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Starbucks Korea seems to have the coolest products, including a meaningful and starry collaboration with BTS, and a line of strawberry drinks.

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스톤브릭 + 스타벅스 Cherry Blossom Play Kit? ⠀ 스톤브릭에서 립 스틱스 1개와 아이섀도우 스틱스 1개 구매 시, ☕️체리블라썸 리미티드 피규어 (라떼잔 or 벚꽃나무 택 1) ?립 스틱스와 피규어를 부착할 수 있는 브릭 플러그와 ?섀도우까지 부착할 수 있는 브릭 팔레트도 증정 ⠀ + 스타벅스에서 체리블라썸 음료 2잔 마시면 스톤브릭 립밤 or 립스틱스 랜덤 1, 스타벅스 피규어 1, 브릭 플러그가 담긴 콜라보레이션 기프트 증정 (소진 시까지 / 일부 매장은 이벤트 제외) ⠀ 스톤브릭과 스타벅스 키트를 함께 콜렉팅! 나만의 체리블라썸 플레이 키트를 완성해보세요!✨ ⠀ #스톤브릭 #stonebrick #colorplay #컬러플레이 #buildyourcolors #빌드유어컬러스 #stonebrickcherryblossom #체리블라썸 #스톤브릭_스타벅스 #스타벅스

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They seem to have done it again, only this time it’s a free Cherry Blossom-themed Stonebrick lipstick with any two takeout orders of Starbucks’ Cherry Blossom drinks! Check out the two wearable Spring-ready shades below.

This collaboration with Stonebrick, a brand that is known for its Lego-inspired products, means that the lipsticks also carry the signature block-like packaging. We love how its pale exterior is dotted with Sakura petals. Plus, it comes with an adorable bespoke Starbucks figurine!

However, the cute Cherry Blossom packaging seems to only be limited to Starbucks Korea’s customers only, and would be near impossible to get in Singapore. The good news is, Stonebrick also has the shades in their online store (albeit without the Cherry Blossom exterior), and it comes in a kit, with an eyeshadow and a mini figurine! Here’s a closer look at the shades, and how to get them.

starbucks x stone berry coral make

Starbucks x Stone Berry Milkshake (501)

starbucks x stone berry milkshake

Starbucks x Stonebrick Coral Make (310)

The first shade, Milkshake, is the more popular of the two, and is frequently sold out due to its natural and rosy colour that will suit any wearer. You can also try Coral Make!, a brighter and edgier pink that’ll look great on deeper skin tones, or if you just need a pop of colour on your face.

The kit retails at Stonebrick for about SGD27.68, although they currently don’t ship overseas due to issues with customs. Instead, wait for the situation to tide over, or try your luck with services like Airfrov to catch these adorable lipsticks on sale while you can!

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