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Where you’re a makeup beginner or an old hand at makeup, there will always be areas that you are not clear about, or are too scared to try. What better way to rectify that by talking to a professional who does makeup on a daily basis for a living?

Thankfully, there are makeup classes and courses in Singapore for you to pick up the skills required for personal makeup or even professional makeup.

Whether it is to better utilise the eyeshadow palette you’ve bought on impulse, or to up your makeup game, a makeup artist can answer all of these questions and more.

There’s a reason, after all, why most brides choose to hire a makeup artist to help them feel their prettiest on their wedding day. We’ve put together a list of makeup lessons available in Singapore that will help you make the most out of the products you already own (some of these lessons are free of charge too!)

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1. Bobbi Brown

Bobbi Brown wants us to look and feel like ourselves, with just a hint of natural makeup to give our confidence the necessary boost. Hence, besides offering makeup for office and weddings, they also provide makeup lessons. There is currently a menu of nine classes where you can pick up professional skills like brow grooming to give your face a lift and doing your makeup like a pro for office and events.

Course fees: Complimentary to SGD150
Duration: Varies from 15 – 60 minutes
How to book: Contact form found on website

Address: (Selected stores)

2. M.A.C

We don’t need a blurb here to tell you what M.A.C is all about. They’re so well-known for their makeup that their foundation shades and brush numbers are used as the benchmark standard that most people compare every other brand against. Who knew that they actually provided free makeup demonstrations as well as longer, paid classes?

M.A.C’s walk-in demos are in-store product demonstrations that you can request for on the spot, depending on their artists’ availability. Learn the makeup techniques that you can use on a specific facial feature, or how to use those tricky contouring products – it’s up to you! M.A.C has a total of 11 types of complimentary makeup services that their M.A.C artists can provide for you in-store. Check out their website to see a complete list of in-store services that they provide.

Course fees: Free
Duration: Varying
How to book: Enquire at any M.A.C store

Makeup Classes Singapore Mac

If you’d like something a little more in-depth than walk-in demos, M.A.C also provides classes with a M.A.C Pro. These classes will teach you how to create a full face make-up look that ranges from work-appropriate, to theatrical, to bridal. Besides the “M.A.C Technique” class, all other classes are not redeemable for M.A.C products.

Only 1-to-1 classes are available.
Course fees: Varies from SGD50 – SGD150
Duration: Varies from 30 – 90 minutes
How to book: Enquire or make an appointment at any M.A.C store


3. Shu Uemura

Shu Uemura is synonymous with quality. Many makeup artists, many of whom are already on our list, swear by Shu Uemura as one of their go-to brands, in order to assure their clients that they will only use the best products on their skin. Where better to learn makeup tips than from the company that are respected by all?

There are five types of classes available, ranging from learning how to create a specific look in 15 minutes, to learning how to do a professional makeover. With the “Learning Atelier” class, you will have a 1-on-1 class with Shu Uemura makeup artists who will teach you the full deal regarding skin care and make-up. Best of all, the course fee of SGD150 is fully redeemable for products. Shu Uemura members also get special prices for each class!

Only 1-to-1 classes are available.
Course fees: Free to SGD150 (you can refer to the website for more details)
Duration: 15 – 90 mins
How to book: Contact form on website


4. The Little Brush

Makeup artist Jovie Tan might surprise you with her background. Boasting a degree in Geography and having once been a secondary school teacher, she turned to makeup and have since received several accolades in the industry. She has trained in the Make Up For Ever Airbrush course, and has done a Professional Styling course in Taiwan.

Jovie mainly uses the Make Up For Ever and Shu Uemura line of products in her artistry, to ensure the quality of her work. Her works have been featured in prominent magazines in Singapore.

Jovie’s classes will help you to learn how to take care of your skin to ensure the best canvas possible for your makeup. She will help you to pick out the colours and tones that best fit your style and features, and she will also share with you techniques on daily makeup application techniques, ranging from eyeshadows to lips. What’s more, you will get a complimentary six-piece travel brush set when you attend her class!

