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Hair removal down under is a grooming routine that has almost become a commonplace, with many swearing by it for better hygiene and others for a more well-groomed look especially when you’re in swimwear.

Whether you’re in the waxing or shaving camp, we’re sure you’ve ever wished you didn’t need to do it so often. Here’s an easy solution: IPL.

Brazilian IPL is sometimes preferred to Brazilian waxing because of its semi-permanent result. Some also say that they love that they experience less pain with IPL, enjoy its lightening benefits on skin tone, and avoid the trouble of in-grown hair – something that can be quite common with waxing.

Free Brazilian Ipl

If you’re currently on the fence or haven’t found a reason to take the plunge for Brazilian IPL, consider your decision made.

Japan IPL Express is giving away free 100 IPL Shots for all Brazilian and Boyzilian IPL Treatments on 9 June 2019 – and it’s the perfect opportunity for you to give it a shot (no pun intended).

Japan IPL Express presents 69 Brazilian Day

Japan IPL Express is famous for their Free IPL Day that is held in September annually. They have received so many requests for Brazilian IPL treatments during the last few seasons but it wasn’t previously possible because of the overwhelming response.

The salon heard the requests and has responded to it with a special day just for Brazilian IPL so that customers who have requested for it won’t be disappointed anymore!

Japan Ipl Express 69 Brazilian Day 1

Enter 69 Brazilian Day – that one day you can enjoy a Brazilian IPL treatment at zero cost.

Simply visit any Japan IPL outlet on 9 June to receive free 100 IPL shots for all Brazilian/Boyzilian IPL treatments worth SGD198, valid for all new and existing customers. Find out more about the event here.

We know that some of us are paranoid about bad service when it’s a freebie. Well, good news – Japan IPL Express has been extending the FREE IPL Day for the last four years and the number of customers who have been going for it year after year have only been growing – a sure sign that they haven’t compromised their standard of service.

What’s more, Japan IPL Express is an experienced salon chain that specialises in IPL services, so you know you’ll be getting only the best.

Their “No Package, No Appointment” policy also means that you can expect ease and flexibility, without the stress of dealing with hard-selling sales people.

Daily Vanity readers get an extra perk!

Thank goodness you’re reading this article – because you get something extra! All Daily Vanity readers will receive an exclusive mystery gift when you redeem your complimentary IPL service on 9 June 2019. Simply visit this website to register for your complimentary gift.

Japan IPL Express has outlets all over the island. Click here to see its full list of locations.

This article is brought to you by Japan IPL Express.