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Curls have been a mainstay in Asian hair trends for a long time, especially in Japan. The conventional Japanese perm consists of natural and soft inward C-curls, mostly pulled off by those with hair that extends beyond the shoulder.

However, there’s a new hair trend brewing in Japan these days, and it’s fantastic news for those who want a refreshing cut to cope with Singapore’s sweltering heat: short outward curls.

According to Japanese hairstylists, short hair has been trending for a while this year, especially with short bobs that end just below the ear. These would usually end as an inward curl to frame the face.

If you’ve noticed that your short hair has started to curl outwards as it grows longer, you can now use a curling iron to make the outward curl more obvious instead of trying desperately to curl your ends back in again – sweet!


The Japanese have also taken this trend further and created an extension of the short outward curls called the halfdo bun.

This is done by first curling your ends outwards, then braiding hair from the top and pulling it into a bun:



You can also add any accessories (hair clips, fabric, etc.) to secure your bun in place and add a touch of playfulness or elegance to your effortless hairdo:



Creating this hairstyle may sound a lot more complicated than it looks, especially if this is the first time you are trying to curl your hair outwards with a curling iron.

Thankfully, famous Japanese hairstylists have uploaded simple tutorials online for us to follow along and learn how to create this trendy hairdo:



Of course, if you do not have time to spare curling your ends every morning, you can also go to a hair salon and get your hair permed permanently – check out some of the best Japanese hair salons in Singapore that can help you easily achieve this hairstyle.