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This Earth Day, the call for us to adopt a more sustainable way of life is loud and clear. If you’ve swapped out your single-use plastic straws and disposable food containers for reusable ones, you’re off to a good start.

However, there are many other ways that you can cut down on waste, with one big one being to reduce the amount of beauty product packaging you throw away (yes, beauty junkies, we’re talking to you).

refillable beauty packaging - plastic waste

Photo source: Naja Bertolt Jensen on Unsplash

Whether it’s empty lipstick compacts or skincare jars that have no more room on your shelves, beauty packaging that’s thrown away contributes to over 120 billion units of waste each year.

The good news is that more brands are creating refillable beauty products that allow us to stock up again on the skincare or makeup we love, without having to toss the casings.

refillable beauty packaging - sustainable

Photo source: freepik

It’s not the ultimate solution to our climate problem, but opting for refillable beauty products, especially when it comes to the go-to ones that we reach for time and time again, does make a difference for our planet.

So, to help you search for the right products to add to (and keep on) your dressing table, we’ve rounded up 13 refillable beauty products that you can consider this Earth Day.

Refillable makeup products in Singapore

Fenty Beauty Icon Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick

refillable beauty packaging - fenty beauty lipstick

These super creamy formulas in gorgeous semi-matte shades – from bold reds to soft neutrals – give you all the more reason to reach for a refill.

The refillable case comes in two beautiful shades, metallic nude and matte black. When you’ve finished your current shade (and you will, sooner than you think), simply twist the base of the case to remove the old bullet, then pop in the new shade and secure it with an easy click.

Whether reaching for brand new shades to switch up your style, or that same favourite shade to finish all your looks, you’ll surely be making the most out of your Fenty Beauty Icon Semi-Matte Refillable Lipstick!


  • Fenty Beauty Icon Refillable Semi-Matte Lipstick for S$34 on Sephora
  • Fenty Beauty Icon The Case Semi-Matte Lipstick for S$20 on Sephora

Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup Palette

refillable beauty packaging - make up for ever palette

What’s great about a refillable makeup palette, besides cutting down your beauty waste, is that it lets you customise the shades that you have with you all the time.

The Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup Palette is a sturdy and durable black compact that comes in sizes XS to XL. With the magnetic snap, you can fit as many one Artist Colour eyeshadow powder to a combination of four shadows and one Artist Face Colour refill inside the compact.

Yes, that means that you have full control over the matte and shimmery shades you have within the palette for your eyes, cheeks, and high points of your face!


  • Make Up For Ever Refillable Makeup Palette for S$4 on Sephora
  • Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow Refill for S$24 on Sephora
  • Make Up For Ever Artist Face Colors Pressed Powder for S$32 on Sephora or Zalora

Jill Stuart Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation

refillable beauty packaging - jill stuart

A sheer powder foundation that melts lightly into the skin for a natural, flawless finish, the Jill Stuart Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation comes in 10 shades to offer the perfect fit for your skin.

Bonus: it comes in a regal, refillable silver compact that’s complete with a Swarovski crystal latch, so you feel extra classy when you’re powdering your face during the day!


  • Jill Stuart Powder Foundation Compact AF (Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation Case) for S$21 on Sephora
  • Jill Stuart Airy Stay Flawless Powder Foundation (Refill) for S$43 on Sephora

Kjaer Weis Cream Blush

refillable beauty packaging - kjaer weis

Kjaer Weis’ award-winning Cream Blush deserves a place in our makeup bags not just because it’s refillable but also because it’s a super nourishing and lightweight formula that gives an ultra-natural flush.

The brand’s iconic case is a smooth, metallic edition that breathes ultimate elegance, and it’ll snugly house your Cream Blush refill that’s packed with hero ingredients like castor seed oil, jojoba oil, as well as rosa rubiginosa seed oil for ultimate comfort.


  • Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Makeup Compact for S$32.77 on Revolve
  • Kjaer Weis Cream Blush Refill for S$43.69 on Revolve

Alima Pure Cream Highlighter

refillable beauty packaging - alima pure

If you like a highlight that gives your face a soft, subtle shimmer instead of full-on shine, then the Alima Pure Cream Highlighter is one that you’ll adore.

Even with a buttery-smooth formula, the highlighter applies lightly onto the high points of your face and lends it a gentle glow. Reviewers like the tint of colour that it brings for a natural makeup look.

The highlighter comes only in two luminescent shades, rose gold and bronze, and can be refilled again and again for an ever-ethereal glow.

Shop Alima Pure Cream Highlighter for S$41.65 on Lazada.

KVD Beauty Lock-It Blotting Powder

refillable beauty packaging - kvd beauty

Finish off your makeup with KVD Beauty’s Lock-It Blotting Powder, a mattifying pressed powder that sweeps weightlessly onto the skin for a filter-worthy finish.

The powder comes in shades that suit from fair to deep skin tones, and can be refilled with a quick two clicks. The first click happens when you pop a thin stick into the hole at the back of the compact, which removes the old powder case, and the second is when you snap the refill right back into the compact!


