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We’ve dressed our tresses in a multitude of Y2K hair accessories this season, and the go-to one as of yet – we’re riding the trends as they go – is the claw clip; the large teeth gather our loose locks into an elegant-looking bun, making it easy to match any outfit – and, of course, fit right in with every other Gen Z.

If you make us choose between wearing only claw clips or scrunchies our whole life, we’d be struggling to make a decision.

At first glance, scrunchies’ clumsy, puffy silhouettes lend to a messy, lounge style, but Korean stars have proven that this early 2000s hair tie can do tons more when it comes to elevating an everyday look.

From Blackpink Jennie’s tall half-up bun to Red Velvet Joy’s elegant low pony, we’ve rounded up the 15 best scrunchie styles spotted on Korean idols that’ll inspire you to don this hair accessory in a statement-making style.

Best Korean scrunchie hairstyles

The playful updo


Red Velvet’s Joy. Photo source: _imyour_joy/Instagram

There’s nothing quite as playful as a high ponytail.

And, if you don’t want your hair to look as slicked-back, the scrunchie is a great way to loosen up a regular pony style, thanks to its loose elastic and fabric, which gives a more relaxed vibe.

Sync up your basic fits with a high pony or even pair this tall hairstyle with a bold patterned top like Red Velvet’s Joy does with this leopard print blouse.

The performance pony

scrunchies (1)

Photo source: jennierubyjane/Instagram

When we say “performance pony”, we’re thinking of Ariana Grande’s iconic high ponytail hairstyle, which the singer wears either completely slicked-back or with a side-swept fringe out for a vintage glam style.

scrunchies (2)

Photo source: nayeonyny/Instagram

Unlike the everyday pony, the “performance pony” is neater, tighter, and higher, and gives feminine #girlboss vibes.

It’s no surprise that Ariana Grande isn’t the only star who wears this chic ponytail style. We’ve spotted K-pop idols wearing this updo with a cute scrunchie twist – just look at Blackpink’s Jennie and Twice’s Nayeon.

The top knot

scrunchies (23)

Photo source: betterlee_0824/Instagram

A high bun hairstyle is a practical way to keep your strands from sticking to your neck, especially in Singapore’s hot and humid weather.

But, better than that, it creates a vertical illusion, lengthening your neck’s lines and making your face look smaller.

The scrunchie-swept high bun is (partly) the reason for Na-eun’s elegant style, even when she’s wearing an oversized pullover and jacket.

Half-up sweetheart bun

scrunchies (24)

Photo source: _imyour_joy/Instagram

As Red Velvet’s Joy proves, a scrunchie is a perfect way to sync up all the colours in your outfit. She wears a cream-coloured scrunchie to match her white sweater, while the orange patterns on her pullover tie in with the bright pop of colour on her lips.

By sweeping her locks into a half-up sweetheart bun, she gets to switch up her style with a coloured scrunchie accessory whilst still showing off her hair’s length!

Half-up half-down

scrunchies (5)

Photo source: jennierubyjane/Instagram

If a half-up half-down hairstyle looks too “schoolgirl” on you, take your cue from Blackpink’s Jennie who uses a sophisticated silk scrunchie to elevate her look.

Silk’s smooth and shiny fabric effortlessly transforms the scrunchie from a casual, everyday hair tie into a statement-making accessory.

Half-up pony bangs style

scrunchies (6)

Photo source: dlwlrma/Instagram

The airy bangs (and an airy cut) are in season, so we can’t leave a sweet “half-up pony with bangs” ‘do out of our list.

scrunchies (7)

Photo source: _imyour_joy/Instagram

Since an airy cut’s feathery layers can be difficult to style if you’re rushing out of your house in the morning, easily tame your twisting locks with this half-up scrunchie hairstyle; you’ll get to spend a shorter amount of time focusing on just ironing out your bangs!

The towering half-up bun

scrunchies (8)

Photo source: jennierubyjane/Instagram

Don’t mistake the towering half-up bun for the half-up sweetheart bun we introduced earlier, because while the sweetheart bun is loose and loopy, the towering half-up bun perches high and tight on the head.

scrunchies (9)

Photo source: jennierubyjane/Instagram

A regal hairstyle that easily lengthens and slims your face, a towering half-up bun can be paired with a large scrunchie for added volume or, again, silk fabric for a ramped-up style.

