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You’ve probably fallen in love with rose gold lipsticks, rose gold highlighters, rose gold nail looks, and other rose gold beauty products Daily Vanity has previously featured. And if you, like us, have not got enough of it – a new rose gold facial mask has been launched!

Launched by Sonya Dakar, a brand well-loved by celebrities, the Rose Gold Radiance Mask is what shaking the internet these days. Sonya Dakar, the founder of the brand, is also the facialist of celebrities like Jennifer Lawrence, and is known for her products and treatments that give A-listers their red-carpet-ready glow.

Rose Gold Mask Sonya Dakar

This mask looks gorgeous – even magical – with its pearly, rose-gold hue that we’re sure you want to get your hands on just to add to your Instagram feed. But it’s not just an eye candy. The mask is infused with a cocktail of skin-loving ingredients such as jojoba, willow bark extract, hyaluronic acid, lactic acid and copper chlorophyllim (known for its antioxidant properties). What this means is that the mask is formulated for skin brightening, hydrating, and anti-ageing benefits.

And while it looks sparkly, you’ll be surprised that the brand says its ingredients are 100% naturally derived. Users who have tried it also say that it was satisfying and leaves skin glowing.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how it actually looks when applied:




How to use? Simply leave it on for five to seven minutes, then wash it away with warm water.

If you’re interested in some star-studded at-home treatment, you can get yourself a jar of Sonya Dakar Rose Radiance Mask at their website. It retails at USD68.