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Makeup is an art that requires great tools in order to create a masterpiece, which is why we are always on the hunt for the best makeup brushes  – and so should you!

In this article, we give you the lowdown on Wayne Goss brushes and share what’s worth your penny:

So, who is Wayne Goss? What is the hype around his brushes?

Wayne Goss1

For starters, Wayne Goss is a famous makeup artist and beauty vlogger from the UK. His name should ring a bell with most beauty junkies, especially those who enjoy camping on Youtube to watch makeup videos.

With more than 15 years of experience in the beauty industry, Wayne Goss has gained more than 3.5 million fans who flock to YouTube channel for his transformational makeup tutorials and candid product reviews.

Why did he decide to create his own line of brushes instead of a makeup line, like most of his peers? As he puts it succinctly:

“It was always about the brushes. I’ve been one of those people… that throughout my career, who said that it’s much better to have a really good brush and cheap makeup than it is to have really expensive makeup and a poor brush.”

Driven by his belief that everyone should have access to top-quality tools, Wayne Goss set out to create a line of makeup brushes that would meet his rigorous standards: luxuriously soft, durable enough to last a lifetime, and handmade in Japan by the world’s best brush-makers.

The result? Brushes well-loved by other top beauty bloggers and Youtubers, such as Karima McKimmie.

In fact, the line was so successful that the collection sold out in the first minutes after launching online, and the limited edition Holiday Brush accumulated a 12,000-person waiting list before release.

The CEO of Beautylish also described Wayne Goss brushes as one of the best-sellers site-wide, beating even the more established brand names!

I’m sold. Where can I buy Wayne Goss brushes in Singapore?

Wayne Goss Brushes

Excited to get your hands on some of these babies already? Hold your horses – unfortunately, Wayne Goss doesn’t have any boutiques or counters in Singapore yet.

Currently, Wayne Goss only released this brush line in collaboration with Beautylish, which is headquartered in San Francisco, so that’s the only website where you can buy his brushes from.

But here’s the good news: Beautylish ships to Singapore!

Now you can go ahead and order all the Wayne Goss tools you need for a gorgeous you, right here!

Which Wayne Goss brushes should I look out for?

Now that you’re ready to shop, look out for these tools that are said to be the best Wayne Goss brushes that all beauty enthusiasts should own.

Brush 2 Powder Brush

Wayne Goss Brush 2 Powder Brush

This is the best-seller in Wayne Goss’ brush collection, and for good reason. Brush 2 allows you to apply any type of powder product like a pro with its soft-as-silk bristles. Its uniquely-tapered, uncut natural bristles disperse powders evenly, and make manoeuvring around the curves and contours of the face a breeze.

Price: USD35, available here

Brush 11 Buffing Brush

Wayne Goss Brush 11 Buffing Brush

As a makeup artist, Wayne Goss is popular for his buffing technique. How does he achieve it? By using this brush, of course!

With its plush, undyed bristles and dome-shaped design, Brush 11 sweeps any product — be it cream blush or setting powder — over foundation without disturbing it. You can expect perfectly blended, as-good-as-airbrushed results with this brush – sweet!

Price: USD 48, available here

Brush 12 Sculpting Brush

Wayne Goss Brush 12 Sculpting Brush

Another one of Wayne Goss’ personal favourites, the Brush 12 claims to take the guesswork out of sculpting and shaping your face. The cashmere-soft, undyed bristles and custom-shaped design add definition and dimension to the planes of the face in a simple sweep, so contouring and highlighting don’t have to be so difficult to master.

Price: USD 53, available here

Brush 15 Fan Brush

Wayne Goss Brush 15 Fan Brush

If you have a gripe against other brands’ fan brushes and never found one that you love, look over here.

Unlike others on the market, Wayne Goss designed Brush 15 with dense, white bristles and a smaller brush head for better control and colour payoff. You can now master difficult techniques such as precise powdering, hairline contouring, and draping with blush, thanks to this precise tool.

Price: USD 25, available here

Brush 16 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush

Wayne Goss Brush 16 Large Eye Shadow Crease Brush

Applying eyeshadow can be tricky, and we all know those eyeshadow applicators that come free with some palettes just don’t cut it.

We recommend Brush 16, a brush that’s tailor-made for blending eye shadow. You can now diffuse eyeshadow colour all over the eye without any patchiness or muddiness. Easy application also means you free up more time everyday! Nice!

Price: USD 30, available here