Course fees:

Private Group
No. of participants 1 2-3
Course fee (per pax) $280 $250 (2 pax)
$235 (3 pax)
Duration 2.5 hours > 2.5 hours

All makeup and materials will be provided during the class.
How to book: Contact form found on website

Address: 19 Lim Liak Street, Singapore 161019 (by appointment only)

5. JR Makeup Class

JR Makeup Class provides one of the most comprehensive ranges of makeup classes in Singapore. Their Master Trainers, Shue Jieyi and Rezani Ramli, are both professional makeup artists and are regularly mentored by makeup artists from Hollywood.

They focus on the important basics in their makeup classes, such as equipping beginners with the knowledge of which tools to use and how to match products and colours to different skin tones and types – ideal for anyone looking to develop a makeup routine that works best for their complexion.

JR Makeup Class also offers more advanced makeup classes for performers and makeup enthusiasts who wish to learn basic Halloween makeup, face painting, and character makeup.

The trainers promise their neutrality when it comes to recommending products to students, as they do not represent any cosmetic brands, hence the products and tools recommended are all that they have personally tried and loved!

Course fee: Contact Jieyi and/or Rezani for rates
Duration: 3 hours
How to book: Telephone (9145 9532 / 9666 0557) or email ([email protected])


6. Bloom by Roseanne Tang

Makeup Classes Singapore Bloom By Roseanne

Bloom by Roseanne Tang is a makeup school opened by beauty blogger and makeup artist Roseanne Tang. Roseanne earned her IMA diploma from the London School of Beauty & Make-Up and packs years of experience behind her.

She has been featured in The Straits Times, Channel News Asia, and many other media outlets.

In the Bloom Revolution Course, you can pick and mix from a selection of classes dealing with different areas of makeup, and create a 1.5 hour lesson tailored to your interests and needs. You are also free to buy a package to use it over a period of six months, so you can always go back to practise a technique or to learn something new.

Choose from lessons such as: “Contour, Blush, Highlight”, “Flawless Base”, “Mascaras & False Lashes”, “Basic Brow Power” and many more. Class sizes are kept at four to eight students so Roseanne can tailor advice for every participant. Makeup used will be from high-quality and well-known brands, even some that have not been launched yet!

There is currently a promotion ongoing for a trial make-up class at SGD45 per pax (usual SGD88). If you have three friends who are interested, bring them along and fees will be waived for you.

1 class 3 classes 5 classes
Total course fee $88 $295 $400
Practice session $45 $50 $45
Duration 1 free practice session 2 free practice sessions

All makeup and materials will be provided during the class.
How to book: Contact form on website


Feel like you need some personalised attention? Roseanne also provides a 1-on-1 class where you will get to have full control over what you wish to learn in class. You can choose to bring your own mak-up if you’d like to be taught how to make the most of what you already have. However, this isn’t necessary as Roseanne will also provide makeup materials for you. For an additional SGD50, you can also choose to conduct the class at a location of your own convenience!

Course fees: SGD260
Duration: 3 hours per session
All makeup and materials will be provided during the class.
How to book: Check-out cart on website

Address: Studio One, 450 North Bridge Road #05-01 Singapore 188732

7. Cleo Chang

Originally from Taiwan, Cleo has been living in Singapore for many years before she decided to change her profession in 2006 and became a makeup artist. She specialises in bridal make-up, but also imparts her knowledge and experience through makeup courses. Cleo uses high-quality make-up brands such as Cle de Peau, Chanel, Make Up For Ever, Shu Uemera and Bobbi Brown.

Makeup Classes Singapore Cleo Chang

The first hour of the class will be dedicated to learning about the basics of skincare, as a necessary foundation before leading on to make-up. Cleo will assist you in learning how to choose the right foundation for your skin tone, and then teach you techniques in the application of foundation and concealers. In the second hour, Cleo will touch on work-appropriate and casual make-up. She will help you figure out the right eyeshadow colour for your face and your style, and will teach the application of eyeliner, blusher and lip colour.

