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We’ve long awaited the second season of Single’s Inferno, the Korean dating show that surprised us with a refreshing slower-paced look at dating and romance in its first season, especially when compared to other saucier series like Too Hot to Handle.

In this second season, attractive singles, again, gather in “Inferno”, on an uninhabited island in the south of Korea, and decide who they want to pick to go on a romantic rendevous in “Paradise”.

Fans have already started gushing over the attractive female cast in this season, which includes it-girl Shin Seul Ki, Harvard student Nadine Lee, and former Miss Korea Choi Seoeun. Since Song Ji-a set the bar high in the previous round of heart-racing dates on and off the island, if there’s one thing to note about looks this season, is that they don’t fall short.

With the help of TikTok creators who’ve kept a close eye, we’ve rounded up nine makeup and skincare products used by the stunning singles in Single’s Inferno 2!

Nadine Lee

single's inferno 2 beauty products (1)

Photo source: deeenerss/Instagram

Nadine Lee, 23, is a third-year pre-med student at Harvard University, which is why she’s the definition of beauty and brains on Single’s Inferno 2. She studies neuroscience at the ivy-league university and has goals to pursue surgery in medical school after she graduates.

Even though describes herself as having a cold and honest personality, we think she’s down-to-earth and really kind too.


Single’s Inferno – Lee Nadine (Ep.1 All clips) LEE NADINE 💚🤍 #singlesinferno #singlesinfernoseason2 #koreanshow #datingshowkorea #leenadine

♬ original sound – Haru.xntal – Emaymaya29

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte

single's inferno 2 beauty products (2)

Nadine was seen primping up with the Laneige Neo Cushion on Single’s Inferno 2.

The Laneige Neo Cushion Matte is a lightweight cushion foundation that’s housed in a distinctive curved turquoise compact – the reason why TikTok user @hazelnutlatttey was able to spot the makeup product on the show.


The foundation’s light and breathable formula is comfy on the skin and resistant to transfer, which means that it’s perfect for wearing under your mask on the way to the office!

LANEIGE Neo Cushion Matte retails for S$66 on Sephora and S$28.07, at a 27% discount, on Shopee.

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry

single's inferno 2 beauty products (3)

The Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry is a cult favourite for providing a surge of moisture to dry, chapped lips, so they become irresistibly supple by the time you wake up.

The mask is infused with a nourishing blend of shea butter, murumuru butter, vitamin C, and coconut oil, which is why you get to kiss even the crustiest of lips goodbye with this formula!

Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask in Berry retails at two for S$60 on Shopee.

Park Sejeong

single's inferno 2 beauty products

Photo source: jennonpark/Instagram

Model Park Sejeong, 26, said she came onto Single’s Inferno looking to meet someone who’s as hot as she is and she’s a fitness fanatic who does tennis and weight training to keep in tip-top shape.

Many fans say that she resembles Korean star Bae Suzy – an easy reason we’re squinting extra hard to find out what makeup products she uses on the show.


I swear everyones sleeping on this hottie💌 #parksejeong #singlesinferno #parksejeongsinglesinferno

♬ BIBI Vengeance – BIBI

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Skin Nuder Cushion

single's inferno 2 beauty products (4)

Park Sejeong was sighted using the JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Skin Nuder Cushion in Single’s Inferno 2!

Korean brand JUNGSAEMMOOL’s Essential Skin Nuder Cushion is a cushion foundation that offers a light and silky finish, which is ideal if you’re hoping to keep your skin looking like skin.


Replying to @thsara_ph #greenscreen I can recognize it from a mile away…. #singlesinfernoseason2 #sejeong #jungsaemmool #bbcushion #koreanmakeuplook #koreanmakeupproducts

♬ original sound – sharon

TikTok creator @helloimsharon, who caught sight of Sejeong holding the compact as she lounged on her mattress, said that it’s her personal favourite too. She uses this foundation in place of her tinted moisturiser, which means that it’s one that’ll surely give you a subtle, soft skin glow.

JUNGSAEMMOOL Essential Skin Nuder Cushion retails between S$23.65 – S$25.91, at 61% off on Shopee.

Too Faced Sweet Peach

single's inferno 2 beauty products (5)

In one scene where Sejeong was putting on her makeup whilst chatting, TikTok creator @heydodee noticed the Too Faced Sweet Peach eyeshadow palette on the table just in front of the single.

The Sweet Peach palette doesn’t just look super cute on the outside (think little pop-up peach designs over an ombré pink to orange metal case), it also has a versatile range of shades that are suitable for everyday-wearable looks and nighttime glamour.


Thoughts on her? Also how is the show translated in your country because it’s so cringe in french 🤭 #singlesinferno2 #sauvequipecho #netflixkr #koreandatingshow #parksejeong #parksejeongsinglesinferno #jungsaemmool #cushionfoundation #koreanbeautyproducts #kbeauty #toofaced #sweetpeachpalette #솔로지옥2 #쿠션 #정샘물

♬ –

Find light beige, brown and pink hues to swipe onto your lids during the day, as well as shimmery green and purple colours that’ll let you flaunt a sultry style when evening hits.

