Do you always seem to break out on that one certain part of your face, and the pimples keep coming back no matter what you do? There may actually be underlying reasons why you seem to be suffering breakouts only in that particular area. Hormones, diet, poor hygiene, stress, or an issue with an internal organ are all factors that could be behind this despicable phenomenon.

However, it is important to note that not all acne can be cured by simply doing away with bad habits. it is still best to consult with a dermatologist before embarking on any skincare treatment.

Pimple Location

Nevertheless, understanding what it might possibly mean when pesky pimples begin to appear on a certain part of your face is a good place to start.

We break down the possible causes of perpetual breakouts on various parts of your face, including pimples on your temple, forehead, chin, and more.

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1. Forehead

For those suffering from acne on the forehead area, try reevaluating your diet. London-based health and well-being expert, John Tsagaris, recommends staying away from junk food and soft drinks high in sugar if you keep getting zits on your forehead. It’s apparently a tell-tale sign that your digestive system is struggling to get rid of excessive waste products.

If you’re a chronic hat-wearer, the friction of the fabric could be to blame. It may also trap sweat and sebum from your face on your forehead area, which provides the perfect breeding ground for acne-causing bacteria.

The same goes for those of you who sport hairstyles with any kind of bangs. Your hair produces oil naturally, and this may be combining with the sebum on your face to cause more acne.

The pimples could also be a result of using excessively heavy hair care products like conditioners or treatments that may clog pores around the hairline.

In summary, an imbalanced diet, skin irritation, and accumulated oil and dust may make the skin on your forehead more susceptible to acne.

2. Temple

Two words: Drink up!

Pimples on your temples, the zone that falls between your eyes and your ears, may be a marker of dehydration.

Not drinking enough water can cause the oil glands at your temples to go into overdrive, leading to clogged pores and unsightly pimples.

You should also look out for other possible signs to determine what could be causing the acne on your temples. If there are also zits along your hairline, it could be a hair product that is causing your skin to act up.

Try to recall if you’ve just changed any haircare product at the onset of the breakout to eliminate the offending product.

In the case that the temple pimples are accompanied by other pimples along your sides of your face, the problem could be with your pillowcase. Pillow cases have to be changed regularly; every seven to 10 days, and more frequently if you introduce moisture to your pillow (if you sleep with wet hair or if you sweat when you sleep).

If you’re a side-sleeper and haven’t been regularly changing your pillowcases, you may want to look into correcting this problem and see if you observe improvement to your acne at the temple problem.

3. Nose

Scrub 1

We’ve all been there: sporting a big pimple akin to Rudolf’s big red nose. The nose is one of most common spots to develop acne, because pores in this area tend to be larger in size, which unfortunately means that they can clog more easily and lead to nightmarish, unsightly bumps.

For teens and young adults, acne here is most often associated with hormonal surges during puberty. For adults, it’s most likely due to a lack of vitamin A and use of bad cosmetics.

Check the expiry date of your go-to beauty products to make sure you aren’t putting expired ingredients on your skin and irritating it. Irritated skin is more susceptible to bacterial infections, which then leads to deep-rooted pimples that make anyone’s lives hell for a few days.

4. Cheeks

How To Take Care Of Skin While Wearing Mask Be Prepared To Deal With Acne Breakouts On Your Cheeks And Jaw

With acne that always seems to recur on the cheeks, stress to the respiratory system is usually the main cause, along with poor lifestyle choices.

Your respiratory system could be stressed by allergic reactions, poor air quality, and smoking (a definite no-no for your skin), but don’t get overly paranoid. Acne to your cheeks may also be prevented by cleaning your phone screens and makeup brushes more often than you already do.

These things are usually used everyday, especially those phone screens, so any bacterial build-up or irritants accumulated there can be a huge problem for the pores on your cheeks. Time to sanitise!

5. Chin

General Skin Concerns 2 1

Another common breeding ground for acne bacteria is the chin area. Pimples on your chin could be an indication of hormonal changes. Common causes include that time of the month and the intake of hormonal contraceptives.

Chin acne can also be caused by stress and/or lack of hydration, like being nervous or anxious, having bad sleep cycles, and drinking too much dehydrating liquids like coffee and alcohol, and not enough of water.

Also, make sure you’re not resting your chin in your hands when bored or tired, as this can transfer oils and dust from your fingers onto your chin, which can cause pimples.

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