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It’s difficult to resist the temptation of buying beauty products with gorgeous packaging, and Jill Stuart is testing our self-control again by bringing the limited-edition Birth Gem Glosses to Singapore.

Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss 2

Birth gems are said to protect those born in each month and bring them happiness. Jill Stuart has captured the magic of birth stones in these 12 lip glosses for each and every individual.

Each lip gloss also has a Swarovski crystal attached on a charm, which differs based on your birth gem (determined by your birth month). The removable charm can also be used to decorate your makeup pouch or other accessory.

The lip glosses come packaged in a box decorated with numbers of the 12 months, and an explanation of the Swarovski crystal on the charm attached.

Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss 5

Of course, these glosses don’t just look pretty – they make your lips look and feel amazing as well! They are formulated with ingredients such as honey, collagen, and hyaluronic acid to supply moisture to lips. It also contains oils that feel both smooth and juicy, without feeling sticky at all so that you can wear the glosses comfortably.

The lip colours are rather sheer, and can be used as a lip topper to change your original lipstick colour, add a bit of sparkle, or simply used on its own to achieve luscious lips.

Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss

Interested to see what the lip gloss for your birth month looks like? Scroll down to find your month!


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss January

January features a deep red crystal inspired by a garnet.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss February

February features a pink-hued purple crystal with blue and pink sparkles that reminds us of an amethyst.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss March

March features a clear blue crystal reminiscent of an aquamarine.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss April

April features a clear lip gloss with multicolored lamé that looks like a diamond.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss May

May features a deep green with green and blue lamé, created to evoke its emerald birth gem.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss June

June is a clear lip gloss with blue lamé, like the sparkle contained in a moon stone.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss July

July is a vivid pink with pink lamé, inspired by a ruby.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss August

August is a clear yellow-green lip gloss created to evoke a peridot.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss September

September features a brilliant blue with blue lamé to evoke its sapphire birth gem.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss October

October is a clear pink lip gloss to remind you of a tourmaline.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss November

November features a vivid orange with orange and yellow lamé, inspired its topaz birth gem.


Jill Stuart Birth Gem Gloss December

December is a clear purple lip gloss, reminiscent of a tanzanite.

Jill Stuart Birth Gem Glosses will retail at SGD38 in Sephora ION and on Sephora’s website, starting from 29 August 2019 – these limited edition glosses are likely to sell out fast, so remember to mark your calendars!

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