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We’re sure you’ve seen products from Japanese brand Kewpie – for instance, its mayonnaise. It’s the one that you often see topping takoyaki and okonomiyaki – does it ring a bell?

Kewpie Skincare Product 1

Cosmetics Design-Asia reported that the brand’s fine chemicals division has launched a new collagen-boosting ingredient that’s extracted from eggshell membranes. The company found that this ingredient is a type-III collagen that increases fibroblasts that produce hyaluronic acid and collagen – both are integral to maintaining the look of firmness in skin.

A representative from Kewpie explains that type-III collagen is known as “baby collagen” because it is found most abundantly in the skin of babies.

Tests by the company have found that the product was able to increase skin moisturisation significantly and inhibit melanin production. The latter finding means that it has potential to be used to produce brightening products.

Kewpie Skincare Product 2

Research is still ongoing but Kewpie has plans to develop this discovery into skincare solutions for the Japanese and overseas markets.

Besides its famous mayonnaise, Kewpie also produces other egg-related products such as frozen eggs, liquid eggs, and processed eggs. The company has been investing lots research efforts to expand the ways eggs can be used, including the development of egg-inspired cosmetic ingredients.

It looks like we may be able to look forward to skincare products by Kewpie in the very near future. Important question: Will you try it?

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