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‘For damaged hair’ is a generic term that most brands slap onto their labels, but what happens when we don’t see the expected results?

We all know what damaged hair looks like: dry, rough, dull, frizzy, and lifeless. What we may not know and fail to practise is how there are the right products to treat specific damaged hair concerns.

Even if you stay away from harmful hair dyes or styling tools for most of your life, your tresses may still reveal signs of damage from daily wear and tear or stressful life events.

Concerned? Read on to decipher your damaged hair type and the most versatile and well-celebrated haircare range to bring some shine and bounce back into your locks!

tsubaki shampoo and conditioner to repair damaged hair

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Types of damaged hair

Split ends

split ends damaged hair

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The one thing that can’t be revived no matter how hard you try…split ends are when the ends of your hair strands are split into two or more heads (like the Greek mythology’s Hydra).

It can also occur when your hair shaft feels rough because of little microchips. At this rate, your hair’s in a seriously weak state and tangles a lot more too.

The quick and long-term solution is to chop them off, whether you decide to cut a significant length of your hair off or get a trim every two months. Meanwhile, for temporary solutions, reach for serums that contain polymers and can fill any microchips or mend split ends.

Colour damaged hair

colour damaged hair

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If you’re not colouring your tresses with organic hair dye, there’s no going back from damaged hair unless the colour or bleach grows out completely.

When that happens, dry and damaged hair can manifest faster due to the bleach, chemicals, and developers used, especially if you’ve textured or curly hair.

So, other than approaching the right hairstylists to keep the integrity of your hair in check, it’s essential to indulge in hair masks and deep conditioning treatments more often.

And of course, always use colour-safe products as the wrong shampoo can over-life hair cuticles and cause loss of moisture or the dyed colours to fade.

Chemically damaged hair

Chemical treatments like perms and relaxers can strip your hair of its natural oils and lead to breakage. That means increased hair fall and unruly frizz that makes your locks a lot harder to manage.

In such cases, once your hair fibres are compromised, it can’t be fixed or healed. The best defence would be to prevent any further damage by avoiding hairstyling habits that could make your hair worse or by keeping to a weekly deep treatment routine consistently for four to six weeks.

You can also look for haircare products that reinforce hair cuticles and create bonds with the proteins in the hair, which protects the cuticle from excessive stress that could lead to more damage.

Heat damaged hair

It’s hard to stay away from heat styling tools, but if you skip the heat protectant, you may find your hair becoming dry, rough, frizzy, and without any natural shine.

Heat dissembles the structure of hair cuticles and breaks apart the precious keratin content found within, making your hair weaker and more vulnerable to split ends and breakage.

Try not to use heat daily, choose an appropriate heat setting for your hair texture, and find a product with thermal protection with ingredients that are activated by heat to protect hair strands.

Thinning or hair loss

Since damaged hair is incredibly fragile and prone to breakage, ignoring your frizzy, unhealthy hair may eventually lead to thinning hair, bald spots, or increased hair fall.

It could be a result of stress, medication, postpartum, dandruff, psoriasis, nutritional deficiencies, allergic reactions, underlying hormone issues, or more. It can also be due to weakened hair and follicles from taut braids and tight ponytails.

Whatever it may be, if you’ve realised that your damaged hair products aren’t working, you may be using the wrong products.

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Tsubaki Premium Repair range: a trusted brand for treating all types of damaged hair

type of damaged hair, tsubaki repair range products

Itching for a comprehensive and effective solution? Tsubaki, the leading haircare brand in Japan, offers three haircare ranges that serve as ultimate choices for all kinds of damaged hair.

Since its inception in March 2006, Tsubaki has continued to deliver high-quality products that are specially curated for Asian women’s hair to empower them with feminine allure through healthy hair.

type of damaged hair, tsubaki repair range products, salon-quality hair

A prominent haircare provider in Singapore for over 10 years, one of the many reasons why Singaporeans love the brand and its fine products is the ability to achieve salon-quality hair at home with no waiting time.

