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We’ve often heard the myth that we’re able to naturally lose weight when we’re going through our menstruation. But how true is that statement, really?

Well, from a scientific point of view, that is true to a certain extent as hormonal fluctuations and water retention occur during menstruation. This affects how often your body feels hungry as well as how much it feels the need to consume food.

weekly weight loss tips menstrual cycle

Recently, we came across a user on RED (a.k.a. China’s Instagram) who had planned a diet and workout regime around her menstrual cycle. With proper implementation, she said she was able to lose 5kg in just a month!

Curious to find out how she did it? Read on to discover the weekly tips she gathered. You can also put her tips to the test by trying it out yourself!

Week 1: During menstruation


It’s the first week of “that time of the month”, which means period cramps and fatigue will start to kick in. Hence, it’s recommended that you don’t overexert yourself with exercises that are too strenuous.

Instead, do some light stretches to help ensure you’re still moving and active as you try to get over the cramps.

Here are some exercises you can try out:

Here’s the good news – you won’t put on weight easily during this period, so you can eat to your heart’s content and ensure that your body gets all the nutrients it needs. But of course, we don’t mean binge-eating fast food and snacks. Instead, opt for healthier alternatives like nuts, granola bars, or fruits.

More importantly, you’ll want to stay hydrated, no matter which phase of the diet plan you are in.

Week 2: Gradual slimming phase

gradual slimming phase

By the second week, your body is probably going through a state of hormonal change, where you’ll tend to get less hungry than you usual. And oddly enough, this is also the period where your body will start to feel more recharged again.

Hence, you’ll want to start watching your diet carefully and also start implementing exercise routines with a higher level of intensity.

Week 3: Follicular phase

tougher exercises

As you move onto the next phase, you’ll want to start stepping up your exercise regime a little more.

First, start by extending your exercise routines and sweat it all out! It’s highly recommended that you do so for at least 40 minutes a day, three to four times a week. Other than home exercises, some other workouts you can consider include jogging, skipping, and swimming.

You can also attempt HIIT workouts like the ones below for the ultimate sweat sesh:

Likewise, you’ll want to maintain a healthy diet throughout the week, but you want to make sure you’re not filling your tummy to the brim. Stopping when you’re about three-quarters full is sufficient.

Week 4: Slimming remission period

healthy diet and exercise

After three weeks of hard work, you’ve finally reached the last week, which is also the most critical stage of the entire diet plan.

In the last week, you’ll want to make sure you’re ultra disciplined because you’re almost there! Continue focusing on consuming healthy foods to give your body a boost of nutrition. Some foods to consider include proteins such as chicken and duck. And for some healthy fats, try incorporating avocados into your meals too.

You can start reducing exercise a little and focus once again on stretching and less strenuous workouts. This will help give your body a well-deserved rest.

By the end of these four weeks, you should start to feel a little healthier and also see a slight change in your body weight. But, of course, results differ for everyone, depending on an individual’s body.

Watch the full video (in Mandarin) of the diet plan and exercise regime here.