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It’s not the first time a beauty trend on TikTok gets blown up and netizens go wild over it. And the latest flaming hot beauty look is the “cherry coke” hair.

Also referred to as black cherry hair, this new dyed hair look is reminiscent of a glass of fizzy cherry Coke — a black shade with red, burgundy, or violet undertones.

Remember black cherry lipstick? We’d be lying if we said we didn’t see black cherry hair coming after all the hype there was for Clinique’s Black Honey lipstick and Revlon’s Super Lustrous Lipstick in Black Cherry.

Interestingly, the actual Cherry Coke drink itself is for those with an acquired taste, but the lipstick shade is versatile and works for anyone with any skin tone. There’s just something about that deep, juicy red that leaves you needing the colour coated all over your lips.


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How did the “cherry coke” hair go viral?

As simple as it is, it all started with a filter on TikTok. In the midst of trying out new filters on TikTok and possibly because people were bored at home, netizens were toying with the idea of a vastly different hairstyle or colour.


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The TikTok filter identifies your hair and colours it in shades of red in the “cherry coke” spectrum. You can even tap the screen to make it lighter or darker so that you can decide which specific red shade suits you best.

cherry coke hair

Credit: Pinterest

Although, it seems like a huge part of why the “cherry coke” hair is so popular is because of how stunning everyone looks with the colour.

Or maybe it’s the appeal of being a redhead, the so-called “unicorn” of the human world, where countless strange myths have surfaced over the years about how redheads age better.

Why do we love the “cherry coke” hair?


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If red lipsticks were already universally flattering and eye-catching, imagine what a full head of “cherry coke” hair can do for you.

The gorgeous hair colour has been a popular shade since before and during the early aughts. Stars and celebrities have appeared on red carpets with bright copper red hair. Even the iconic Rihanna rocked “cherry coke” curls in 2010!

tiktok cherry coke hair

Credit: Pinterest

Now, red tones for hair are back and enjoying their time in the spotlight (including auburn and apricot tea colours). We see it dominating our social media and being worn by influencers and celebrities alike, including Keke Palmer and Megan Thee Stallion.


I already had partial highlights from the summer so I asked my hairdresser for a glaze along with a refresh on my layers! 2-3 parts violet to 1 part red might do the trick :) #chocolatecherryhair #cherryhair #darkhair #hairtransformation #haircut #layers #browngirl #hairtok #blowout

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Pair all that with the still ongoing surge of the Y2K and ’90s comebacks, the “cherry coke” hair is dominating our minds and is certainly a hairstyle worth considering.

This bold look is not for the faint-hearted (all the “it girls” and queen bees are on the bandwagon already), but we assure you that the colour can match any and all skin tones, especially if you have brown skin or warm undertones.

How to get “cherry coke” hair?


Of course, you can choose to DIY your “cherry coke” look with regular hair dyes that you can readily get in stores. There’s even a handful of tutorials available on TikTok for you to refer to.

if you have naturally darker hair that’s not bleached at the moment, you may want to seek a professional or colourist since it could be harder to achieve that stunning, fierce deep red without a base break, hair bleach, or toner.

Bonus tip: Go the extra mile and sport a full-on “cherry coke” vibe by using matching colours for your lips, blush, or eyeshadow. You could even incorporate the fruits themselves into your makeup look, like how Hayley (@hayleybuix) did here. What’s better is that you’ll know for sure that it’ll be made with 100% natural ingredients.

Feature image credit: @alysilverio/TikTok, @audriee_m/TikTok