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Everyone loves gel manicures. They last longer than regular nail polish, are chip resistant and dry quickly – all while looking and feeling like natural nails. The only downside? Removal.

That’s until we saw a video that looks very fascinating circulating on social media:

This gel nail polish remover which allows you to remove your gel nail polish within minutes in the comfort of your home.

What this means is that there will be no more dipping your fingers in damaging pure acetone or wrapping your remover-soaked fingers in aluminium foil to remove gel nail polish at home.

With a simple swipe of product, these removers break down the top layer of the gel coat such that it “cracks”, allowing you to scrape or peel off the remaining gel nail polish without harming your real nails underneath. Forget about making the trip to nail salons and paying for the removal of gel nail polish. Here are just some of these removers readily available to purchase online!

1. VanishPolish


There’s a rise in nail polish removers that are acetone-free, but the VanishPolish is also free from acetate, ethyl lactate & petroleum chemicals, which are known to be harmful to your nail health. Just give it 30 seconds after the application to effectively break down your gel nail polish as demonstrated in the video above. Bonus points for this product which is non hazardous, non-toxic, non-carcinogenic and is even safe for pregnancy. At SGD 30, you can order this here – and it even includes free shipping to Singapore!

2. Vinimay Magic Remover


There’s absolutely no need to worry that these removers might be too harsh for your nails. The formula in the Vinimay Magic Remover is made from a plant-based gel. Compared to regular nail polish removers that might damage your nails, the composition for this remover is mild, yet does the job. The time taken for the removal process will depend on the thickness of the gel coat – it takes less than 10 minutes for one layer of coat colour but might take up to 15 minutes if your nail coat layer is thicker. It’s available on Lazada for a humble price tag of SGD5.96!

3. Lulaa Magic Remover

Suitable for both UV and LED gel nail polishes, this fast-acting remover works by rupturing the gel layer so you can simply peel it off for a clean nail. The Lulaa magic remover is made from a formula containing fast-acting antibacterial and anti-fungal agents. This makes it very gentle, even when the product touches the skin, and ensures no irritation. All you need to do is to swipe on the product like a regular nail polish and wait for one to two minutes for the gel nails to be lifted. Purchase it at Shopee for only SGD1.81. Say goodbye to paying exorbitant rates for the simple removal of your gel nail polish!

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