The low half-up half-down

scrunchies (10)

Photo source: Pinterest

Beyond glamorous on-stage outfits, K-pop fans are often looking at #airportfashion – what idols are wearing when they arrive at the airport.

Well, fans caught sight of Blackpink’s Rosé wearing a low half-up half-down hairstyle – one of her favourites – with a light blue checked scrunchie, and we’re definitely taking inspiration from that.

The wrist accessory

scrunchies (11)

Photo source: lalalalisa_m/Instagram

Even on let-down-hair days, the scrunchie, slipped around the wrist, really has the potential to spruce up an outfit with a pop of vibrant colour.

Count on Celine ambassador and Bulgari representative, Blackpink’s Lisa, to show us how to wear a scrunchie on the wrist in luxe style.

Instead of Hermès iconic vintage silk scarves, she rocked the brand’s patterns in Gen Z fashion: on a scrunchie on her wrist, amongst other designer jewellery like B Zero bangles and a Bulgari Serpenti.

With its unique patterns and a bright fringe of orange, the scrunchie easily added a splash of colour to her otherwise monochrome ensemble.

scrunchies (12)

Photo source: jennierubyjane/Instagram

Blackpink’s Jennie is also no stranger to using a scrunchie to brighten up her outfit. What would have been a basic white top and blue jeans set up, she made her own by wearing a red cherry scrunchie on her wrist, coupled with other intricate details like a ribboned belt, blue stone ring, and pearl necklace.

scrunchies (13)

Photo source: _imyour_joy/Instagram

Red Velvet’s Joy, too, featured a welcome dash of colour in her otherwise black-and-white outfit by tying an orange cardigan around her chest and wearing a large pastel green scrunchie on her wrist.

Added length

scrunchies (14)

Photo source: _imyour_joy/Instagram

If a high ponytail boasts a playful vibe, then a low one whispers subtle elegance. Not to mention, a low pony gives added length to your tresses compared to a high updo, which means you get to flaunt your waist-long mane in all its glory.

Red Velvet’s Joy secured her low ponytail using a velvet black scrunchie and matched it with a velvet black headband too.

scrunchies (15)

Photo source: dlwlrma/Instagram

To show off maximum mane length in a cheekier style, take inspiration from IU, who tied her low pony with a large purple scrunchie, and left her fringe out as well as curled for a natural, messy look.

The large and loopy bun

scrunchies (16)

Photo source: _imyour_joy/Instagram

This deliberately messy bun style is the essence of the everyday scrunchie. Instead of twisting the hair into a bun, you’ll tie your hair almost like you would a ponytail: pull, pull, loop.

This relaxed scrunchie hairstyle isn’t even just reserved for stay-home study days; wear it with a fierce red lip and structured blazer, and you’ll be prepped and ready to strut the streets of Orchard Road in style.

The messy stay-home bun

scrunchies (17)

Photo source: dlwlrma/Instagram

When life gets tough, get snug with a messy stay-home scrunchie bun.

scrunchies (18)

Red Velvet’s Irene. Photo source: renebaebae

This hairstyle is our go-to when we need to get our hair out of our faces to research on best beauty products (we mean business) or slurp comforting hot ramen at the end of a bad day.

The lazy braid

scrunchies (19)

Photo source: roses_are_rosie/Instagram

For a lazy braid hairstyle, don’t feel bad about ditching a large, puffy scrunchie for a slimmer one, which will help you secure the thinner end of your braided hair with ease.

scrunchies (20)

Photo source: jennierubyjane/Instagram

Even though a scrunchie is an easy way to introduce new colours and patterns to an outfit, it doesn’t always have to take the spotlight; a braided hairstyle will take centre stage over a slim scrunchie instead!

The girl-next-door pony

scrunchies (21)

Jung Chae-Yeon. Photo source: Pinterest

The “girl-next-door” pony isn’t quite like the loose and low ponytail, especially when you’re gathering up your hair’s natural curls or Korean-style perm.

