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Sailor Moon fans, this is definitely your year. You thought things couldn’t have gotten better with Sailor Moon lipsticks and even a Sailor Moon Prism Compact? You thought wrong. Because this year is the 25th anniversary of the iconic Japanese animated series, 90’s kids and Sailor Moon fans are being treated to wave after wave of these amazingly adorable Sailor Moon-themed makeup products that just hit us right in the nostalgic feels.

Watsons Taiwan has brought in an entire range of new Sailor Moon makeup, and it is glorious.

sailor moon makeup

Unfortunately, these are only available in Taiwan for now. Know anyone going there, or planning a holiday there yourself? This list is going to be indispensable for you to check out what Sailor Moon products you can’t miss out on. Alternatively, you can also check out Airfrov.com to see if any travelers are willing to help! (Psst, you can use DVSG10 when you check out to get SGD10 off if you’re a first-time buyer.)

1. Sailor Moon Holy Grail Blush

sailormoon makeup 2

At last, an actual holy grail makeup product? This was named after the Holy Grail used in the cartoon to transform Sailor Moon into Super Sailor Moon, so we can always hope it has the same effect on us mere mortals too!

After you’re done with the blush, you can use this as a gorgeous container for small items too!

2. Sailor Moon Moon Stick & Pink Moon Rod Blush Brush

sailormoon makeup 3

You can’t be Sailor Moon without her signature staff, the Moon Stick, or the Pink Moon Rod used by Sailor Chibi Moon. These are retractable brushes that come with caps, so you can definitely bring them around with you in your makeup bag. Also just imagine how much conversation this could instigate when you pull it out to touch up your makeup!

3. Sailor Moon R Miracle Romance Shining Powder

sailormoon makeup 5 copy

This is new and revamped luxe version of an older, 2013 release under the same name! The Miracle Romance Powder is a pressed compact that you can use as a setting powder to mattify your look or to help your makeup last longer. The powder itself is a glittery, pink tone that will give a dewy look toy our skin. Bonus: the powder has a “princessy floral” scent too.

4. Sailor Moon S Miracle Romance Cosmic Heart Cheek

sailormoon makeup 7 1

Another beautifully designed compact with in-laid gemstones on the cover! This is a more pink-toned blush powder, and comes with a mirror within. It’s even formulated with some great ingredients like hyaluronic acid, collagen and ceramides too!

5. Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Makeup Moisture Rouge

sailormoon makeup 8

Disguising itself as a pen, the Makeup Moisture Rouge is actually a beautiful pink lip colour that is buildable, so you can adjust the intensity of the colour according to the look you’d like to achieve that day! Its formula contains great ingredients like hyaluronic acid, shea butter, hydrolysed conchiolin (pearl extract) and grapefruit extract.

6. Sailor Moon Compact Shining Moon Powder Flat Style

sailormoon makeup 11 copy

This is an ultra-thin compact in the same Miracle Rouge line by Creer Beaute, that will fit right in to your travel makeup pouch! This is a blurring, soft focus powder to reduce the appearance of pores, and is meant to have a more translucent, natural finish. The shades available in the compact are ochre, natural ochre and highlight pearl.

7. Sailor Moon Prism Compactsailormoon makeup 12 copy

We were so excited about this product that we’ve written a whole article dedicated to this prism compact alone earlier this year! That beautiful embossed cover of the compact is irresistible!

8. Sailor Moon Communicator Lip Gloss

sailormoon makeup 14 copy

Walkie-talkies have never ever been cute, so Sailor Moon and her friends had to have a more visually appealing way of communicating with each other, and these compacts came to save the day.

You have the option of wearing them on your wrist with an included wrist band, just like Sailor Moon and friends! Although they don’t have actual communicating functions, they’re still here to save the day for your lips, as they are all extremely hydrating lip gloss formulas, and come in various shades too!

9. Sailor Moon Miracle Romance Liquid Eye Liner Moon Stick

sailormoon makeup 15

This Moon Stick eyeliner gives you the option of putting on or taking off the elaborately designed Moon Stick cap, so you can be sure that it’ll always be occasion-appropriate when you do decide to whip it out of your makeup bag.

10. Sailor Moon Face Masks

sailormoon makeup 19

These are moisturising face masks but the best thing about them is that they come printed with the face of your favourite character! Choose between Sailor Moon, Sailor Chibi Moon, or Luna the cat!

Check them out in video!

You absolutely need to see how gorgeous they really look. The pictures don’t do them justice!