It’s true, we’re not exactly known for skincare and makeup like South Korea is, but there are Singapore beauty brands that are worth pining over and are on the same levels as (or even higher than) international brands.

Some may say it’s debatable, but we think we’re not immortalised with a “truly 100% local” badge till we’re chomping on local delights, wearing pieces from local fashion labels, and shopping from local beauty brands too.

We know it sounds like a whole ordeal, but we’ve got to start somewhere to show just how proud we are of the remarkable brands that are born and raised right here on The Little Red Dot.

Read on to #supportlocal and find out more about eight amazing local skincare brands, their story and journey to today, and the popular products or services they have.

And in the spirit of patriotism, why not grab one or a couple of items from these Singapore beauty brands and celebrate the progression of our ever-flourishing country this National Day?

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  1. Evans Dermalogical

Evans Dermalogical

singapore beauty brands local skincare

Seeking high-quality, anti-ageing skincare at an affordable price range? This made-in-Singapore brand will fulfil your skin’s needs!

Established right here on our island over 20 years ago, Evans Dermalogical is a leading skincare brand that harnesses the power of nature to create anti-ageing products that rejuvenate the skin.

This leading homegrown brand has consistently put out luxurious and exceptional skincare treats that are trusted and raved by many in Singapore.

Other than their well-loved Vitamin C Serum range, the Diamond Tomato range is also as popular with the Diamond Tomato Collagen Mask with Dragonfruit taking home the title of Editor’s Choice for ‘Best Firming Mask’ in our Daily Vanity Beauty Awards 2023.

From the sweeping lavender fields in the south of France to the deserts of Morocco, the active ingredients in Evans Dermalogical’s products are specially selected for us to reap their full benefits.

Our pick:

15% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid

singapore beauty brands local skincare

Evans Dermalogical’s latest product which was launched this year is a renewed version with higher potency as compared to its predecessor.

The 15% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid is a triple antioxidant intensive serum that features resveratrol and 15% vitamin C (higher effectiveness than the 10% that’s found commonly in other products). There’s also 2% ferulic acid, which further stabilises and enhances the effects of vitamin C.

Known to bestow a natural and youthful glow to the face, this serum also promises to firm and lift the skin, protect against free radical damage, reduce dark spots, and visibly improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

This superior anti-ageing serum was rated 4.1 stars on Try & Review with over 170 satisfied customers seeing positive results on their skin. 66% of these users agreed that their pigmentation marks were lightened in 30 days!

15% Vitamin C Serum with Ferulic Acid retails for S$100.85 at Evans Dermalogical, Lazada, Shopee, and in stores at Unity, Watsons, and Guardian.

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  1. Ample Life

Ample Life

singapore beauty brands local skincare, singapore spa treatments

Born from a mission and conviction to provide a truly holistic approach to wellness, Ample Life bridges the gap between external beauty and internal health.

This local beauty brand believes that sustainable beauty can only be attained when the whole body is cared for, not just what can be seen by the naked eye.

Helmed by respected and established practitioners, each with over 25 years of experience in the beauty and wellness sectors, Ample Life’s founders have discovered the formula for a healthy body with their products and services.

With their vast wealth of expertise and knowledge in the beauty and wellness realm, Ample Life encourages us to embark on our wellness journey and mitigate the negative effects that modern-day bring onto our health.

Known as the oasis of holistic wellness, Ample Life also champions the notion of a revitalised body achieved through unblocked Qi and cleared meridian points that are maintained regularly.

Our picks:

Botanical Bust Enhancement Essence and Cream

singapore beauty brands local skincare, singapore spa treatments

Unknown to many, it’s crucial for one’s wellness to take care of the bust region since nine of the twelve major meridians pass through it.

Ample Life’s Botanical Bust Enhancement products have a new formula with active ingredients that are up to 30% more powerful. It also features a new strength hormone formula to promote fuller, firmer, and curvier breasts.

FDA-approved and paraben-free, this essence and cream duo is easily absorbed into the skin and contains a natural cream base and an essential oil complex to support the mammary glands for a healthier bust.