While an elegant low ponytail is secured by a scrunchie that touches the nape of the neck or perches even lower down the ponytail’s length, the “girl-next-door” pony has a scrunchie fastened tightly and not as low on the head.

You’ll look oh-so-sweet and approachable – it’s dreamy main character vibes in a romantic Korean drama.

The double trouble

scrunchies (22)

Photo source: miyayeah/Instagram

Spice up a quirky space bun hairstyle with colourful scrunchies that dial right into a celestial galaxy theme. That means swirls of colours and a little sparkle, or two mismatched pieces, just like how SUNMI wore them with her purple hair.

Best scrunchies to get

Revolution Floral Organza Scrunchie

scrunchies (28)

For a delicate and feminine Korean-style ‘do, you can’t do without the Revolution Floral Organza Scrunchies, which feature lovely flower details over sheer fabric!

Revolution Floral Organza Scrunchie retails for S$13.99 on ASOS.

Pieces Valentines Hair Scrunchies

patterned scrunchie

The perfect accessories for Valentine’s Day have got to be this trio of red and pink scrunchies from the Scandinavian brand, Pieces. The red heart patterns will add a pop of lively colour to a monochrome outfit or tie right in with a sweet red-pink look.

Pieces Valentines Hair Scrunchies retail for S$22.99 on ASOS.

Puma Scrunchies in Black and Leopard

patterned scrunchie

Pair Puma’s black or leopard-print scrunchies with a full-black evening dress, and you’ll be ready to hit a rooftop restaurant with your BFFs for cocktails at twilight.

Puma Scrunchies in Black and Leopard retail for S$20.99 on ASOS.

Easilocks Dream Hair Made Easi Slim Scrunchies

slim silk scrunchie

These pack-of-three slim scrunchies will easily secure a lazy braid hairstyle and fit over your space buns without covering them completely. The soft, silky fabric also adds elegance to your overall look.

Easilocks Dream Hair Made Easi Slim Scrunchies retail for S$20.99 on ASOS.

The Flat Lay Co. Scrunchie Set in Lilac Towel and Lilac Paisley

scrunchies (26)

Make a statement in scrunchie style with The Flat Lay Co.’s Scrunchie Set, which features two large hair ties, one in lilac with a towel fabric, and another in lilac, paisley, and with swirls of patterns.

You’ll get to wear a cheeky low pony like IU.

The Flat Lay Co. Scrunchie Set in Lilac Towel and Lilac Paisley retails for S$22.99 on ASOS.

Damson Madder Supersize Scrunchie in Red and Pink

scrunchies (27)

Another that’ll bring a punch of vibrant colour to your outfit, Damson Madder’s Supersize Scrunchie features red and pink stripes as well as fabric in billowing excess. You can also find scrunchie designs in yellow abstract floral and blue delicate flower patterns.

Damson Madder Supersize Scrunchie in Red and Pink retails for S$34.99 on ASOS.

South Beach Tweed Scrunchie

scrunchies (29)

So many Korean celebrities have donned scrunchies in checkered patterns, which is why we’re loving these tweed scrunchie pair from South Beach. The black and white scrunchies feature knitted details with a touch of shimmer to bring extra glam to your look.

South Beach Tweed Scrunchie retails for S$18.99 on ASOS.

Y.A.S Eye Mask and Scrunchie Set in Pink and Navy

scrunchies (30)

Out of the countless way to don a playful scrunchie, one of them is when you’re lounging at home and getting ready to go to bed. Y.A.S’ Eye Mask and Scrunchie Set will let you look extra cute even as you’re padding around the bedroom in your PJs.

Y.A.S Eye Mask and Scrunchie Set in Pink and Navy retails for S$12.84 on ASOS.

Liars & Lovers Textured Scrunchie in Brown

scrunchies (31)

Besides colours and patterns, scrunchies can also let you spruce up your style with unique textures. Liars & Lovers Textured Scrunchie in Brown says elegant and chic all at once.

Liars & Lovers Textured Scrunchie in Brown retails for S$11.77 on ASOS.

Shop more scrunchies from Shopee, Zalora, and Lookfantastic!

Featured image credit: _imyour_joy, dlwlrma/Instagram

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