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We already know Taiwan for its mouth-watering street snacks and hospitality of its people. But did you know that there’s also a bustling beauty industry in Taiwan?

If you’re planning a trip to Taiwan, add these beauty products to your to-buy list. They include products that even locals swear by, so you know they’re the real deal!

Everyone knows that Taiwan is a haven for mouth-watering street snacks and numerous other food options. But did you know that there is also a bustling beauty industry in Taiwan? The spotlight on Korean beauty products may have hidden the Taiwanese market from view, but here are 10 beauty products that even locals swear by – that’s how you know they’re good.

1. Miss Hana waterproof eyeliner

miss hana eyeliner

Photo: @x.xskin_care / Instagram

It’s made it onto a number of Taiwanese beauty talk shows, including the popular 女人我最大 (Queen), so you know there’s a hype around it.

This eyeliner comes in four shades (two matte, two glittery) and is said to be budge-proof even on the oiliest of eyelids. Despite its longevity, removing it at the end of the day is a breeze if you use a makeup remover for eyes.

Where to buy

Miss Hana products are available in several beauty stores in Taiwan. You can also get it online at Shopee for S$13.50.

2. Bonanza Cosmetics gel mask

bonanza mask

Photo: @eve___chin / Instagram

A product that most Taiwanese know and swear by, this is a line of masks with seven variants and two sizes.

The most popular ones are theZymo-excitative Membrane KFM (blue jar) and Active-Moisture KUM (purple jar), which focus on whitening and hydration respectively.

While you might be able to spot these online, your safest bet is to get them in person when you go to Taiwan because these are so popular that they have spawned counterfeits on the market.

Where to buy

Bonanza Cosmetics gel masks are available in most Taiwanese beauty stores. It is also available for S$52.90 on Shopee.

3. Heme Baby Q silicone sponges

heme baby q sponges

Photo: @po_mrs / Instagram

An easy-to-clean, zero-wastage, and cheaper alternative to the Beauty Blender? This silicone applicator claims to be the next big thing in makeup application, providing several benefits over traditional blending sponges.

After the original sponge that took the beauty world by storm, the brand has since launched even more versions, featuring other cute expressions in its design.

Where to buy

The Heme Baby Q sponge is available in beauty stores in Taiwan. It is also available at S$7.90 on Shopee.

4. Pearl powder

This is a more traditional “secret” beauty ingredient that dates back to thousands of years ago. If the great grandma of your gret grandma says it works, it probably does, right?

Pearl powder is rich in amino acids and calcium, and can be consumed directly. Otherwise, mix some pearl powder with rose water to create your own hydrating mist or use the powder as finishing powder after makeup. Many beauty enthusiasts also add it to toner to create a mask.

Where to buy

Most traditional Chinese medicinal halls carry pearl powder. It is also available for S$16.50 on Shopee.

5. Dr. Douxi Essence of Eggshell bar soap

This Taiwanese gem is a cream-based bar of soap that is used as face wash.

Containing eggshell and silk proteins, this mild cleanser is touted as the solution to any anti-ageing concerns you may have. It also moisturises and repairs your skin while ridding your skin of impurities in 15 seconds. Talk about a multi-tasker!

Where to buy

Dr. Douxi products are available in most Taiwanese beauty stores. It is also available for S$20.90 on Shopee.

6. L’Herboflore eye masks

These eye masks are uniquely shaped to adhere snugly around the eye area so as to properly nourish it. Ingredients such as tetrapeptide, sorghum extract, trehalose, hyaluronic acid, and sodium hyaluronate ensure that your peepers are well-pampered and ready to take on the day.

Where to buy

L’Herboflore eye masks can be purchased in Cosmed stores in Taiwan.

7. 1028 Visual Therapy makeup

1028 Visual Therapy

Photo: @ohfishiee / Instagram

1028 Visual Therapy is a Taiwanese makeup label created by Xiao Kai, a Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist.

The products here are designed for the Asian consumer in mind and is often considered one of the best entry-level brands to consider for beauty enthusiasts who are budget-conscious. You’ll also love that 1028 Visual Therapy’s products include skincare ingredients so that they can improve your skin’s condition over time.

Where to buy

1028 Visual Therapy products can be found in selected Watsons stores and other beauty stores in Taiwan. It is also available via different merchants on Shopee.

8. Melvita floral waters

melvita floral water

Melvita came to Singapore and departed, which left many Singaporean fans pining for its products, especailly its bestselling floral water. There are six to choose from and they’re super well-loved because they can be used as a toner or a spraying mist.

If you miss the French brand, you’ll be happy to know that there are still several Melvita outlets in Taiwan. You’ll be able to find everything from from face care and hair care to fragrances and body care product.

Where to buy

They have multiple stores in Taiwan and you can locate them here. You can also buy two bottles of the floral water at S$39.90 (that’s 60% off!) on Shopee.

9. Daughter Toner

daughter taiwan beauty

This Taiwanese brand is all about quality skincare products that are genuine and free from marketing gimmicks.

Many love their clean and sustainable concept as well as understated packaging.

If you’re trying it for the first time, consider its toner, which is said to be very hydrating.

Where to buy

Daughter products are available at its online store; international shipping is available.

10. Ettusais eye makeup


Affordable, skin-loving Japanese brand Ettusais may have left Singapore for a while now, it’s still available in Taiwan.

The brand has rebranded since you last saw it in Singapore and is now known for its French-Japanese makeup style and fuss-free skincare.

Most recently, they have launched a line of eye makeup that has received great reviews online. You can consider them if you are intending to shop for Ettusais products.

Where to buy

Ettusais is available at most leading beauty stores in Taiwan, including Watsons. You can locate the stores here. It is also available on Shopee.

11. Naruko skincare products

naruko taiwan

Photo: @_yunchaoo / Instagram

Started by Taiwanese celebrity skincare guru Niu Er, Naruko products are made with natural ingredients and are loved for offering great quality at low prices.

It has several skincare ranges under its stable, but the brightening and anti-acne ranges are probably the most well-loved among the rest.

Where to buy

Naruko products are available in Watsons in Taiwan. They are also available in Singapore on Shopee.

12. Kate Tokyo eye and brow makeup

kate tokyo

Kate Tokyo has left Singapore, and some of us haven’t gotten over it yet.

Known for products to create the chic girl look, Kate Tokyo has several outstanding products, including its eyeliner and brow pencil.

Where to buy

Kate Tokyo products are available at beauty stores such as Watsons in Taiwan. They are also available in Singapore on Shopee.

13. Solone Mini Beauty Class brow razors

salone brow razor

While Taiwanese beauty brand Salone is well-loved for many products, including its makeup removers and mascaras, one of the most raved about products by them is their brow razors.

They come in a pack of three and are said to be precise and easy to use.

Where to buy

These razors, along with other Salone products, are available in Watsons in Taiwan.