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Are you excited for the Halloween season?

Prepare to be transported into a realm where nails become gateways to a shadowy and captivating world. In the moonlit embrace of Halloween’s eerie charm, we’ve conjured up 20 Halloween nail ideas that will stir your spirits.

From ghostly to bewitched designs that whisper secrets, each nail art piece will leave an enchanting mark on your Halloween journey.

Cute Halloween nail ideas

Abstract ’80s vibes

Still haven’t planned your Halloween look? Here’s a thought: embrace the ’80s vibes!

These vibrant, multicoloured nail designs will be the perfect match for your ’80s-inspired costume. Infuse your style with the spirit of the era through neon bursts, geometric flair, and playful accents that exude retro chic.

Pizza and pizzazz!

Capture everyone’s attention at your Halloween bash with delectable pizza-themed nails.

Pair these savoury nail designs with a pizza-inspired costume, be it a cheesy slice, pepperoni, or even a full pizza outfit.

Miss Pop Nails, a talented manicurist, has perfected the art, crafting nails that ooze with dripping cheese and unmatched Halloween flair. Get ready to serve up a slice of Halloween excitement!

Día de los Muertos (Day of the Dead)

Feeling spooktacular and cute with this Día de los Muertos nail design. We love everything about it, especially the sugar skull-inspired masterpiece.

This entire nail craft definitely requires steady hands, so consider booking an appointment with your best manicurist for these screenshot-worthy nails.


These beaded nails are a stylish testament that even during Halloween, a holiday typically associated with spooky themes, you can still radiate elegance.

Embrace your inner socialite with this manicure that exudes the sophisticated charm of Chanel.

What’s more, these simple yet stunning nails are versatile enough to elevate your look on both workdays and romantic evenings during the Halloween season.

The haunted French

A French manicure may be a little basic, but adding spooky Halloween twists makes it even better!

Consider adding stitch details to the design. By incorporating a stitched pattern along the edges of the white and base colours, your nails will appear as if they’ve been meticulously sewn together.

To strike the perfect balance between eerie and charming, you can also include a couple of accent nails featuring heart-shaped fangs.

Spooky Bones

Nail Halloween with confidence! Get into the spooky spirit with black-based nails sporting eerie white skeleton bone designs. It’s the perfect pick to amp up your Halloween style and dive headfirst for a gruesome vibe.

These nails are a surefire way to infuse some Halloween spirit into your life without breaking a sweat.

Hello Kitty

Who says Halloween has to be all spook and no sass?

Step into the lighter side of the season with Hello Kitty-inspired nails that give you the most adorable Halloween flair!

Featuring a nude base with a pink gold shimmer French manicure, these nails exude chic charm. But the real star of the show is the 3D nail art, featuring the iconic Hello Kitty. The additional 3D hearts just add to the overall nail design.

This Halloween, cute reigns supreme!

Pumpkin of Doom

Halloween is stealthily creeping onto our calendars, and what’s the best way to welcome it? With these nails, of course!

Featuring a spine-chilling pumpkin, intricate web, and an oh-so-ghostly ghost, this design will have you in the Halloween spirit well before the big day arrives. It’s like a pre-party for you to welcome the spooky season.

Tiny ghosts

Source: @tamaminails

Meet the adorable Casper-inspired ghost nail art – the friendliest ghost in town (we’re not up for meeting any other ghosts, thank you)!

These nails are like a cosy Fall day, with neutral floral vibes. But what really throws us for a loop is the ghostly addition. We can’t help but wonder where the manicurist found the inspiration to blend something so floral with something that gives us the creeps, even in our wildest dreams.

It’s a charmingly spooky surprise!

Fall & spooky

Talk about celebrating Fall and Halloween in style! That little skeleton guy will make the cutest dance partner we’ve ever seen.

Maybe he’s as pumped for the seasons as we are! Time to give your manicurist a ring and snag a slot for this double-season delight ASAP. It’s like having the best of both worlds on your nails.

Spooky Halloween nail ideas

Creepy crawlers

Warning: If spiders give you the creeps, this nail design might not be your top choice!

While it’s simple without any base colour, the spider nail design, complete with intricate detailing that makes them appear as if they’re crawling on your nails, can be a real scare.

But don’t worry; with a steady hand, it’s still doable for those who dare to add a spooky twist to their nail art.


We’re not sure about you, but we’re absolutely thrilled about this scream-worthy nail art! The talented nail artist Betina has masterfully crafted this surreal design.

For an extra touch of spookiness, consider having your manicurist add blood drops near the mouth, transforming it into the perfect Halloween statement piece.

Addams Family

Get your Halloween nails on point with inspiration straight from the spooky Addams Family! You remember them, right? That quirky, macabre bunch from the ’60s who embraced their oddness without a care in the world.

These nails are all about capturing their eerie charm. They’re not just perfect for Halloween; they’re the ultimate choice to amp up your spooky style. Whether you’re feeling like Gomez, Morticia, or Wednesday, these nails add a dash of haunting elegance to your Halloween look, no doubt about it!

Ghostly Glam

Nail that eerie-chic vibe with this killer design! With a nude base and a dash of creativity, it’s a must-try for stylish gals.

Imagine intricate webs crawling up one finger, while a sassy black ghost with a hint of pink brings boldness to the game. Top it off with fiery pink art that’ll set your nails on fire, in the best way possible. It’s a combo of fiery flair and sheer sophistication.

DV Tip: Go wild and swap pink shimmer for spooky red to dial up the Halloween vibes!

Luminous Haunt

Sure, hypnotic swirls and spooky ghosts might sound basic for Halloween, but this design comes with a wicked twist!

Those mesmerising swirls will have everyone around you spellbound, and the ghostly nail art ties it all together. But here’s the kicker – it all lights up in the dark, taking your Halloween look from basic to spook-tacular.


Source: @bugnails

If you’re over the usual ghosts and pumpkins, this one’s a real scream! No one will see it coming, and it’s sure to send shivers down spines.

This 3D nail art is straight out of a horror movie, with gut-wrenching designs. And for an extra gruesome touch, get your manicurist to make it look bloody around the organs to crank up the gore factor even more.

Vampiric talons

Even skeletons and the undead can’t resist this nail design. These nails are so long, they could pass as talons, adding to the mystical ancient vibe. If you’re not up for a full-blown Halloween costume this year, these nails will still give you that hauntingly chic edge!


Unleash your inner daredevil with these bold black nails. This design channels the Ghost Rider movie with its fiery gold skulls.

To pull off this nail art, you’ll want to book your best manicurist – it takes steady hands and loads of patience. But trust us, the end result will be eerily stunning!


No need to say more; we’re completely spellbound by this mystical nail masterpiece! From the moon and snake to the mesmerising eye, this enchanting design will have your manicurist utterly bewitched.

With its mystical allure and witchy vibe, these nails are pure magic. Embrace the enchantment and add a touch of mystique to your Halloween look!

Elastic heart

Embrace your elastic heart this Halloween with a nail design that’s far from simple.

If you’re not hitting any Halloween parties but still want to channel that spooky spirit, these beautifully crafted nails are your perfect option. Picture a design that resembles a fragile and broken heart, and you’ve got the eerie yet enchanting vibe that’ll have you feeling Halloween-ready!

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