establishing herself in her career, now that her businesses are relatively stable, she finds that her body doesn’t keep up as well as it did when she was younger.

Comparing how she is now to when she was in her 20s, she complains: “There’s definitely weight gain, especially in the lower part of my body! I also notice a drop in my energy levels as I am more sluggish these days, and the reduction in metabolic rate is no joke. Trying to lose weight is a lot harder these days as well and requires double the effort as compared to before.”

As age catches up with her body, Flora finds that the changes she sees has somewhat deters her from being the best that she could be.

“In my 20s, I could get by with a few hours of sleep a night but these days, I feel that my concentration is no longer what it used to be.”

30 and fabulous

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But being the focused and goal-oriented woman that she is, you can be sure Flora is not about to rest on her laurels and allow these body changes to affect her.

“I know that as far as body and weight management is concerned, investment in body treatments is one great way to get more visible results in a shorter time. Now that I’m more financially-independent but more time-starved, I invest in better products and treatments to sculpt and tone my body. I am also trying to eat better, and not succumb to crash diets that are not sustainable. This is how I try to overcome the inevitable, to achieve the appearance that I want. ”

Learn from the experts

Let’s see what the professionals at Marie France Bodyline suggest to Flora, to resolve the new issues she is facing as a 30-year-old. Take notes, if you’re in this age bracket!

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  • Not feeling as “good” as you did when you were in your 20s: Flora sees a difference between now and when she was in her 20s, and this may cause her to lose confidence. If you are still in your 20s, looking forward to your 30s, take care of your body now. Our body’s fat percentage increases and metabolic rate slows down as we get older, therefore it gets progressively more difficult to maintain weight. But the good news is, if you manage to keep to a low body fat percentage, your metabolic rate won’t fall as drastically, and you can still keep a healthy weight when you are in your 30s. When you’re in your 30s, select healthy food and do regular activities to keep body lean and healthy. However in Flora’s case, where time is an essence going to a slimming expert like Marie France Bodyline can help her keep her metabolic rate high.
  • No time to maintain good diet habits: Your busy schedule may be keeping you from leading a healthier lifestyle but you should resist the temptation of crash diets or yo-yo diets. This can cause your body to lose lean body mass, leaving your fat percentage high, and metabolic rate slow. What this means is that you will find it harder to maintain your weight and will gain weight more easily. Instead, go for regular meals that include 2-3 servings of lean protein food, 2 servings of vegetables, 2 servings of fruits, 2-3 servings of high fibre starch food.
  • Struggling with weight loss: Adjust your diet to one that is low in fat and refine starch, and high in protein, vegetables and fruits. Combine this with regular exercise, as well as body contouring treatments, to boost the body’s ability to shed weight and maintain good blood circulation.

This is part of a special series of articles in conjunction with International Women’s Day. We interview women of all ages and walks of life about their womanhood journey. Nutritionists and consultants from Marie France Bodyline will also share with us the changes women face at every age, what advice they have for each body, age and lifestyle needs, and hopefully, through these intimate sharing, you’ll be able to see a reflection of yourself and gain some insights on how to make your life and appearance better. Check out our introduction article to see all the interviewees we have spoken to, in their 20s, approaching 40, and 50s. 

As you stay tuned for the next story, remember that regardless of age, your diet will always form an important part of your lifestyle, speak to a nutritionist for advice. You can also find out what’s your ideal BMI and receive a free consultation on weight management accordingly. 

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