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If you love J-beauty, you may be familiar with Japanese brand OHANA MAHAALO, which is well-known for delicate fragrances that come in gorgeous packaging.

Ohana Mahaalo Fragrances

The fragrance brand has recently released a collection of gel nail polish, but these aren’t just any ordinary gel polishes – they are called ‘Fragrance Nail’, and actually smell like perfume!

Ohana Mahaalo Nail Polish 6

For those who often associate nail polishes with an unpleasant smell, this nail polish will definitely be a welcoming change. When you apply OHANA MAHAALO’s perfumed nail polish, you can smell a gentle and pleasant fragrance on your nails – sweet!

Ohana Mahaalo Nail Polish 4

This perfumed nail polish is said to be easy to apply and you can effortlessly control the colour intensity, even for those who are new to using nail polish. If you want a more translucent look, one layer is sufficient to paint your nails in a light coat of colour; for a darker shade of your favourite colour, simply paint a second coat of polish.

Ohana Mahaalo Nail Polish Swatch

Source: laika_nail

There are currently nine pastel colours available in the collection, and each of them is named after OHANA MAHAALO’s signature fragrances. The brand also claims that the fragrance from the nail polish can last up to eight hours!

The nine shades available are:

1. Pikake aulii

Ohana Mahaalo Pikake Aulii

Colour: Light sakura pink
Fragrance blend: Pikake, Fruity blend, Vanilla

2. Halia nohea

Ohana Mahaalo Halia Nohea

Colour: Nude pink
Fragrance blend: Floral, Fruity Blend, Amber

3. Laule’a puae

Ohana Mahaalo Laulea Puae

Colour: Berry pink
Fragrance blend: Hyacinth, Jasmine, Musk

4. Liko pulelehua

Ohana Mahaalo Liko Pulelehua

Colour: Dusty rose
Fragrance blend: Rose, Lilac, Jasmine

5. Leia Makalapua

Ohana Mahaalo Leia Makalapua

Colour: Dusty rose
Fragrance blend: White amber, White musk, Muguet

6. Momona kau wela

Ohana Mahaalo Momona Kau Wela

Colour: Orange
Fragrance blend: Passion fruit, Cassis, Peony

7. Lanikai pupu

Ohana Mahaalo Lanikai Pupu

Colour: Ash blue
Fragrance blend: Lotus, Jasmine, Prune

8. Pama wela

Ohana Mahaalo Pama Wela

Colour: Dusty purple
Fragrance blend: Mandarin, Lilac, Dry woody

9. Fula ku’ulei

Ohana Mahaalo Laulea Puae1

Colour: Red
Fragrance blend: Cassis, Raspberry, Peony

You can buy OHANA MAHAALO’s Fragrance Nails at JPY1500 (+ tax) from their online store.

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