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Introducing Empath, the new wellness venture by influencer-turned-entrepreneur Naomi Neo.

Within a new chapter of wellness and while searching for beauty solutions herself, Naomi has unveiled a range of curated, genderless products that were made with everyone’s wellness in mind.

“I’m really excited to kick-start this new wellness journey. It took me an entire year to revamp, merging my last two brands nnpower and nnchanted together and now I present you; Empath, a reflection of my personal journey in this industry and an intersection of empathy, hence the name (‘NN’ is weaved into the Empath logo),” said Naomi.

empath naomi neo

If you’re a fan of celebrity- and influencer-owned brands, you’ll love this! Read on to learn more about the Empath brand, its wellness consumables and hair care products, and where you can purchase to elevate your own self-love mantras and self-care regimes.

About Empath

empath naomi neo

Founded by Naomi, Empath represents a holistic approach to wellness and encompasses skin, body, and haircare aspects.

Standing as a symbol of the transformative power of empathy and a testimony to Naomi’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance, the brand champions genuine self-expression and encourages individuals to embrace their true selves with confidence and grace.

“The wellness range is specially curated to ensure that consumers embrace and appreciate themselves from head-to-toe, and continuously practise self-care. Each item we put out is meticulously crafted to spark a transformative journey of self-discovery and self-acceptance,” Naomi shared.

The brand philosophy, ‘be brave, be you’, coupled with the power of a holistic approach towards self-care and wellness, reveals simple and sustainable ways to build a healthier, more vibrant you.

It’s all about being yourself, having compassion, and embracing your flaws and individualistic beauty — all of which echo the pinnacle of bravery.

For the Skin

Detox Jelly

empath naomi neo wellness brand

Designed for holistic vitality, the Detox Jelly is an innovative blend that harnesses the rejuvenating powers of organic kiwifruit, cassia seed, and red grape for a potent detoxifying experience.

Paired with a combination of antioxidant-rich carob bean gum and dietary fibres, this compact wonder enhances metabolism, nurtures gut and skin health, and fights toxins effectively. Plus, there are also cassia and agar components which contribute by blocking excessive fats and carbs.

This vegan-friendly wellness companion is incredibly easy to consume (as is or chilled) and works to promote healthy gut health, boost natural collagen production, revive your skin’s natural glow, aid hormonal balance, strengthen your immune system, and relieve bloating and constipation.

Empath Detox Jelly retails for S$72 (15 sachets), S$136 (30 sachets), and S$260 (60 sachets) at empathbeauty.com.

For the Body

Cocoa Shake

empath naomi neo

Find yourself missing meals due to your busy schedule? Empath’s meal replacement Cocoa Shake, a sublime blend marrying natural cocoa with Solae LLC patented soy protein, is crafted to offer you an unparalleled nutritional experience.

This nutrient-packed shake is enriched with essential vitamins and minerals — each 28g proprietary formula serving delivers an impressive 15g of protein!

It can also be taken as part of your meal for weight management support so that you’ll be fuller and consume less food overall, thanks to the controlled calories and hunger-curbing ingredients. Plus, it’s really easy to prepare (in seconds) and provides you on-the-go-wellness for your convenience.

Empath Cocoa Shake retails for S$75 (15 sachets), S$142 (30 sachets), and S$270 (60 sachets) at empathbeauty.com. Receive a complimentary shaker bottle with every purchase of cocoa shake.

For the Hair

Miracle Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner

empath naomi neo

Empath’s Miracle Haircare Duo features a shampoo and conditioner that is made in Korea and free of parabens and sulphates.

It’s also cruelty-free and infused with 100% premium ingredients. The shampoo consists of aloe, camellia sinensis, and argania spinosa, and is fortified with keratin, zinc pyrithione, for a truly refreshing hair-wash experience.

Meanwhile, the conditioner is amplified with hydrolysed keratin, silk, and luxurious oils like camellia japonica and argania spinosa to deeply nourish and strengthen each hair strand.

With each wash you can expect healthier, luscious locks and revitalised scalp health!

Empath Miracle Keratin Shampoo and Conditioner retails for S$45 (350ml) each at empathbeauty.com. There’s also a Miracle Twin Set where you can get two shampoos and conditioners each and a scrunchie at S$165 here.

Hair Booster

empath naomi neo

Grappling with hair loss issues? Empath has come up with an easy, consumable way to enhance your tresses’ vitality.

Infused with the vibrant essences of pineapple and lychee, this supplement is a powerhouse with collagen tripeptide and an extensive yeast-derived vitamin blend.

It’s also amplified with biotin, vitamin C, and many hair-loving ingredients to offer pivotal nourishment and foster radiant, robust hair.

This consumable has been formulated specifically for your body to absorb nutrients efficiently so that your hair receives the full spectrum of benefits for growth and strength.

Empath Hair Booster retails for S$70 (20 sachets) at empathbeauty.com. A Miracle Transformative Set which consists of one shampoo, one conditioner, a few sachets of hair booster, and a complimentary scrunchie is also available at S$155 here.

Where to Get Your Hands on Empath Goodies

Empath’s wellness products and consumables are all available on empathbeauty.com now.

Hear what Naomi has to say about her new brand in our TikTok below!


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