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The latest nail trend has arrived, and it’s none other than pink jelly glaze nails!

Popularised by Hailey Bieber, this sweet manicure is a bubblegum-pink version of her iconic glazed donut nails.

To achieve this look, you’ll want a soft, milky pink shade, complete with pearlescent sheen to top off the adorably feminine manicure.

Credits: @haileybieber/Instagram

Whether you want a simple everyday manicure, or a fancy new set of nails for a special occasion, we’ve got ideas for you, so you can stay on top of the latest trends with these nails!

Simple Nails

Original Pink Jelly Glaze

Credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram

You can’t go wrong with the original pink jelly glaze nails, as shown by Hailey Bieber’s nail artist Zola Ganzorigt!

The pearlescent gleam of these nails adds a delicate beauty to the set that everyone’s been raving about.

Pink Chrome

If the classic pearly white sheen isn’t for you, why not spice things up with a pink chrome instead?

You’ll get the same iridescent sheen under the light, but with a unique colour to catch everyone’s eye.

Pink French Tips

Credits: @cheriesnails_/Instagram

Emphasise that lovely pink base shade with more pink details! A classic French tip never goes out of style, but this subtle pink twist on the elegant manicure adds an extra pop of colour.

Rhinestone Details

Credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram

Add a bit of bling to your nails with a little rhinestone decal!

These nails have the same milky pink base that we know and love, with the rhinestones adding dimension and sparkle without going overboard.

Romantic Hearts

Credits: @heluviee/Instagram

These playful nails feature adorable red hearts to add some romance to your manicure. Go with a bright red shade to stand out against the pale pink glaze for an eye-catching tiny detail!

Subtle Details

Bejewelled Pink

Credits: @friskynails/Instagram

Featuring tiny crystals and silver shimmers, these nails resemble a sky full of stars. Your nails will twinkle under the light for a bit of added sparkle!

Sparkly Tips

Credits: @peachinails/Instagram

Spice up your French tips with shimmery silver polish, and top it off with a gem! These sparkling nails are elegant yet subtle, and they definitely won’t be a boring choice.

Cateye Hearts

Credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram

Cateye nail polish has us all in awe, and the recent heart nails trend is even more impressive!

Using just a safety clip, you can form these gorgeous hearts made with the magnetic sparkles of this amazing polish. Go with a delicate pink shade for a gentle and soft look!

Shimmery Glaze

Credits: @vivianmariewong/Instagram

You can never go wrong with shimmery nail polish on all of your nails for a fun and eye-catching manicure.

Plus, top it off with decals, like this rhinestone heart, to complete the look. After all, you can never have too much glitter!

Intricate Designs

Pretty Pearls

Credits: @tlnailsnspa341_corona/Instagram

Can’t get enough pearls? Use them as decoration all over your nails for a fun and elegant set. You can spread the pearls out randomly or form fun shapes like hearts on your nails for extra detail!

Balletcore Perfection

Credits: @nailsby.tiff/Instagram

This stunning set features pearls and ribbon details, perfect for the recent balletcore trend!

It even has hand-painted designs that are reminiscent of dainty pointe shoes and laced-up bodices, so your nails will exude the same elegance as a graceful ballerina.

Rosy Blush

Credits: @kawaiinailsnyc/Instagram

These nails combine the blush nail technique with the jelly nail trend, for a soft and rosy manicure.

They’re elevated by details like 3D gel and silver stickers for added shine, making the sweet manicure even more intricate!

3D Jelly

Credits: @gnal_yurim/Instagram

Take the cute jelly aesthetic all the way with these fun nails!

Featuring hand-sculpted 3D details, these fun nails exude youthfulness and playfulness. Check out the adorable peach and mochi-like spheres, along with the sweet pink shades!

Edgy Coquette

Credits: @nailsby.tiff/Instagram

Love the coquette aesthetic? You’ll want to try out these nails in a classic light pink shade, with silver and pearl accents.

The set even has 3D gel and pearly hearts, each exquisitely arranged for a dainty manicure.

Shades Of Pink

Credits: @phoebesummernails/Instagram

For a one-of-a-kind manicure, try out these stunning nails!

The French tip designs come in several different shades of pink to add a unique touch. Plus, they’re paired with gold stars and pink rhinestones, a truly magical combination.

Featured image credits: @nailsbyzola/Instagram, @nailsby.tiff/Instagram.