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Liposuction is a popular cosmetic procedure in Singapore, where individuals can get a more permanent solution to attaining a flat stomach.

It’s a procedure that is typically conducted to remove excess fat from your body, giving you a slimmer figure that you may otherwise struggle to achieve using conventional methods such as exercise or fad diets.

Everything you need to know before committing to this surgical procedure will be covered here — including the steps involved, pain levels, side effects, and prices.

Read on to learn all about it and a few of the most reputable clinics that can provide you with this treatment below!

What Is Liposuction?


Liposuction is a minimally invasive procedure that uses suction techniques to eliminate excess fat from specific areas of the body that you wish to enhance.

The process utilises suction techniques to eliminate fat cells (adipocytes) from these regions, removing stubborn fat deposits that may be difficult to target with conventional methods like exercise and diet.  This results in a slimmer and more sculpted appearance.

It is also known as lipoplasty or simply “lipo.” It’s typically conducted on areas such as your belly, buttocks, thighs, arms, back, around the chin and neck, as well as one’s jowls.

What Happens During Liposuction?


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All procedures involve the use of a hollow stainless steel tube, known as a cannula, which is inserted via small incisions in the skin. Once in, the tool suctions the excess fat away from the treatment area, out of the body.

Here are the two steps involved:

Step 1: Anaesthesia

Prior to the surgical procedure, medications will be administered to ensure a comfortable and pain-free experience throughout.

You’ll be offered the choice of intravenous sedation or general anaesthesia. Your doctor will advise the most suitable option for your needs.

Step 2: Incision and suction

Liposuction is executed through small, discreet incisions. Initially, diluted local anaesthesia is introduced to minimise bleeding and tissue trauma.

Subsequently, a slender hollow tube, known as a cannula, fed into these incisions, gently loosening excess fat with a controlled back-and-forth motion. The loosened fat is subsequently removed from the body through the use of a surgical vacuum or a syringe connected to the cannula.

Where Can Liposuction Procedures Be Performed?

liposuction results

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Liposuction in Singapore is performed about a dozen times every day, and the procedure is most commonly used to treat the following regions of the body:


It’s normal to be self-conscious of the common “armpit fat” you have, or the flabs you notice underneath your arms. It serves as a quick way to renew your confidence to wear sleeveless tops, if you’ve been struggling with this concern.


Women are especially prone to accumulating stubborn fat around their thighs, that won’t go away despite vigorous exercise or diets. It can be done to remove the fat from both the inner and outer thighs.

Abdomen and Flank


Both males and females may find that their belly bulges will not budge easily even if they are losing weight overall. For women, this issue is particularly prominent after childbirth. Liposuction can be performed to trim the excess fat around your waist, giving you a more slim and toned appearance.


Many women encounter a problem with the fullness of their buttocks, whereby finding clothing items such as skirts or swimwear that fit may prove to be too challenging. It might also be an additional concern amongst those with wide hips and larger inner and outer thighs.

The procedure offers a solution by significantly reducing buttock size and ensuring it suits your overall body proportions.

Upper Neck and Under the Chin

liposuction chin

Credit @sagarpatelaesthetics/TikTok

As we get older, and especially with poor lifestyle habits, we may start seeing fat accumulating underneath our chins and around our jawlines. This can make us appear disproportionately heavier compared to the rest of our bodies and give us “double chins” that we may find unglamorous.

These spots are notoriously difficult to tackle through exercise or diet, so lipo treatments in Singapore may be the more effective solution to get more chiselled features.


Often known as “man boobs,” gynaecomastia can be a source of significant concern for many men.

Besides these, there are other spots that it can be safely performed on, as long as they are deemed as such by a reputable clinic based on your individual assessment.

What Are the Types of Liposuction Procedures Offered in Singapore?

Traditional/Tumescent liposuction

Tumescent liposuction uses the suction-assisted method described above. This technique is particularly effective to remove fat from larger areas of the body.

In this conventional form of liposuction an adrenaline, saline, and/or local anaesthesia is injected into the treatment area. These solutions help to numb the treatment area, reduce bleeding and bruising, and facilitate faster recovery.

