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Michelle Yeoh has made history as the first Asian to win the Best Actress Oscars at the Academy Awards for her lead role in the sci-fi comedy film Everything Everywhere All At Once.

Her historic win reveals a beacon of hope, even as it affirms the striving of the hard-working women in the world, especially when she emphasised, “Ladies, don’t let anybody tell you you are ever past your prime. Never give up!”

Photo source: @dior/Instagram

One woman, in particular, whom Michelle Yeoh exalted in her Oscars speech was none other than her 84-year-old mum. Letting out an emotional breath, she said: “I have to dedicate this to my mum – all the mums in the world because they are really the superheroes, and, without them, none of us would be here tonight.”

“She’s 84, and I’m taking this home to her,” she said.

As the audience burst into applause at the Academy Awards, a roaring celebration was happening in Malaysia, KL, where Michelle Yeoh’s mother, Janet Yeoh, was witnessing her daughter’s win with family and friends.

Janet Yeoh celebrating her daughter’s win

Turn back the clock a few seconds, just before the presenter Jessica Chastain announced Best Lead Actress: Janet Yeoh and others in the room held their breath in anticipation.

When her daughter’s name was uttered, cheers erupted and Janet Yeoh beamed, emotionally, with joy, as those around her clutched at her with resounding congratulations.

Janet Yeoh’s look that evening

michelle yeoh mum janet yeoh (2)

Photo source: @ChannelNewsAsia/Twitter

The reaction video has tugged at so many’s heartstrings and we couldn’t help but notice just how gorgeous and glamorous Michelle Yeoh’s 84-year-old mum looked during the celebrations.

She was wearing a magnificent floral-detailed white gown and pearly white earrings, beaming from the inside out. This is a woman, proof that women don’t have a “prime”. As Michelle Yeoh already underlined, essentially, how dare anyone say otherwise?

Michelle Yeoh’s “gorgeous mum”

michelle yeoh mum janet yeoh (3)

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official

Michelle Yeoh, about five weeks back, had updated her Instagram feed with a post starring her vivacious mother, with the caption: “My gorgeous Mum, would never dare say shut up to her in a million years”.

Janet Yeoh, on the first slide, posed with hand on hip in a spectacular flowing white gown, the neckline lined with wispy white feathers, and with heavy earrings hanging from her lobes.

michelle yeoh mum janet yeoh (4)

The comments section overflowed with praises for Michelle Yeoh’s mother

The comments section brimmed with comments about how gorgeous her mother is, and how beauty runs in the family.

One user posted: “Oh that’s where you got your beauty from” and another user wrote: “Asian women always forever young” with a heart-eye emoji at the end of both comments.

michelle yeoh mum janet yeoh (5)

Photo source: @michelleyeoh_official

So, even as we celebrate Michelle Yeoh’s momentous Oscars win, we’re taking our hats off to the beautiful woman whose shoulders she stood on all these years: her “superhero” mum.

Featured image credit: @dior/Instagram, @ChannelNewsAsia/Twitter

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