Meaning to say, you can definitely target your damaged hair regardless of its state and revitalise your locks without heading to the salon and spending a lot more for a hair treatment with results that’ll only last a few weeks.

Plus, based on the Daily Vanity consumer report in 2023, Tsubaki is at the top as the most trusted haircare brand in Singapore.

It’s powered by camellia oil, Japan’s best-kept beauty secret

type of damaged hair, tsubaki repair range products, salon-quality hair

With a key focus on cutting-edge salon treatment and technology, along with its core ingredient, camellia flower oil, which is infused with first-rate Japanese craftsmanship, Tsubaki aims to bring out the confidence of all women through beautiful hair that’s entirely attainable.

The rich camellia oil used in their products is essential for replenishing moisture while restoring shine and elasticity for hair.

After all, ‘Tsubaki’ is Japanese for camellia and countless glowing reviews have proven that we can put our trust in the ingredients and the brand’s damaged hair products.

It contains Golden Repair Ingredients

type of damaged hair, tsubaki repair range products, salon-quality hair

Credit: @tsubaki.kr/Instagram

Other than the almighty camellia oil that can give your hair elasticity and a lustrous shine, the Tsubaki Repair range is also filled with a slew of other beneficial ingredients.

These nourishing ingredients that help to seal hair cuticles include glycerine, soy protein, pearl protein, amino acids, and royal jelly — some of which are highly raved ingredients in skincare products too.

The result? Bouncy, shiny, and silky-smooth hair that’ll give you plenty of compliments!

It has a unique Damage Sensor Function

type of damaged hair, tsubaki repair range products, salon-quality hair

Another amazing feature that the Tsubaki Repair range has is its ability to smartly detect only the damaged parts of your hair inside and out.

Once that happens and the product gets to work, you’ll notice results with just one use and hair that’s repaired instantly. With regular use, your tresses will either be restored to their former glory or made even better!

Plus, with this Damage Sensor Function, you won’t have to worry about overloading your hair with nutrients that cause stiff, greasy hair, which you can find happening in most damaged hair products on the market.

It’s fueled by an unprecedented Ionic Repair Function

type of damaged hair, tsubaki repair range products, salon-quality hair

This first-of-its-kind function, only present in the Premium EX Intensive Repair range and Repair Mask, works to repair split ends and unevenness from deep within each hair strand.

To maintain smooth, damage-free hair, the Ionic Repair Function utilises positive ions to balance out negative electrical charges in the damaged hair shaft.

You won’t be experiencing unruly and unmanageable tresses when your hair’s protein bonds are reinforced and shaped to be stronger from within.

Which Tsubaki Repair range is right for you?

Now that you understand more about the different types of damaged hair and which ones you have, let’s look at the recommended and most suitable Tsubaki Repair products for you!

Tsubaki Premium Volume & Repair Range: For flat and weak hair

tsubaki premium volume & repair shampoo and conditioner

Damaged hair or not, if you’re looking for an added boost and some volume, this repair range is the pair for you, especially if you have thin hair or hair that’s prone to breakage.

Best for those with damaged hair caused by heat from hairstyling and chemical treatments, the Volume & Repair range can help to instantly repair weak, oily, and limp hair into bouncy, voluminous locks.

Based on a consumer test, 80% noted that their hair had less breakage after a day of using the shampoo and conditioner.

Tsubaki Premium Volume & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner retails for S$21.90 each at Watsons, official Tsubaki by Fine Today stores on Shopee and Lazada, Welcia-BHG, NTUC FairPrice, and Don Don Donki. There’s currently a 10% discount offered on Shopee, at the time of writing.

Tsubaki Premium Moist & Repair Range: for dry and frizzy hair

tsubaki premium moist and repair range shampoo and conditioner

Credit: @tsubaki.kr/Instagram

If you’re looking to transform your dry and tangled tresses into moisturised and smooth locks, this range will get you there!

It can tackle split ends, dry and unruly hair, and rough and dull hair, leaving you with manageable, shiny hair from the roots to the tip.


