Sephora X Stabilo Felt Eyeliner

If you’ve ever been a student, chances are you’ve owned a Stabilo highlighter at some point of your school life.

This is why it’s so oddly satisfying to see this collaboration between Sephora and Stabilo: a felt-tip eyeliner that’s inspired by the iconic Stabilo Boss Mini.

Sephora x Stabilo Felt Eyeliner: The details

It looks exactly like our favourite highlighter and it has an applicator nib with a sloping edge (just like the highlighter) to help you create different line widths.

If you remember how it was like using the Stabilo highlighter, with its nib, you’ll be able to create a fine and precise line (to underline with) and a thick line (to highlight with).

Sephora x Stabilo Felt Eyeliner: How to use it?

Here’s what Sephora recommends.

For a discreet line:
1. Use the thin tip of the nib to draw a thin line along the upper lash line
2. Stop just as you get to the outer corner of your eyelid, without creating a wing.

For a more dramatic effect:
1. Create a wing using the beveled tip flat (for a thicker line) on the outer corner of your eye
2. Use the thin tip of the nib to draw a thin line along your lash line
3. Finally connect the wing and the line

Sephora x Stabilo Felt Eyeliner: Where to buy it?

The pigment is said to be intense and long-lasting, and is available in four vivid shades: Ink Splash (black), Back To School (grey), Chocolate Break (brown), and Summer Holiday (blue).

Each of these retails for S$15 and is available at Sephora is having its Beauty Pass Sale now – which we, by the way, have some tips for you to shop smartly – so don’t forget to add this to the cart!

Here’s an inspo: we’re thinking that this will be perfect for creating those thick and bold eyeliner looks that we’ve been wanting to try. (Psst, go for Summer Holiday if you’re looking to recreate this!)

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