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From sunscreens to highlighters, it’s clear that the craze for Pokemon-themed beauty products is undying.

Well, gather around, Pokemon trainers! Because we found an adorable Pokemon lip balm that will make a perfect addition to your beauty collection.

Meet these new Pokemon-inspired lip balms by Lovisia.

Functional and adorable, these lip balms make the perfect companions for all our journeys just like the Pokemon we know and love.

“Catch ’em all!” and collect these five popular Pokemons:

  1. Pikachu
  2. Jigglypuff
  3. Snorlax
  4. Gengar
  5. Psyduck

Each one of them, except the Psyduck lip balm, is jam-packed with honey extract, jojoba oil, shea butter, and ceramide, to provide ample moisture to your lips.

We always love the little details when it comes to packaging and these lip balms do not disappoint. Uncap the lip balm to reveal the shape of the famous Pokeball embossed on the top of the lip balm.

Each Pokemon lip balm comes with its own unique packaging, flavour, and colour, all inspired by the Pokemon it corresponds with.

Pikachu – yuzu

The most iconic member of the Pokemon family, this electric-charged cutie’s lip balm is sure to leave your lips feeling ready for the day.

To match the yellow appearance that Pikachu has, the flavour of this lip balm is a sweet citrus yuzu. You’re sure to love the fresh fruitiness that pairs well with our humid climate.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Pikachu Yuzu retails for S$12.09, available at Yesstyle.

Jigglypuff – strawberry

It is no surprise that this adorable balloon-like creature is included in this collection. Everyone adores Jigglypuff for its sweet aura and it has a lip balm to match that.

Your lips will be enveloped in a sweet strawberry-flavoured balm.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Jigglypuff Strawberry retails for S$12.09, available at Yesstyle.

Snorlax – melon

It’s hard not to love this relatable creature. Snorlax is another fan favourite because of its plush appearance and constant need to take a snooze.

Despite its sleepy nature, its lip balm is sure to awaken your senses and lips with its fruity melon flavour.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Snorlax Melon retails for S$12.09, available at Yesstyle.

Gengar – grape

This Pokemon may not be the conventional favourite for most of us but if this troublemaker speaks to you, you’re sure to love Gengar’s lip balm.

While your lips are getting that much-needed moisture, you’ll find it hard to resist licking up the delicious grape-flavoured formula.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Gengar Grape retails for S$12.09, available at Yesstyle.

Psyduck – sweet berry

Undoubtedly the most comical Pokemon, you definitely can’t resist adding this guy to your lip collection.

Just looking at its derpy face on the tube is sure to give you a boost in serotonin. Unlike the others in the collection, this tube has swirls of cream and blue for a fun appearance.

Besides the other ingredients in the formula, the lip balm boasts hyaluronic acid to drench your lips in hydration. Plus, the sweet berry flavour is simply irresistible.

Lovisia Pokemon Lip Cream Psyduck Sweet Berry retails for S$11.41, available at Yesstyle.

Feature image credit: @yu.pikachuu1202/Instagram