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Gucci Beauty has unveiled a new Global Brand Ambassador, and it’s none other than NewJeans’s Hanni!

Hanni has been a Gucci ambassador since 2022, modelling their products in campaigns and attending their runway shows. So, this announcement marks an exciting new chapter in their partnership.

Hanni’s Brand Collaborations

As a member of the ultra-popular girl group NewJeans, Hanni debuted as a K-pop idol in 2022.

Since then, she’s been steadily rising in fame along with the rest of her groupmates, making waves with their refreshing and youthful image.

Apart from her work with Gucci, she’s also an ambassador for Armani Beauty and Dior, becoming a familiar face in the world of luxury beauty!

Gucci Beauty’s New Partnership

Gucci Beauty has shared that Hanni’s self-confidence, her charismatic stage presence, and trendsetting sense of style, all embody Gucci Beauty’s core values.

She’s the perfect candidate for Gucci Beauty to connect with younger audiences, and we’re looking forward to her upcoming work for the brand!

As for now, Gucci Beauty has released portraits of Hanni modelling Gucci Beauty products, such as the Palette de Beauté Quatuor for eyeshadow, and even an unreleased shade of the Rouge à Lèvres Mat lipstick.

We can’t wait to see what’s in store for this amazing partnership.

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Featured image credits: @guccibeauty/Instagram.