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Sakura season may have already came and gone, but that doesn’t mean you can’t commemorate it all year long with your makeup looks or products.

Launched by Chinese beauty brand GOGOTALES, the Vitality Gradient Blush Beauty collection features seven super kawaii blushes packaged to resemble Japan’s beloved national flower.

Photo Source: GOGOTALES/Xiao Hong Shu

It’s great for touchups on the go

Each blush contains 7g of product and will fit nicely into your makeup pouch or purse due to its compact design.

The half-blush, half-highlight combination makes it a really versatile product to have on hand as well.

Photo source: +C/Xiao Hong Shu

If you aren’t one to shell out hundreds of dollars on high-end makeup products, you’ll be happy to find that these sakura blushes are affordably priced too, at about S$10 each.

It’s perfect for creating that “slightly drunk flushed” look

A slight tone of light pink or peach across the upper half of your cheekbones can give you a more vibrant and youthful look.

Photo Source: GOGOTALES

Coined as the “slightly drunk flushed” effect by beauty lovers in the community, this blush makeup look uses the technique of applying a light pink or peach blush on the upper half of the apples of your cheeks, up to your lower eyelids – without fully going red-faced from an actual Asian flush, of course.

Pro tip: Blend it upwards a little more or use it as eyeshadow to make your eyes pop.

They come in seven pretty shades

They come in seven different shades which are suitable for multiple skin tones. Let’s take a look at some swatches, shall we?

Photo Source: GOGOTALES/Xiao Hong Shu

#601 is a soft pink shade which is most similar to the colour of an actual cherry blossom petal.

Photo Source: GOGOTALES/Xiao Hong Shu

If you have a warmer or more yellowish skin tone, peach blushes like #603 and #604 can be especially flattering. They work great as a face-warmer as they tend to pick up the golden undertones on your face to brighten it up.

Even if you don’t skip the essential sunscreen step in your pre-makeup routine, the inevitable tan may happen if you’ve got outdoor activities planned for the summer.

With that in mind, why not opt for a darker, caramel blush? These gorgeous shades #605 and #606 will help you glow like a bronzed beauty under the sun.

#605 has a mauve-brown undertone while #606 features a slightly more orange undertone, which looks great when paired with “milk tea” lippies.

For the unicorn of the collection, we’ve got #607, an ethereal mix of shimmery purple and pink blush that is perfect for recreating Fairycore-inspired looks.

Photo Source: GOGOTALES/Xiao Hong Shu

GOGOTALES Vitality Gradient Blush Beauty retails for S$10.26 on Shopee.

Featured image credit: Mango doesn’t want money/Xiao Hong Shu