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Gorgeous rose petal blushers took the beauty world by storm when French cosmetics company Les Merveilleuses Ladurée first released them. However, the company closed its doors in 2020 due to the pandemic and fans all over the globe mourned the loss of their stunning products, such as the aforementioned rose petal blusher.

Attempts have been made to replicate the product for fans to have roses blooming in their makeup collections once more, and it looks like a new product has arisen to make it possible. China cosmetics brand Jazzmoon has released a rose petal blusher that has beauty fans raving about it on RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram).

Credit: RED

The blusher consists of seven unique rows of rose petals, adding up to approximately 30 handmade petals in total. The delicate petals are then pressed and covered with shimmery blush powder. Available in several shades, the shade Dry Rose is the most popular.

Credit: RED

Dry Rose leans more towards a brown and neutral shade, with a warm undertone and gorgeous shimmer in the powder, making for a great look for fairer skin tones.

Credit: RED

The shimmer in the blush adds a highlight to the cheekbones, making this product both convenient and eye-catching. With how the product is pressed onto the petals, it comes off easily on the brush and applies well, allowing for a delicate and light makeup look.

We recommend using a wide powder brush for the best application as the powder is not extremely pigmented. If you are looking to add a blooming rose to your makeup bag, this product can be purchased from Jazzmoon.

Jazzmoon Flower Petal Blush retails for approximately S$20.68, available on Taobao.