Botanical Bust Enhancement Essence and Cream set retails for S$288 instead of S$376 till October 2023 at Ample Life or via WhatsApp. First-timers can enjoy one free session of Maximiser BUST UP (20 minutes) at Ample Life Royal Square Novena after purchasing this promo set, while stocks last and with three months of validity.

2-in-1 Bust Meridian + Firming Therapy (45 minutes)

singapore beauty brands local skincare, singapore spa treatments

Other than facials and bust enhancement products, Ample Life also offers a myriad of bust therapies to cater to each individual’s condition.

The 2-in-1 Bust Meridian + Firming Therapy is personalised with different breast massage techniques, from seven in total, through a detailed consultation and physical bust analysis from their well-trained specialists.

This treatment nourishes and rejuvenates the breast region by clearing any blockage along lymphatic channels and activating the vital meridians and their acupoints. It also boosts immunity functions, reduces sore breasts, firms the bust, and may promote bust growth.

In just one session, you’ll have a perkier and fuller bust shape with better body wellness from improved lymphatic drainage. Satisfied customers have shared how they achieved firmer and fuller busts in three to six months with regular maintenance and therapy sessions.

2-in-1 Bust Meridian + Firming Therapy (45 minutes) is priced at S$298 per treatment. First-timers can enjoy the treatment at only S$168, valid till October. Consultation and physical bust analysis are required prior to the treatment.

Address: 103 Irrawaddy Road, Royal Square @ Novena, #02-19, Singapore 329566
Opening hours: 11am – 9pm (Mon to Fri) | 10am – 7pm (Sat) | 10am – 6pm (Sun and PH)
Contact: Call 6970 1155 / 6970 1157, WhatsApp 8726 5186 here, or email [email protected]
Website | Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Monica Chang - EPI-RX

Monica Chang – EPI-RX

singapore beauty brands local skincare

If the pairing of science and nature is your jam, you’ll love this homegrown brand’s exceptional and transformative products!

Founder and aesthetician Monica Chang, armed with qualifications from the Singapore College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, knew that harnessing the potency of plant extracts could be the key to addressing specific skin concerns that her clients faced.

Drawing from Monica’s holistic and botanical approach to skincare and her profound understanding of the intricacies of skin health, functional skincare brand EPI-RX was born.

EPI-RX’s team of dedicated skincare experts depend on their extensive knowledge to combine advanced technology, cutting-edge research, and the purest botanical extracts, vitamins, and minerals. Alongside the brand’s unwavering commitment to effectiveness and unparalleled quality, you get skincare solutions that fortify and empower the skin.

Meticulously made to target a range of skincare issues, from combating ageing and repairing imbalanced skin to revitalising tired complexions, EPI-RX’s products work synergistically with your skin’s natural processes to regain and maintain youthful, lasting radiance.

Our picks:

Dewy Moist Hydrating Mask

singapore beauty brands local skincare

A luxurious, deeply moisturising mask that delivers long-lasting hydration while restoring the skin’s barrier, the Dewy Moist Hydrating Mask is suitable for even the most sensitive of skins.

It’s formulated with a combination of eight types of hyaluronic acid (hyaluron-8 complex) for intense hydration and visible plumping effects. There’s also edelweiss callus extract, which is clinically proven to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Dewy Moist Hydrating Mask (5 x 25ml) retails for S$24 at and Shopee.

Invisible Shield EX

singapore beauty brands local skincare

This lightweight and brightening sunscreen gives a matte finish and delivers maximum protection while caring for your skin! Suitable for all skin types, it shields against UVA, UVB, IRA, and HEVL rays.

The Invisible Shield EX has phytoprotein from soybeans to nourish the skin and promote healing. Meanwhile, the cica extract present calms the skin, especially after exposure to sun and environmental stressors.

Aptly named, it’s also perfect for Singapore’s hot and humid climate since it’ll feel like nothing on your skin!

