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While body hair is a natural thing, it can still make some of us feel self-conscious. If this is you, scheduling an appointment for Super Hair Removal (SHR) in Singapore might be the solution!

Touted as the upgraded version of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) therapy, these treatments tend to provide faster, gentler, and more effective results.

Read on to discover all the benefits of these treatments and the best centres in Singapore to get your hair removal needs taken care of.

How Does SHR Work?

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Selected low-energy light wavelengths are quickly pulsed into the skin 180 times per minute in SHR treatments. During this process, target hair follicles are gently heated and terminally damaged. To put it SIMPLY, that stops the hair from growing back.

The process goes by rather quickly. To achieve complete coverage, the applicator is repeatedly moved back and forth over the specified area as the low-energy light pulses into the skin.

Every treatment lasts anywhere from 15 minutes to an hour, depending on the surface area conducted.

Where Can SHR Be Done?


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The treatment can be conducted on virtually all areas of the face and body. Some common treatment spots include:

  • arms
  • underarms
  • legs
  • back and chest
  • face (above lips, nose, chin, cheeks, eyebrows, ears)
  • bikini line and intimate areas

Who Is a Suitable Candidate?

shr hair removal singapore

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Both males and females can undergo the hair removal treatment. Furthermore, the unique technique makes it suitable for all skin types. They can be done all round, and are suitable even for those who spend extensive amounts of time under the sun.

The treatment can be carried out for those with tanned and darker skin tones, as it operates on a lower heat setting than traditional IPL, decreasing the amount of heat your skin absorbs.

How Does an SHR Session Feel?

shr hair removal singapore

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SHR treatments tend to be painless compared to treatments using conventional IPL devices. Many of them also include in-built cooling systems, creating an all-round comfortable experience.

On areas with denser hair, you can rest assured that the warmth from light impulses evoked from the treatment are felt to a much lesser extent than laser or IPL treatments.

Best Clinics to Get SHR in Singapore

More FAQs on SHR Services

shr hair removal singapore

Does SHR Permanently Remove Hair?

By following your recommended appointments consistently (usually six to eight sessions), permanent hair reduction can be achieved. The exact results may vary depending on several factors, such as hormonal changes.

Following your first few changes, hair regrowth might be noticed. Hence, it’s important to head for follow-up treatments to maintain your results!

Are There Any Side Effects to Take Note of?

As some areas of your skin are more sensitive than others, slight redness might be observed after the treatment. It should disappear in a matter of hours, though for some, the intensity is greater, with redness lasting a few days.

As opposed to conventional methods, any light crusting will disappear within two to three weeks. While rare, any changes in skin pigmentation should vanish within four to six months.

What Is the Price Range of SHR in Singapore?

Depending on the region the treatment is being performed, the usual price of a session can cost between S$100 and S$300. Many places provide promotions, however, so keep a lookout for those on our recommended list of clinics!