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Remember your younger self (the one who love dolls and everything pink)? Well, it’s time to embrace that inner child and make your pinkish dream come true.

It’s time to make life a little more sparkly and exciting! Ahead are 17 Barbie nail ideas inspired by the upcoming movie that’s set to be released on 21 July.

So, paint your nails, unleash your inner 5-year-old and head to the theatre in style.

All That Shimmers

Credit: @tombachik

This nail design is a perfect representation of Barbie, with its hot pink shade and glamorous gold flakes that create a stunning look. It’s a standout choice, especially if you’re looking to channel your inner Barbie girl and make a fashionable statement.


Credit: @overglowedit

This nail idea exudes a charming ballerina vibe, perfectly complementing the essence of the Barbie movie. The delightful pink shade adorned with bows and pearls will undoubtedly make your nails stand out elegantly.

French Charm

Credit: @heygreatnails

French tips can instantly elevate any nail look, and this Barbie-inspired French tip design is a fantastic choice for those who adore this classic style.

The nails have a playful twist inspired by Barbie, which makes them even more special. So, if you’re a fan of French tips and want to add a touch of Barbie magic to your nails, this design is the perfect way to go!

It’s a chic and stylish option that will make your nails look fabulous and eye-catching.

Dripping in Diamonds

Credit: @michelleclassnails

If you’ve seen Bridgerton, you probably know Lady Whistledown, played by Nicola Coughlan.

She looked absolutely gorgeous at the Barbie movie premiere, including her stunning nails. Her nails were decorated with diamonds, matching the teardrop details on her dress, and the shiny pink base added even more sparkle to the overall look!

Floral Finesse

Credit: @scarlett_senternailartist

We’re absolutely calling our manicurists after seeing this gorgeous Barbie-inspired nail look.

It’s elegant and chic, with tiny hand-drawn flowers bringing out the entire design. This mani combines this year’s hottest nail trend with the playful spirit of Barbie’s summer, creating a perfectly cute and stunning style.

Hearty Pink

Credit: @phoebesummernails

If you’re not sure which nail design to choose to unleash your inner girly vibes, why not go for this adorable pink heart design?

This design features a lovely monochromatic pink colour scheme with charming ripple heart effects. The combination of different shades of pink and the cute heart patterns will give your nails a playful and feminine touch, perfect for channelling your inner Barbie and feeling fabulous.

Pretty in Pink

Credit: @nailsbyzola

Celebrities have given Barbie nails a spin too, just like young Barbie actress Ariana Greenblatt.

Her glamorous nail look features a sparkly pink base adorned with a pearl bow and rhinestones for that extra dazzling touch. It’s a fantastic idea to keep in mind for your next salon appointment!

Mix & Match

Credit: @pop_polished

Based on almond-shaped nails, this mix & match nail design is a fun and flirty choice you can look forward to when booking your next manicure appointment.

With a bold shimmering pink as the base colour and delightful chequered patterns and heart designs in light pink, it creates a striking contrast that truly stands out.

It’s the perfect way to go if you’re unable to choose one design.

Wet Metallic

Credit: @nuka.nails

If you want nails that make you feel like you’re hanging out in Barbie’s pool house, this metallic pink design with cute water droplets is just what you need!

These nails give off a fun and vibrant vibe, like you’re enjoying a sunny day by the pool with Barbie herself. The shiny pink colour and water droplet accents add a touch of playfulness and glamour, making you feel like you’re ready to make a splash!

Pink Glazed Doughnut

Credit: @phoebesummernails

Looking for a design that’s simple yet attention-grabbing? This single shade of shimmer pink is a perfect choice!

But, if you prefer something other than a bold pink, don’t worry! Just ask your manicurist on the various pink shades they have and simply choose the one that suits you the best.

So, whether you want to go with a classic pink or explore different shades, you have the flexibility to get the perfect nail look for your style.

Glamorous Blush

Credit: @merlin_nails

If you love ultra-high-shine pink nails, this glamorous nail design features an exquisite blend of pink shades that’ll elevate your whole look. It exudes confidence and charm, just like the iconic doll herself.

With these enchanting Barbie-inspired nails, you’ll feel like a living fashion statement, capturing the essence of Barbie’s timeless allure and leaving a lasting impression that’s truly unforgettable.

Ooh La La

Credit: @angelsnailz

Imagine yourself as Malibu Barbie, enjoying a carefree and beachy life by the ocean.

Now, picture your nails adorned with vibrant designs such as pearls, cherries, and stars, all in a delightful pink and white colour scheme. This fabulous design will be the perfect accessory for all your summer adventures, adding a playful touch to your look.

So, unleash your inner Malibu Barbie and let these nail designs make you feel like you’re living your best beach life!

Monochromatic Pink

Credit: @heygreatnails

This manicure has a lot of delightful elements, and it’s sure to catch everyone’s attention in the best possible way!

The nails boast a luxurious velvet finish with a single nail adorned in French tips and a charming 3D bow, creating a stunning combination that’s full of excitement and beauty.


Credit: @bellore_nailmaster

Come on, Barbie, let’s go party with this stunning nail design!

If you love having long nails and enjoy being the centre of attention, this one’s for you! The design features iconic Barbie symbols in various shades of pink spread across your nails, giving them a glamorous and eye-catching look.

So, get ready to rock the party with these fabulous Barbie-inspired nails.

Dreamy Girl

Credit: @scarlett_senternailartist

Bling it up like Barbie! Don’t just reserve the sparkle for your jewellery; let your nails make a bold statement with this fabulous rhinestone around the cuticles.

This nail design won’t let people forget just who inspired your mani. It is the perfect way to showcase your excitement for the Barbie movie!

Its vibrant and stylish appearance captures the spirit of the movie, making your enthusiasm stand out for everyone to see.

Party Barbie

Credit: @colorstreet

Imagine being a fun-loving Barbie who enjoys partying, and these confetti-inspired nail designs perfectly match your lively spirit.

With vibrant colours and playful sparkles, your nails will be the life of the party, just like you!

Rock ‘n’ Roll

Credit: @nails_of_la

These nails are like a match made in heaven for emo fans who want to feel the Barbie summer vibe with their edgy style, featuring hot pink and silver heart-shaped flame accents.

It’s the ultimate rock and roll vibe, perfect for embracing the excitement of the movie!

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