  • KVD Beauty Lock-It Blotting Powder Compact for S$49 on Sephora
  • KVD Beauty Lock-It Blotting Powder Refill for S$29 on Sephora

Refillable skin and hair products in Singapore

The Powder Shampoo Strengthening & Soothing Shampoo

the powder shampoo strengthening & soothing shampoo

Meet our new favourite homegrown vegan haircare brand, The Powder Shampoo. It’s all in the name – this shampoo starts off as a powder, but when you add water to it, it transforms into a soft foam that lathers and cleanses your hair and scalp just effectively as liquid shampoos do.

The formula has deliberately left out water, which revolutionises the way we shampoo. Free of harsh sulphates, parabens, phthalates, and silicones, all four variants are formulated with plant-powered, naturally-derived ingredients and housed in aluminium bottles.

Its Strengthening & Soothing Shampoo is great for those with normal hair and a sensitive scalp. Enriched with sweet and zesty Grapefruit Essential Oil, it removes impurities like pollution, pollen, dust, and chlorine, while Licorice Root Extract stimulates hair growth.


  • The Powder Shampoo Strengthening & Soothing Shampoo (Bottle) for S$39.90 on The Powder Shampoo
  • The Powder Shampoo Strengthening & Soothing Shampoo (Refill) for S$35.90 on The Powder Shampoo

Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream

refillable beauty packaging - glow recipe plum plump

Searching for lightweight, non-greasy moisturiser to plump up your skin? Look no further than Glow Recipe’s Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream, a cloud-textured, whipped gel-cream that absorbs quickly into the skin, leaving your skin feeling supple and hydrated after.

The refill comes in a pod, so be sure to rinse and dry the container to prepare for the next generous portion of the Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream!


  • Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream for S$57 on Sephora
  • Glow Recipe Plum Plump Hyaluronic Cream Refill Pod for S$54 on Cult Beauty

Charlotte Tilbury Refillable Magic Eye Rescue Cream

refillable beauty packaging - charlotte tilbury eye cream with retinol

Rescue tired skin around your eyes with the Charlotte Tilbury Refillable Magic Eye Rescue Cream!

Housed in a beautiful clear glass casing with an elegant golden lid, the eye cream is designed to be a timeless addition to your dressing table. Purchase a refill pod after use, and you’ll get to keep enjoying the refreshing properties of the coconut oil and shea butter-infused formula.


  • Charlotte Tilbury Refillable Magic Eye Rescue Cream for approx. S$155 on Net-A-Porter
  • Charlotte Tilbury Magic Eye Rescue Cream Refill Pod for S$100 on Sephora

Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream

refillable beauty packaging - kora organic eye cream

Another eye cream that’s got glowin’ reviews is the Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream by Kora Organics! Made with vitamin C-rich ingredients like Cloudberry, and superfruit Kakadu Plum, the eye cream penetrates the skin to brighten as well as firm the delicate skin around the eyes. It’s even energised with rose quartz, for good vibes only.

Finished using the Kora Organics eye cream? You’ll surely be wanting a refill. The Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream Refill Pod can be slotted straight into the glass jar, and used right away.


  • Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream for S$79 on Sephora
  • Kora Organics by Miranda Kerr Berry Bright Vitamin C Eye Cream Refill Pod for S$66 on Sephora

OUAI Thick Hair Shampoo

refillable beauty packaging - OUAI thick hair shampoo

Instead of going through multiple bottles of shampoo, why not reuse one with the OUAI’s refillable Thick Hair Shampoo? It’s a shampoo that’s infused with marshmallow root, shea butter, and avocado oil to keep the frizz out of your hair, as well as keratin to strengthen your locks.

One bottle holds 300ml of shampoo, which you can conveniently refill with the Thick Hair Shampoo Refill Pouch that contains 946ml of product. Don’t worry though, because the refill pouch is designed with a cap that lets you reseal the packet until you need it again!


  • OUAI Thick Hair Shampoo for S$45 on Sephora (temporarily out of stock), or S$44.50 on Lookfantastic
  • OUAI Thick Hair Shampoo Refill (900ml) for S$89 on Lookfantastic

L’OCCITANE Almond Shower Oil

l'occitane almond shower oil

If you’re a fan of L’OCCITANE, then this product needs no introduction. This bestselling body cleanser transforms from a luxurious oil to softening milk that hydrates as it cleanses your skin, leaving it soft and lightly scented.

The brand has installed a Refill Fountain in their ION Orchard store, so you can bring your own L’OCCITANE bottle (which will be inspected for suitability by the store’s Beauty Advisors) or purchase an aluminium forever bottle at the store.

Simply visit the L’OCCITANE Refill Fountain store at ION Orchard #B2-39 for a top-up!

The Body Shop Shea Intense Repair Conditioner

refillable beauty packaging - the body shop

Head down to The Body Shop’s refill stations and you’ll notice rows of pretty aluminium bottles lining its shelves. They’re the bottles that you can use to fill up with your favourite shampoos, conditioners, and body gels from the brand; when they’re empty, all you have to do is bring them back for a refill!

There are different products that you can fill those reusable bottles with, depending on what refill station you’re at – but mostly you can pick from The Body Shop’s bursting-with-fruity-aroma shower gels, or signature Shea and Ginger hair products.

The Shea Intense Repair Conditioner is the perfect refillable for dry tresses. Formulated with rich ingredients like shea butter from Ghana, the conditioner intensely repairs hair prone to breakage and delivers a shot of moisture to your parched locks.

Visit The Body Shop’s refill stations at Ion Orchard and Plaza Singapura to get your refillable beauty products.