Invisible Shield EX (40ml) retails for S$49 at and Shopee.

Nia+ Skin Refining Serum

singapore beauty brands local skincare

Featuring 21% niacinamide (the highest in the market), this best-selling serum is a powerhouse at treating oily, acne-prone skin with rough texture and enlarged pores!

Other than smoothing the skin and minimising the appearance of pores, the Nia+ Skin Refining Serum also helps to calm inflammation, hydrate the skin, and support its barrier.

Better yet, it contains sytenol® A, a high-purity bakuchiol that’s clinically proven to reduce wrinkles and hyperpigmentation as efficiently as retinol without any negative side effects.

Nia+ Skin Refining Serum (30ml) retails for S$80 at and Shopee.

All EPI-RX products are also available in U-Scents’ physical store at 12 Jalan Klapa, Singapore 199324.

Chong Ka Wee – Kinohimitsu

singapore beauty brands local skincare

Enjoy the most effective healing processes and the best of health without inhibitions from Kinohimitsu’s range of dietary supplements, beauty drinks, and skincare products!

Founded in 1998 by visionary entrepreneur Chong Ka Wee, this homegrown functional beauty and wellness brand provides a holistic range of product offerings to cater to your beauty, health, and detox needs.

After recognising the growing demand for natural health and beauty products, Ka Wee banked on his belief in nature’s power and harnessed its benefits to innovate products that effectively improve our overall well-being.

Their brand name, “Kino” signifies trees or plants, and “Himitsu” means secret. Together, Kinohimitsu represents the secrets from trees, plants, and nature. It’s all about tapping into nature’s rich resources to bring wellness within everyone’s reach.

Whether you’re looking for solutions to tackle premature ageing, acne-prone skin, or digestion problems, you’ll find something suitable to help you along from Kinohimitsu’s array of 100% natural products.

Our pick:

Detox Enzyme

singapore beauty brands local skincare

If you’re in need of a good, natural, and quick detox, Kinohimitsu’s Detox Enzyme will do just the trick! Backed by scientific research and SGS tested, this delicious berry-flavoured detox drink will let you see results in two to four hours.

It contains roselle extract, aloe vera extract, and a multienzyme complex that has 75 types of fruits and vegetables. These highly efficient Detox Enzyme sachets are also incredibly convenient to consume and easy to bring along anywhere you go!

Among its near-perfect 4.9-star rating from 10.5k happy customers on Shopee are talks of how the Detox Enzyme has improved their digestive health and relieved constipation.

Other than that, this detox drink can also support optimal nutrient availability, help with weight management, and promote healthy skin.

Detox Enzyme (box of 30 sachets) retails for S$59.90 at Kinohimitsu, Shopee, Watsons, Guardian, FairPrice, iShopChangi, and personal care stores islandwide. Enjoy up to 32% off for a bundle of two. Check their website for exclusive deals this August in celebration of Detox Day.

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  1. T. Milky Way

T. Milky Way

singapore beauty brands local skincare, skincare device

Minimalism is still all the rage in today’s fast-paced world. This local skincare brand understands the value of time in our everyday lives, having curated the perfect hassle-free skincare routine with the key essentials.

Inspired by the pursuit of simple and efficient beauty solutions, T. Milky Way brings you products that deliver maximum results with minimum effort.

The “T” represents Tea, which is one of the organic ingredients found in their quality lineup. It also symbolises transcendence and translates T. Milky Way’s ethos in inspiring others to attain a quality life with great health, skin, and confidence through natural and organic means.

As avid supporters of organic and natural solutions, simplicity and sustainability are at the heart of everything this Singapore beauty brand does. Committed to providing only the most essential and effective products, you can expect organic ingredients that are carefully selected from the freshest and finest sources in New Zealand — minimising waste while maximising benefits for your skin.

Experience the power of less with T. Milky Way and let your natural beauty shine through when you embark on your journey to effortless and natural skincare!

Our pick:

Audrey – Infrared LED Mask

singapore beauty brands local skincare, skincare device

Meet Audrey, T. Milky Way’s first and flagship product, an infrared LED mask that’s designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule.

