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As beauty junkies, nothing excites us more than a limited edition beauty collection done in collaboration with our favourite cartoon characters – We Bare Bears!

We Bare Bears X Spao Makeup Range

Korean fashion and lifestyle brand SPAO has partnered with the three adorable bears to launch a series of beauty products that you’d want to collect them all.

The best part? Everything is under SGD21!

We Bare Bears X Spao Cheek Palette

One of our top favourites in this collection is the blush palettes that comes with 3 aptly-named shades, each imprinted with the profile of one bear: Ice Bear RED, Panda PINK, and Grizzly CORAL.

These are very wearable shades that you can either wear separately, mix together for a gradient look, and even use as eyeshadow if you want! It retails for KRW12,900.

We Bare Bears X Spao Brushes

Need help applying your new blush? You can get Ice Bear as your handy assistant on your cheek blush to give you a hand! Unfortunately for Panda and Grizzly fans, this brush only comes with Ice Bear, but it’s so cute that you would want to get your hands on this – no matter which bear you root for. You can get this at KRW9,900.

We Bare Bears X Spao Lip Tints

We Bare Bears X Spao Ice Bear Lip Tint

This lip tint is a must-have if you are a sucker for mini We Bare Bear figurines! Make sure to collect all three bears – each of them represents a different lip tint shade (pink for Ice Bear, orange for Grizzly, and red for Panda). Each lip tint retails for KRW10,900.

We Bare Bears X Spao Makeup Range 2

No K-beauty collection is complete without cushion foundations, so SPAO has launched three special shades for this collab with We Bare Bears. Ice Bear is shade #17 (Light), Grizzly shade #21 (Natural), and Panda shade #23 (Beige). This is the priciest item in the range at KRW17,900 – but the packaging itself is already worth it!

We Bare Bears X Spao Lip Balms

We can always do with extra lip balm to keep our puckers healthy, and even for the guys who aren’t into makeup, they can still show their love for the endearing bears with these lip balms adorned with their chubby faces. Panda’s is peach-scented, Grizzly’s smells like mixed berries, while Ice Bear’s is fragrance-free. The lip balms cost KRW7,900 each.

We Bare Bears X Spao Headbands

We Bare Bears X Spao Hand Creams

The beauty collection also includes skincare essentials like headbands to tie your hair up during cleansing, and hand creams to keep your hands soft even in the harshest of winters. Hand creams retail at KRW6,900 each.

We Bare Bears X Spao Sheet Masks

You’ll also find sheet masks (but of course!) with We Bare Bears’ faces printed on them so you can look like your favourite bear while pampering your skin – totally Insta-worthy!

These sheet masks even come with different ingredients that actually fit each bear’s profile – pick Ice Bear’s Alps water & pine tree dew for intense hydration, Grizzly’s for nutritious honey and milk, or Panda’s soothing mask made with tea tree, aloe vera, and bamboo shoots. Each one retails at KRW4,900.

We Bare Bears X Spao Pouch

Last but not least, remember to grab these pouches to keep all your makeup essentials so that you can touch up on the go. The pouches retail at KRW9,900 each.

You can get your hands on this collection in lalavla stores, SPAO’s Korea outlets, or on their online store. If you can’t find a friend who’s travelling to Korea to bring it back for you or are unable to navigate the Korean webpage, you may consider making a request on platforms like Airfrov, where you can pay a traveller to make a purchase for you.