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One might think that short hair leaves less length for creativity, but there are actually plenty of styling options to try.

Most recently, the “hydro bob” trend has been taking over celebrity heads and captivating all (including us) with its chic and effortless look — so much so that you might feel hypnotised to run to the salon after seeing all the stunning pictures.

Coined by Tom Smith, hairstylist and international artist in residence at Billi Currie, the “hydro bob” is expected to be a huge hair trend come spring.

In other words, if you’re itching to do something to your hair and chop it all off instead of cutting bangs (c’mon, we’ve all been there), this short hair look is probably something you wouldn’t regret.

“Hydro Bob”: A Glossy Take on the Short Hair Trend


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The “hydro bob” builds on the popularity of the “boy bob” but with a refreshing twist: a wet-look finish that adds a modern, polished touch.

This versatile style features a similar short, sharp cut with a slightly androgynous feel and a touch of cool-girl edge. The length is customisable to flatter individual features and typically falls between the lips and mid-neck.

“It’s got that sharp, slightly androgynous, tailored look to it, but the key here is that there’s a little high fashion element that makes the hair look slightly more defined – it’s almost like a soft wet look.

The idea is that the chop should take on a dewy dimension and look “drenched in gloss and moisture,” said trend forecaster and leading hairstylist Tom Smith on Glamour.


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Hairstylist and educator Faye Redfern went on TikTok very recently to share her thoughts about how obsessed she was with the “hydro bob” trend and how it can make women feel sexier.

If you already have a bob or short hair, this fresh take and sleek look will be the perfect update for your bob as we head into spring!

Why It Could Be Perfect for Singapore’s Weather

hydro bob trend

Credits: @rochellehumes/Instagram, @stxph.h/Instagram, @lauraharrier/Instagram

While the wet look can be a fun trend, it might not be the most comfortable option in hot weather. Your “wet” hair might weigh down and tug at the roots or humidity can make the hair frizz and lose its sleek definition.

And although it’s cooler than having long hair, the “hydro bob” may not allow for more airflow around the neck, depending on your bob’s cut.

Despite all that, the “hydro bob” can still be adapted to Singapore’s climate without making you look like a dishevelled hot mess.

  • Opt for a slightly shorter version of a bob with more layering to help with better airflow.
  • Instead of gels, use lightweight styling creams or leave-in conditioners to add shine and definition without weighing your hair down.
  • The polished, controlled style can still appear put together even if you sweat.

Plus, the “hydro bob” can be achieved more quickly than other styles which might be appealing in hot weather.

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How to Style a “Hydro Bob”


Here’s the easiest way to take on this springs ‘hydro bob’ trend! Nourishing and stylish in one! #wetbob #hairhealth #hairtok #tomsmith #fyp

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It does look high maintenance but it’s not that hard to achieve, we promise.

First and foremost, it’s crucial to choose products that are lighter and more suited to your hair since the “hydro bob” relies heavily on styling. You don’t want to end up with a greasy mess!

So if your hair is naturally more oily or gets oily easily throughout the day, add more moisture than oil — this will hydrate your strands and keep the excess oil production at bay.

However, we’re not exactly talking about hair gel. According to Smith, you can recreate this look with hydrating hair products that you likely already have!

“Whilst nourishing leave-in creams such as Olaplex No.6 Bond Smoother are ideal for the definition and hydration this style requires, a great trick for those who don’t find the time to do weekly masks or treatments is to simply style the hair with your favourite moisture mask,” he shared on Who What Wear.

This will give your hair that semi-wet effect and also simultaneously let your hair soak in all the goodness from a hair mask!

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10 Ways to Wear the “Hydro Bob”

Classic Slicked Back

hydro bob trend

Credit: @ireneisgood/Instagram

It’s simple yet classy and elegant with a sprinkle of edge. The classic slicked-back wet look won’t disappoint and is also really easy to achieve.

You can also play with your hair’s parting and try a side parting!

Tucked Back With Face-framing Tendrils

hydro bob trend

Credits: @jlo/Instagram, @stxph.h/Instagram

If the classic look is boring to you, separate a few small pieces of your fringe and let it frame your face!

Creatively Styled Baby Hair

hydro bob trend

Credits: @ireneisgood/Instagram, @stxph.h/Instagram

Cutting and styling your baby hair has been an ongoing trend for a while now.

The fact that you’ll need styling products to “stick” your baby hair down or manipulate it into your desired shape makes this a perfect accompaniment to the “hydro bob”.

Loose Wet Bob

hydro bob trend

Credit: @taontm/Instagram

It doesn’t have to be fully slicked back to still look edgy. You can choose to rock a simple “hydro bob” with neat yet loose strands.

This style would probably look even more enigmatic if you have coloured hair!

Everyday is Beach Day

hydro bob trend

Credits: @taeri__taeri/Instagram, @hannahkleit/Instagram

Who says we can’t be delusional about living on the beach like Hannah Montana? Mussy and tousled, this look really amps up the cool and edgy factors.

Lightly Texturised With Bangs

hydro bob trend

Credits: @ponysmakeup/Instagram, @todayis_wendy/Instagram

Not into pin-straight hair? Add a little texture by teasing your hair and pile on the hair moisturiser for that “salt-in-hair” look.

Curly and Intentional

hydro bob trend

Credits: @yukistylist/Instagram, @manesbymell/Instagram

For those with waves and coils, this wet look could really benefit your style and tresses since curly hair is naturally dryer than the rest!

You could try a wet look with a voluminous side parting or push it all back and leave a few strands of your fringe out.

Half Up, Half Down

hydro bob trend

Credit: @stxph.h/Instagram

All of your hair doesn’t always have to stay down for a “hydro bob”.

To make it a little bit more interesting, go with a half updo and see if you’d like your fringe to be tied up or let down to frame your face.

Micro Pigtails

hydro bob trend

Credit: @stxph.h/Instagram

Fancy something that leans towards cute more than cool? Go for little micro pigtails to elevate your “hydro bob”.

You can even make it coquette by adding some ribbons to your look!

Zig-Zag Parting With a Spiky Bun

hydro bob trend

Credit: @stxph.h/Instagram

Of course, you can also combine two or more hair trends together to create something truly artistic and eye-catching!

Here, Steph incorporated the “hydro bob”, a spiky bun, and a zig-zag parting for a high-fashion look.

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Featured image credit: @stxph.h/Instagram, @fayeredfernhair/TikTok, @hannahkleit/Instagram