In love with the new Tsubaki Premium Moist & Repair Range. I’m able to achieve salon quality hair with zero waiting time and my hair smells amazingg throughout the day 💖🧖🏽‍♀️Not to mention that Tsubaki helped my dry and frizzy hair looking smooth & glossy 🥰 Tsubaki’s Latest Innovation, upgraded with “New Damage Sensor Function x Golden Repair Ingredients” for double repair of hair surface & its deep layers. It helps you to get glossy & bouncy hair that you can see & feel immediately after daily care 🫶🏻 #ForRichlyLustrousHair #TsubakiMY #TsubakiMalaysia #MoistRepair

♬ lovers rock (sped up) – ciaffa & Leox

A consumer test research on Asian females who used both the shampoo and conditioner together revealed that 96% agreed the Moist & Repair Range repaired, tamed, and smoothed their rough and unruly hair. Meanwhile, 96% felt their hair became more moisturised and thought the products were gentle to their scalp too.

Tsubaki Premium Moist & Repair Shampoo and Conditioner retails for S$21.90 each at Watsons, official Tsubaki by Fine Today stores on Shopee and Lazada, Welcia-BHG, NTUC FairPrice, and Don Don Donki. There’s currently a 10% discount offered on Shopee, at the time of writing.

Tsubaki Premium EX Intensive Repair Range: For severely damaged hair

tsubaki damaged hair repair range

Lastly, before you turn to cut off your damaged tresses, have a go at the Premium EX Intensive Repair Range, which is made to repair severely damaged hair.

If your locks have been through extensive heat from styling or chemical treatments without rest, this nourishing shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask works to lend you glamorously smooth, glossy, and healthy hair!

These haircare essentials and treats are also the only Tsubaki products with the remarkable Ionic Repair Function that’ll give you a head full of reinforced hair follicles that won’t break or fall off as easily.


Get salon-effect hair at home with no waiting time with this Tsubaki Premium EX Intensive Repair Hair Mask! Watch the video till the end to see the amazing result! Super happy that my hair is now super smooth, silky and shiny with healthier look! Check out the promotions at the different retailers at Watsons, NTUC FairPrice, Welcia-BHG, Don Don Donki, or Tsubaki Official Store on Shopee and Lazada. #tsubaki #tsubakisg #premiumrepairmask #hairmask

♬ No Love (Instrumental) – АДЛИН

Tsubaki’s consumer test research showed amazing and promising results with 92% finding their hair healthier than before with repaired damage and 94% agreeing that their hair was smooth and manageable after one use.

Tsubaki Premium Ex Intensive Repair Shampoo and Conditioner retails for S$21.90 each at Watsons, official Tsubaki by Fine Today store on Shopee, Welcia-BHG, NTUC FairPrice, and Don Don Donki. There’s currently a 10% discount offered on Shopee, at the time of writing, and an Ex Intensive Repair set with the shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask is available for S$65.70 at Lazada.

Tsubaki Premium EX Repair Mask: For severely damaged hair and healthy hair maintenance

Tsubaki Premium EX Repair Mask

Of course, we can’t forget Tsubaki’s best-selling and highly raved hair mask and its limited-edition Pink Camellia counterpart. Thanks to its Rich Innovative Permeation Technology, the beneficial camellia oil and royal jelly ingredients are able to reach deeply into the hair and lock in all of the nutrients.

You’ll also be pleasantly surprised by its immediate nourishing results and sustained effects that are likened to quality salon treatments.

Better yet, unlike traditional hair masks and just like Tsubaki conditioners, there’s zero waiting time which means you won’t have to wait the usual 10 to 15 minutes before washing the product away with cold water.

The Tsubaki Premium Ex Repair Mask retails for S$21.90 at Watsons, the official Tsubaki by Fine Today store on Lazada, Welcia-BHG, NTUC FairPrice, and Don Don Donki.

Refills for shampoos and conditioners from all the Tsubaki Repair ranges are also available for purchase.

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