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SkinCeuticals is a skincare brand well-loved by fans for its clinically-proven efficacy. It is born from decades of skin cancer research that led to pivotal breakthroughs in antioxidants, with high potency formulas concentrated in pure actives.

If you have not seen this brand before at common retail points like shopping malls, that is because SkinCeuticals is mainly used by dermatologists, plastic surgeons, and medi-spas to complement aesthetic procedures. Hence, the brand was only sold at limited retail points.

However, ardent fans of SkinCeuticals will be happy to know that the brand has just opened its first-ever flagship counter in Singapore. Located at Tang Plaza in Orchard, buying SkinCeuticals products has just become a lot more convenient for frequent users, as well as for those who have always been curious about this highly-raved brand.

Skinceuticals Flagship Counter Tangs Orchard

Here are three highlights you can look forward to when you visit SkinCeuticals’ flagship counter:

1. Receive a complimentary skin analysis

Skinceuticals Flagship Counter Tangs Orchard Skin Analysis

Understanding your skin type and skin concerns is not quite as simple as we believe it to be. For example, you may believe that we have oily skin because you see that your cheeks get very oily easily. A deeper analysis, however, may actually uncover that you have dry skin instead!

In order to accurately identify the type of skin you have and in turn the necessary products to use, SkinCeuticals is offering a complimentary skin analysis with the state of the art LED SkinScope when you visit their flagship counter. This SkinScope machine lets you view your face under different lighting conditions to easily pinpoint problematic areas, such as accumulation of dead skin cells and oily/dry spots.

After getting a better understanding of your skin, Beauty Advisers will be on hand to recommend suitable products for your skin type, as well as to resolve any pertinent skin issues. This is very helpful for people who are new to skincare and are looking to build a new beauty regime, or for those who realise that they have been using the wrong products for their skin after the analysis.

2. Easily identify a product for your skin needs

Skinceuticals Flagship Counter Tangs Orchard Product Layout

Most of us can agree that shopping for skincare products at a retail store can be very time-consuming, especially when you are not familiar with the brand and are overwhelmed by all the products available.

SkinCeuticals has eliminated this problem by creating a merchandising layout that is simple and straightforward. Instead of spending time searching high and low all around the counter, it takes just one glance at this shelf for you to find the exact products that you need. You will find that all the products are clearly classified by category and skin type.

Let’s say you want to shop by skin problem and are looking for products that moisturise and correct acne: you can just look at two shelves to see which products fit the bill. This certainly makes our skincare shopping experience so much easier and faster!

If you are new to the brand and want to try their best-sellers, and or are a fan who always repurchases their top favourites, simply head to the best-seller counter to find these products. These are SkinCeuticals’ must-try products, and you can test all of them at the flagship counter to see why the brand has remained the one of dermatologists’ top choices for more than two decades.

Skinceuticals Flagship Counter Tangs Orchard Bestsellers

Be sure to check out their newly launched Glycolic 10 Renew Overnight as well – it’s been clinically proven to improve skin radiance by 36% in just 8 weeks, with results from as early as two weeks onwards!

Skinceuticals Flagship Counter Tangs Orchard Glycolic 10

3. Try out and purchase products used by professionals in premium aesthetic services

Skinceuticals Flagship Counter Tangs Orchard Products

SkinCeuticals products are widely used in aesthetic treatments by medical professionals, and now you can enjoy the same product efficacy at home when you purchase them from the brand’s flagship counter.

For example, the Phyto Corrective Masque is commonly used in aesthetic clinics to effectively reduce visual redness and discomfort after laser treatments. It is also very effective in intensively soothing skin after sun exposure and windburn from winter activities, making this a must-have for people who travel often, or for those who are often exposed to the strong sun.

If you have just finished clinical procedures and want to find something that can reduce the downtime and discomfort without having to keep going back to the clinic, you can also purchase these SkinCeuticals products easily. Just pop by their counter in Tangs Plaza, and you are all-set for your pampering session at home!

SkinCeuticals Flagship Counter is located in TANGS at Tang Plaza (Tangs Beauty Hall, Shop 33, 310 Orchard Road).