Power-Assisted Liposuction


Credit: Australia Cosmetic Clinics

The oscillating movement of the cannula aids the surgeon in precisely focusing on particular areas and diminishes the physical exertion needed during the procedure.

Power-assisted liposuction can lead to a more uniform and smoother elimination of fat, particularly in areas that are dense or have a high concentration of fibrous tissue.

Laser-Assisted Liposuction


Credit: Dream Plastic Surgery

Before the fat cells are removed, laser energy is used in laser-assisted liposuction to liquefy them. Small incisions are used to implant a laser fibre, which then emits thermal radiation that melts the fat. A cannula is then used to suction out the liquefied fat.

The benefit of using laser-assisted treatments is that they encourage skin tightening by stimulating collagen, which leads to improved skin firmness and contouring.

Vaser Liposuction


Credit: Shens Clinic

Vaser liposuction is an ultrasound-assisted technology, used to liquefy unwanted fat cells, breaking them down before they are suctioned out of your body entirely. This technique actually makes the fat easier to remove, especially in areas with larger amounts or denser fat.

Advancements in technology these days have also made it possible for it to be conducted practically anywhere on your body.

The most popular areas include the arms, stomach, and waist, though it has been noted that there have been cases where it has been requested for areas such as the neck, breasts, knees, ankles, back, and chest.

How to Choose a Liposuction Surgeon in Singapore?

It’s highly important that you choose a reputable clinic to undergo surgery. Your best bet is to make sure that the facility you’re considering meets Singapore’s national safety requirements. To do so, ensure that the clinic has been accredited on the Singapore Society of Plastic Surgeons’ website.

During your consultation, make sure to ask questions about the doctor’s personal experience with such types of procedures in the past and verify that they have been board-certified to perform them.

15 Best Clinics to Get Liposuction in Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions About Liposuction

What Is the Recovery Process Like?

If you’re getting the procedure done for the first time, you might be concerned about the recovery process.

Thankfully, you should expect to feel like yourself again approximately two weeks after the surgery. You may experience signs of healing, such as bruising, swelling, and soreness, which should subside as your body recovers.

If your pains become severe, get in touch with your healthcare provider.

liposuction recovery

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You can expect to resume your usual physical activities, such as exercise, within six weeks from the procedure, though a full recovery and healing of your body may take up to six months.

The duration of recovery varies from person to person and hinges on the amount of fat removed and the treated area. Your surgeon will also have a personal discussion with you to provide you with a specific recovery timeline!

During the initial few weeks post-op, most doctors recommend limiting your physical activity to ensure your body gets ample rest.

Who Is a Suitable Candidate?

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It is important that you meet the requirements in order to ensure a safe and effective procedure. Here are the factors that make you a suitable candidate:

  • adult age
  • average or slightly above-average weight
  • good overall health
  • firm skin with elasticity and muscle tone
  • areas of fat that are unresponsive to diet and exercise
  • no habit of smoking

Additionally, your surgeon will do a thorough evaluation to examine if it is right for you, before recommending the best solution for your needs.

What Are the Side Effects and Potential Risks?

Although liposuction is known to be a generally safe procedure, it should be done by a certified practitioner in a reputable facility, and like all surgeries, there are risks to be aware of.

Some common complications include:

  • numbness
  • bruising
  • swelling
  • asymmetry in the treatment area
  • scarring

Although much rarer, these more severe complications should be accounted for as well:

  • deep vein thrombosis
  • pulmonary embolism (artery blockage in the lungs)
  • fat embolism (blood vessel blockage by a fat particle)
  • skin necrosis (death of skin tissue)
  • excess fluid loss, resulting in shock

Although it aims to treat most irregularities in fat distribution and body shape in one session, sometimes, a follow-up surgery might be required.

What Is the Average Cost in Singapore?

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According to Human, it typically costs about S$15,000 to S$25,000. Most surgeons in Singapore will offer the treatment on five body parts, with liposuction costing about S$1,500 to S$2,800 per region.

Most doctors will not share the cost on their online pages as the price varies depending on the customer’s needs. To get the best estimate, you’re recommended to make an appointment for a detailed consultation and physical examination.

That being said, we’d recommend being careful about choosing a clinic or surgeon to get the procedure done solely based on the costs alone, as quality and safety should be of utmost priority!

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