Too Faced Sweet Peach retails for S$56 on Selfridges. Shipping fees are £25 (approximately S$35.75).

Shin Seul Ki

single's inferno 2 beauty products (6)

Photo source: shinseulkee/Instagram

The popular it-girl of Single’s Inferno 2, Shin Seulki has so many of the guys head-over-heels and lining up to date her as the singles find their way to “paradise”.

Described by the hosts as “very Korean” in appearance, “innocent”, and “elegant, Seulki wasn’t boasting when she said that most people tend to like her back when she shows an interest in them.

Rom&nd Bare Juicy Lasting Tint

single's inferno 2 beauty products (7)

For really irresistibly juicy lips like the sought-after single, reach for Rom&nd Bare Juicy Lasting Tint, which was spotted on her bedside table in Single’s Inferno 2.


♬ –

The Juicy Lasting Tint is a lipstick, lip gloss, and lip tint all in one, boasting natural-looking pinkish and purplish hues and a tantalising syrupy finish.

Shin Seul Ki looks like she might have worn one of the four shades from the “Bare” collection: #22 Pomelo Skin, #23 Nucadmia, #24 Peeling Angdoo, and #25 Bare Grape.

Rom&nd Bare Juicy Lasting Tint retails for S$14.77 each on Shopee.

AESTURA AtoBarrier365 Cream

single's inferno 2 beauty products (8)

Shin Seul Ki might not have spent that much time in the sun-seared “Inferno”, but how she kept her glass skin looking oh-so-dewy while she was there was with this Korean product seen on her bedside table: the AESTURA AtoBarrier365 Cream.


♬ –

The AESTURA AtoBarrier365 Cream is a highly hydrating moisturiser that works to strengthen a dehydrated skin barrier and form a moisture shield over dry skin. Bursting with ceramide, cholesterol, and a fatty acid complex, the cream will turn your parched skin into a plump, supple complexion!

AESTURA AtoBarrier365 Cream retails for S$26.65 on Yesstyle.

Choi Seoeun

single's inferno 2 beauty products (9)

Photo source: 4x4ischoi/Instagram

Former Miss Korea Choi Seoeun, 28, is confident about being “natural” and able to “create a relaxed vibe” no matter who she’s speaking to.

She introduced paddle boarding and meditating (on a paddle board) along Korea’s Han River in the summer as her hobbies. And, even though she’s got a naturally low-toned voice, she said that she switches to a more high-pitched tone and is “more cutesy and affectionate” when talking to a guy she likes.

Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Pact

single's inferno 2 beauty products (10)

Wear the same powdery, filter-worthy finish that Choi Seoeun flaunts on Single’s Inferno 2 with the Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Pact!


A queen 👸🏻 These #koreanbeauty products are great AND super affordable, highly recommend all of them if you haven’t tried them yet! | #singlesinferno2 #netflixkr #choiseoeun #koreandatingshow #sauvequipecho #koreanmakeupproducts #artclassbyrodin #toocoolforschool #cliocosmetics #etudehouse #솔로지옥2 #최서은 #투쿨포스쿨 #투쿠ᄅ #에뛰드

♬ –

The Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Pact is a mattifying pressed-powder pact that locks makeup into place whilst blurring out pores and fine lines on your face – giving you a soft-focus complexion. As it also absorbs the skin’s excess sebum, those with an oily T-zone will benefit most from this good-for-skin setting powder!

Too Cool for School Artclass by Rodin Finish Setting Pact retails for S$19.44 on Shopee.

Etude Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Longlash

single's inferno 2 beauty products (10)

Etude’s Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Longlash is no secret amongst Korean beauty junkies, but since Choi Seoeun used it on Single’s Inferno 2, it’s earned an elevated must-have status for sky-high lashes.

Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Longlash is a clear mascara that’s to be coated evenly over the lash strands pre- and post-regular mascara to fix the inky black pigment into place and further lengthen the lashes.

The clear formula hardens around the lashes so that your curls hold in place all day long – it’s no wonder Seoeun’s eyelashes survived from start to finish!

Etude Dr. Mascara Fixer for Super Longlash retails for S$6.04 on Shopee.

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara

single's inferno 2 beauty products (10)

Pair an honest personality with Bambi-like lashes, and you’ll be one step closer to modelling after gorgeous Choi Seoeun on Single’s Inferno 2. The sweet single’s lashes are as beautiful as they are thanks to CLIO’s Kill Lash Superproof Mascara, which TikTok creator @heydohee recognised on Seoeun’s makeup table.

The secret to killer lashes is none other than this soft gel formula that can be easily shimmied onto every strand using the slim curved brush. When you’re done, your lashes will stay fixed in longer and bolder curls – no clumping or smudging too!

CLIO Kill Lash Superproof Mascara retails for S$23.92 at Watsons.

Featured image credit: singlesinferno_tv/Instagram

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