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Whether it’s BIAB nails or gel overlays, it’s clear that nail health has become increasingly important to many nail enthusiasts.

The latest nail trend we’re obsessing over is the rise of “nail tints” – polishes packed full of benefits for your nails, while giving you a subtle pop of colour.

Read on for our deep dive into what nail tints are and why we love them, along with the nail tints we’d recommend to give your nails a radiant glow.

What Are “Nail Tints”?

Credits: @clairestarkmanicurist/Instagram

Tired of gel manicures and extensions? Want to give your nails a break? Nail tints might just be perfect for you.

Much like tinted moisturisers or lip oils, nail tints are both gorgeous to look at and beneficial for your nail health! They’re ideal for those who want to protect their nails, but crave a more interesting look than just bare nails.

They come in a range of translucent colours, but the most popular ones have been milky pink and cream shades. These jelly-like colours brighten your nails and help them look naturally healthy, complemented by a slight shine.

You definitely can’t go wrong with these minimalist shades – after all, they’re sure to flatter everyone and go with any style, plus they’ll help you look put-together with just one coat.

Credits: @somethingaboutalicia/Instagram

Best of all, they’re infused with ingredients like natural oils to moisturise and strengthen your nails!

If you’re struggling with dull, brittle, or cracked nails, nail tints can help to rejuvenate your nails and restore their health.

Apply them directly to your nails to maximise their benefits, or even use them as a base coat under your main polish. If you get tired of them, simply remove them with traditional nail polish removers and a cotton pad – no extra tools needed!

“Nail Tints” To Try

DIOR Nail Glow Polish

This DIOR polish is the true original nail tint – it started the nail tint trend, and many newer formulas are actually dupes of this iconic product!

Many famous manicurists swear by the Nail Glow Polish for its mirror-like glossiness and sweet pink shade. It aims to recreate the understated elegance of French tips without the hassle of a professional manicure.

Your nails will be lightly tinted with a radiant glow from the very first application and remain protected from damage to boot!

The DIOR Nail Glow Polish retails for S$46 on DIOR’s Online Boutique.

Nails Inc Glow and Grow Nail Growth Treatment

Achieve a “your nails but better” look with this nail tint!

Catching the light from every angle, this ultra-glossy tint comes in a sheer pink shade for a natural glow. It’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free, and lasts for up to six days.

The translucent polish can be easily built up, so you can go for an all-natural look or a subtle bubblegum pink – the choice is yours!

The Nails Inc Glow and Grow Nail Growth Treatment retails for S$16.50 on Lookfantastic.

OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Treatment

Formulated with biotin, calcium, and vitamins A, C, and E, this nail tint’s vegan formula gives you healthy and beautiful nails, with users reporting nails that are 95% stronger within just one week of use.

This nail tint comes in a variety of colours, from delicate pink to fierce red and minimalist nude shades, to suit your unique style.

It features OPI’s patented Tri-Flex Technology, which helps the polish form a liquid shield around your nails, preventing it from chipping, peeling, or cracking!

The OPI Nail Envy Nail Strengthener Treatment retails for S$39.50 on Lookfantastic.

Sephora Nail Hardener

Enriched with pistacia lentiscus resin, this fortifying nail treatment gives you stronger nails over time!

It’s available in both clear and pink shades for a subtle hint of colour, and can be used under regular nail polish for long-lasting wear as well.

Simply apply it regularly in thin coats over the course of 21 days to prevent your nails from cracking or splitting.

The Sephora Nail Hardener retails for S$14 at Sephora.

butter LONDON Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment

Recreate the jelly nail trend and strengthen your nails simultaneously with this unique product!

This polish colours and treats the nails, helping to revive dull and dry nails. Its translucent formula creates a sheer, jelly-like effect, to give your nails a healthy glow.

Not keen on pink manicures? This nail tint is for you. Choose from four fruity shades, ranging from deep plum to cheerful green – perfect for a fresh and fun manicure.

The butter LONDON Jelly Preserve Strengthening Treatment retails for S$30 at Sephora.

Featured image credits: @somethingaboutalicia/Instagram, @raelondonnails/Instagram.