With just 10 minutes a day, this skincare device can slowly reverse the hands of time and let you achieve smoother, youthful-looking skin! Nearly 80% of their users have seen positive results in 90 days, with most seeing effects within the first month.

The Audrey – Infrared LED Mask treats the deeper layers of your skin where topically applied products are unable to reach. The infrared technology helps to improve blood circulation and ensure maximum absorption of serums applied.

singapore beauty brands local skincare

The cutting edge LED technology is all natural and can address various skin concerns one may have. Plus, there are seven LED lights to choose from for a specific treatment and desired result in your skin.

It helps to promote collagen production, smooth wrinkles and fine lines, tighten and lift the skin, lighten hyperpigmentation, stabilise sensitive skin, treat acne, and improve oil control from pores.

It’s also designed to protect your eyes from the LED light, allowing you to multitask and catch up on your favourite shows while your skin gets rejuvenated!

Audrey – Infrared LED Mask retails for S$490 at T. Milky Way and Shopee.

Phyllis Ong – CORI SKIN LAB

singapore beauty brands local skincare

CORI SKIN LAB believes everyone deserves healthier, more radiant skin. This local skin health biotechnology company uses science and nature to enable and nourish skin healing performance.

Founder Phyllis Ong, who is currently also the Group CEO of Armstrong Industrial Corporation, began her search for innovative solutions in the medical and healthcare space in 2016.

She invested in a homegrown biotechnology-based startup that was cracking the code for the ultimate biologically active collagen with a compatible scaffold to heal extreme skin burns throughout Asia.

“We opted for marine-derived collagen which would be more sustainable and inclusive than other types of collagen,” shared Phyllis. In 2019, the experienced team of scientists and engineers had a breakthrough and birthed CORI SKIN LAB’s very own proprietary biologically active marine collagen-based technology.

And in the company’s continual journey of harnessing medical-grade science, their highly effective proprietary formulation MaLIXR® was formed, which led to the creation of possibly the world’s best skin recovery and anti-ageing cream.

Our pick:

Advanced Repair Cream with MaLIXR Biotechnology

singapore beauty brands local skincare

The Advanced Repair Cream with MaLIXR Biotechnology is designed specifically for the tropical climate in South East Asia, where it’s pertinent to have a rich moisturiser that’s lightweight, fast-absorbing, and non-greasy.

Powered by essential ingredients from nature, including CORI SKIN LAB’s most potent and purest yield of marine-based Bioactive Native Collagen (BNC), this cream protects your body’s collagen and other proteins from the ageing processes.

It also works to detoxify skin cells and further stimulate collagen production, lending you a natural glow with diminished fine lines and wrinkles.

Since the product’s proprietary technology MaLIXR® supports your body’s natural ability to heal, you’ll see fuller, stronger, and more radiant skin from using this repair cream. Plus, it can be used on the lips, face, and neck.

Clinical studies have shown reduced irritation within a day and anti-ageing benefits (visibly reduced wrinkle depth and brown spots) in 28 days. More than 200 reviewers have also given this mighty skin recovery cream a five-star rating.

Advanced Repair Cream with MaLIXR Biotechnology retails for S$135 at CORI SKIN LAB and Lazada.

Christine Chen – The Moisturizers Co.

singapore beauty brands local skincare

With this local skincare brand, you’ll never have to worry about dehydrated or over-moisturised skin!

Investment banking compliance analyst turned beauty entrepreneur Christine Chen started The Moisturizers Co. as a side hustle till her new batch of products (a barrier-restoring face serum) sold out in a day on her website. That’s when she switched to building the brand full-time.

With a lot of hard work and determination, while juggling being a homemaker and caring for her young son, Christine worked with cosmetic scientists to create skincare that helps to rebuild, protect, and strengthen the skin barrier over time.

singapore beauty brands local skincare

This vegan and dermatologist-tested skincare brand creates clinically-proven products that target the root cause of compromised, sensitised skin. The array of skincare treats available is made with unique, sophisticated formulations fortified with barrier-restoring ingredients to help you achieve a healthy skin barrier.

