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TikTok’s beauty hacks have been a little bit questionable. After we saw how one TikToker swears by erection cream as a lip plumper, we thought things can’t get anymore ridiculous until we saw this: beauty TikTokers using lubricant as makeup primer. Yes, we’re talking about personal lubricants used during sexy time.

With over 10 million views, #lubeprimer has taken TikTok by storm with many quick to test it out. Makeup artist Lukas Kohutek has been all over this trend and he’s been seen using lube as primer in many of his tutorials on TikTok.


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As can be seen in his TikTok, while the skin initially looks greasy after application of the lube, it seems to soak up the makeup giving him a smooth and almost airbrushed finish. Lukas isn’t the only one, many other social media users who tested this hack for themselves feel the same way. They claim that this is due to lube having a sticky and tacky feel, making it an excellent base for applying makeup on.

Beauty TikToker Sean Anthony even went a step further and mixed lube together with his foundation. By doing so, he realised that the new addition had made the foundation glide onto his skin even more smoothly.


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While Sean did achieve a glowing matte finished look, we have to wonder, at what cost?

TikTok dermatologist Dr Joyce explained some of the possible harmful side effects of using lube as a primer.


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In her Tiktok, Dr Joyce goes on to explain that lube is not meant to go on top of the skin in the first place! Depending on the brand and type of lube, they tend to be full of fragrances and potential irritants that could harm your skin.

Lube also uses ingredients such as castor oil which could clog your pores by seeping into your skin. More specifically, people with eczema and sensitive skin should be wary of this trend because they can experience flare ups and acne breakouts.

If we were you, we would think wisely before jumping on this trend!