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There’s a reason why it’s called a makeup “routine” – we stick to what we feel comfortable with day after day, and it usually takes a lot of time for us to be willing to try something new.

It’s a comfort zone that most of us don’t even know about. Don’t think that eyeshadow looks good on you? Can’t find the courage to keep trying and practising with eyeliner? You’ll find yourself naturally shying away from these products when you see them along the makeup aisles.

Here at Daily Vanity, we believe in edgy beauty and daring to push our limits when it comes to all things beauty – although sometimes it takes a bit of tactful persuasion. We decided to challenge two girls from the Vanity Squad to try out a makeup product that they would never have otherwise picked up.

The one who thinks eyeshadow is too complicated for her

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 2

Meet Michelle. She is in the Daily Vanity business team. Her everyday makeup typically consists of base makeup, blush, and maybe a smattering of lip colour when she feels like it.

When asked about why she doesn’t do more eye makeup, Michelle demurs, “I don’t really know how to put on eyeshadow! It feels like it requires a lot of skill.”

Don’t worry, Michelle, we’ll be proving you wrong in just a bit.

Daring to try something new

After some rounds of tactful persuasion, we finally got Michelle to agree to try out her respective makeup “fear” for a whole work day. We guaranteed her that she will apply her own makeup to her own satisfaction, and that they won’t have to leave the room until they were 100% satisfied with the results.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 9

We got Michelle to first apply the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Primer. “This is surprisingly tacky,” she says as she rubs it on to her eyelids. We explain to her that the tackiness actually helps to hold on to eyeshadow pigment and extend the wear time up to 24 hours.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 10

Next, we gave Michelle the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Contouring Palette Blush Edition to use, since we’ve already confirmed that it’s beginner-friendly.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 11

Following some general instructions on what base shades and transition shades she should be picking, Michelle hesitatingly applies the eye shadow. Her confidence builds, however, as she goes on, and she does the entire eyeshadow look by herself!

Because she wasn’t confident of blending out her eye shadow properly, Michelle chose to go with a pink-coral colour scheme from the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Contouring Palette Blush Edition, which is undoubtedly one of the least intimidating colours to wear for those new to eyeshadows.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 6

While it may not be as dramatic as a smokey eye, the point we were going for here is to encourage Michelle to take baby steps into the wonderful world of eyeshadow, and if that means starting out with more natural colours, that’s totally OK.

Was it as hard as she thought?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 7

“My impression of eyeshadows has changed after that day. Applying them was not as hard as I had imagined, it was actually pretty easy!” Michelle exclaims. We feel like gratified parents at this point.

Would she wear it again?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Michelle 8

We now come to the cornerstone of the challenge: can we change Michelle’s mind about eyeshadow?

“Yes, I would!” Michelle says. SUCCESS!

During the work day, other colleagues who saw her with the eyeshadow on complimented her on it. “It’s quite different from your usual look, but it’s a good change!” said another member of the Vanity Squad when she spotted Michelle with the eyeshadow look for the first time.

“My friends, who saw me wearing eyeshadows for the first time, think that they look good on me, and they encouraged me to try out other colours!” Michelle says. “The pigment was so lightweight that I didn’t even feel any different through the whole day. It is my first time trying eyeshadow out, but somehow it doesn’t feel like it. I would certainly wear eyeshadow again after this!”

The one scared of drawing eyeliner

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 1

This is Kavya. She is one of the video masterminds here at Daily Vanity, and while she enjoys using base makeup and lipstick now and then, she typically avoids eyeliner.

“I just don’t usually put a lot of effort into my makeup routine, if I can even call it that,” says Kavya. “I don’t really like spending more than 10 minutes getting ready in the morning so I pretty much only wear foundation and lipstick.”

Things are about to change.

Daring to try something new

While Kavya has put on traditional kohl eye liner before, she usually has her mom to apply it for her. She has never tried applying eyeliner and this was her very first time.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 6

We gave her the Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precise Eyeliner to try out. “I like that this is really pointed and precise, which gives me a lot more control over what I’m doing,” says Kavya.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 7

Kavya actually does a pretty good job for her first time, nailing the winged shape in one take without much help or guidance.

We also got her to try on the newly launched Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara to complete the dramatic look. Kavya was already born with va-va-voom lashes, so the mascara served to make her eyes really stand out.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 10

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 8

Kavya already has large eyes with beautiful shape, but the eyeliner helps to add an extra oomph! to her facial features, and makes her eyes look even bigger and more defined.

Was it as hard as she thought?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 9

“I’ve always liked the look of eyeliners but I’ve never really bothered to try it because I thought it was a lot of effort, and I was lazy,” says Kavya. “Though my first time applying it was quite challenging, I think with practice I could master it in a few tries and it probably wouldn’t take too long.”

After cleaning up the edges a bit, we think Kavya’s first ever attempt at eyeliner passed with flying colours! The wing is on point, and the look really complemented the largeness of her eyes!

Would she wear it again?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Kavya 12

So what are Kavya’s final thoughts about her first foray into eyeliners?

Yes, I’d wear it again! It’d take a few more tries to get the technique right, but I’m willing to try. In fact, I’m planning to wear this eyeliner to a wedding I’m attending in a couple of days,” Kavya says.

The tears in our eyes!

Will you dare to try something new?

Are you anything like Kavya and Michelle, and want to get out of your makeup comfort zone the same way they did?

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set 2

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precise Eyeliner and the Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Primer now come in a limited edition packset that gives you two for the price of one.

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set 3

The Rimmel Scandaleyes Waterproof Micro Eyeliner Set retails for SGD16.90 (usual price SGD27.80) at all Rimmel counters and includes:

  • Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Precise Eyeliner (usual price SGD16.90)
  • Rimmel Magnif’eyes Eye Primer (usual price SGD10.90)

It’s two for the price of one!

Rimmel Scandaleyes Micro Eyeliner Set Mascara

The Rimmel Extra Super Lash Mascara retails for SGD16.90 at all Rimmel counters.

In the month of March, Rimmel is celebrating #GRRLPOWER with International Women’s Day. Make any Rimmel purchase above SGD20 and receive The Only 1 Lipstick free of charge, while stocks last, and also get 15% off all Rimmel brow products.

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