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From glazed donuts to Coke flavours, the number of things we can take inspiration from for our beauty products appear to be limitless.

In the world of makeup’s most adorable influence yet, social media users on Chinese apps have decided that this bunny’s tongue would make the perfect shade for a lip gloss.

You read that right.

Credit: @sacheu/TikTok

According to TikTok user @sacheu, everyone on Douyin and Xiao Hong Shu has been trying to shade-match this bunny’s tongue. The peachy-pink colour is undeniably perfect, and has garnered tons of love from users in the comments section.

“I would never think to look at a bunny’s tongue for shade inspo but it’s so gorgeous,” one user commented.

“A bunny tongue?? Bye that’s so cute,” another said.

Credit: @sacheu/TikTok and xxxxx_nb/Xiao Hong Shu

As shared by the TikToker, the closest shade of lip gloss that resembles the bunny’s tongue appears to be Sephora’s Outrageous Plump Lip Gloss in the shade #07 Pink Pout.

Priced affordably, the gloss features a “magnifying effect” to create shiny and voluptuous lips. They also come with a natural-looking tint, and leave a minty and cooling feeling.

Credit: @sacheu/TikTok and xxxxx_nb/Xiao Hong Shu

Sephora’s Outrageous Plump Lip Gloss in #07 “Pink Pout” retails for S$22 at Sephora.sg.

Following the hype surrounding this new lip trend, other creators on the platform have scoured the internet for more lip glosses that match the alluring shade.


A few of the most popular ones include NYX’s Professional Makeup Butter Gloss in the shade Crème Brulee, as well as Tower 28’s Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss in the shade Coconut.

These shades will not only give you the perfect pout for any occasion, but will leave you with lips as cute as a bunny.

Nyx Buttergloss in “Crème Brulee” retails for S$18.90 at Shopee, and Tower 28 Beauty ShineOn Lip Jelly Non-Sticky Gloss in “Coconut” retails for S$30 at Shopee

Featured image credit: 修鱼/Xiao Hong Shu and @sacheu/TikTok