The Moisturizers Co.’s well-loved products are also known for their delicate, lightweight textures that are suitable for even the most sensitive of skins and can withstand our sunny island’s hot temperatures. Just like their loyal customers, you can expect calmer, smoother, and more balanced skin without clogged pores after incorporating their products into your routine.

“I hope by sharing my story as a homemaker and business owner, I could inspire more women to step into their power, be confident, persevere, take on life’s challenges and shine together; whoever you are and whatever you do. Shine your light brightly for all to see,” says Christine.

Our pick:

PURE+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum

singapore beauty brands local skincare

The Moisturizers Co.’s bestselling product and noted as one of the best hydrating serums for all skin types, the PURE+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum is supercharged with proprietary skin-boosting technology to fully enhance the performance of moisturisers that follow.

This serum is led by high-grade hyaluronic acid that can quickly increase the skin’s moisture levels by drawing and holding water in.

It also features six barrier-restoring ingredients (aloe, glycerin, niacinamide, Bulgarian rose, centella asiatica, and saccharide isomerate) to reveal skin that’s more hydrated, dewier, and plumper.

PURE+ Hyaluronic Acid Serum retails for S$88 at The Moisturizers Co. and Shopee.

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  1. Daniel Low - Nu-Factor

Daniel Low – Nu-Factor

singapore beauty brands local skincare

The ultimate solution for a healthy glow, Nu-Factor infuses natural ingredients into their skincare line to create gentle yet effective products that nourish and protect your skin from within.

From the delicate greens of sprouts to the profound minerals sourced from the depths of the ocean, this local skincare brand carefully infuses ingredients into their products to unveil the dewy brightness in your skin.

Nu-Factor is one of the many in-house brands successfully developed by global enterprise Biocomm, which was founded by entrepreneur Daniel Low through his ambitions of enhancing the quality of life with the power of bioscience.

And just like all of Biocomm’s favoured brands, Nu-Factor has affordable skincare products of the most pristine standards, both manufactured and lab tested in their in-house facilities.

Their stringent protocols ensure that every product leaving the facility is of the highest standards and delivers outstanding results — leaving no room for compromise when it comes to quality.

This homegrown brand is dedicated to bringing you a premier skincare range amplified by the abundance of nature and that’s free of alcohol, parabens, and phthalates, making it suitable even for those with sensitive skin.

Our pick:

PM 2.5 Deep Cleanser

singapore beauty brands local skincare

Ever wished you had a cleanser with collagen restoration properties? Among Nu-Factor’s Essential Series is a powerhouse cleanser that’s a perfect match for all skin types across all ages.

For the uninitiated, PM 2.5 is a hazardous and microscopic airborne pollutant that wreaks havoc on the skin by causing pigmentation issues, destroying collagen, speeding up ageing, and stimulating free radical production.

And in countering these detrimental effects, Nu-Factor has dreamed up a product that fights PM 2.5 and cleanses the skin properly. One key ingredient that sets PM 2.5 Deep Cleanser apart is infused collagen, which moisturises and penetrates deep into your skin to maintain its structure.

The result? A plumping effect that enhances your skin’s elasticity, giving you a younger and fuller appearance without pesky crow’s feet, fine lines, and wrinkles!

singapore beauty brands local skincare

Unlike your run-of-the-mill cream cleansers, Nu-Factor’s gentle cleanser is packed with amino acids and free of soap and SLS/SLES. Its fine, rich, and dense foam unclogs pores and removes excess oil production without stripping your skin of its natural moisture.

The invigorating PM 2.5 Deep Cleanser is also formulated with potent antioxidants and a natural blend of botanicals to prevent grimy urban pollutants from latching onto the skin while it works to combat blemishes and premature ageing.

PM 2.5 Deep Cleanser retails for S$41.80 at Nu-Factor, Shopee, and Lazada.

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