Only 1-to-1 classes are available.
Total course fees: SGD300
Total duration: 2 hours

If you’re an experienced make-up user and would like to go for an advanced course, you can add on an extra hour to learn techniques such as smokey eye makeup, the application of false eyelashes and makeup tricks to make your eyes look bigger.

Total course fees: SGD500
Total duration: 3 hours
The advanced course must be taken together with the basic course.

All makeup and materials will be provided during the class but participants are strongly encouraged to bring their own makeup to learn how to make the best out of them.

How to book: Telephone (9656-2027) or email ([email protected])


8. Yukiko Lim

Yukiko started out shadowing a local makeup artist in Singapore, before moving on to workshops conducted by a Taiwanese artist, and then taking her Master’s in Kanebo Makeup Institute in Tokyo. In her classes, she will help you to recognise your personal face shape and features that might be best highlighted in your makeup. She will also give her recommendations on the colour palettes that would suit you best.

Makeup Classes Singapore Yukiko Lim

During the class, you will be able to do a full face makeup under her guidance and corrections, and you can even choose two makeup themes to concentrate on in the class, ranging from Korean and Japanese styles, to Retro and Smokey styles. There’s also an option for you to learn how to do a 15-min express makeup look for those mornings when you’re rushed for time!

Furthermore, she will also give you personalised hair-styling tips, completing that icing on the cake. Yukiko paces her lessons to suit her students’ level of experience, so whether you think you’re a beginner or you’re advanced in makeup, there’s always something to learn from her.

Private Group
No. of participants 1 2-3
Course fee (per pax) $250 (weekday)
$300 (weekend)
Duration 3.5 – 4 hours 4 – 5 hours

All makeup and materials will be provided during the class.
Unable to confirm prices as all courses are fully booked for 2019 and infor has been taken down.
How to book: Telephone (9186-9885) or email ([email protected])

Address: Blk 69 Bedok South Ave 3 #02-488, Singapore 460069 (by appointment only)

9. One Academy

Packing more than 15 years of makeup experience behind her, Ivy Chen has had a stellar career. She graduated from a Taiwanese makeup and styling college, and has since carved a name for herself in Singapore. She set up One Academy to train budding professional makeup artists, but also conducts personal makeup courses.

The personal makeup class will teach you the basics of makeup, starting from the correct ways to use makeup tools, the appropriate skin care steps to take before applying makeup, all the way to learning how to do touch-ups during the day. The class covers eyebrow trimming, foundation, eyeliner, mascara, blusher, lipsticks and lip liners and eyeshadow application.

Makeup Classes Singapore One AcademySource

Total Course Fees:
SGD800 for Basic Professional Makeup (6 x 3-hour lessons for a class of 4-8 people.)
SGD1500 for Advanced Professional Makeup (10 x 3-hour lessons for class of 4-8 people.)

All makeup and materials will be provided during the class. Please check the available timings for each class.
How to book: Contact form on website

Address: 36 Newton Road, Hotel Royal #03-19, Singapore 307964

10. The Big Blow

The Big Blow started off as a mobile team that provided hair, makeup and nails services at a location of your choice. They’ve since procured a location at which they continue to do what they do best, and have also added on a new service offering makeup lessons. These lessons will be conducted by Ellie Sakrewski, co-founder, CEO, and chief stylist of The Big Blow.

Ellie has worked for 20 years in several international makeup brands like Shu Umeura and Aesop, and has even worked on music videos and fashion shoots. She will be helping you correct your own makeup techniques, and teaching you various different looks that you can easily replicate on your own in the future.

True to the mobile nature of their origins, you are given the option of having the makeup lesson conducted either in the comfort of your own home, or at The Big Blow’s main location. You can bring your own makeup collection, or use products from Vani-T, an organic range of cosmetics exclusive to The Big Blow.

Each class may take up to four participants.
Course fees
SGD250 for a private makeup lesson (1.5 hours)
SGD300 for a group makeup lesson up to 4 people (2 hours and up) 

Duration: 1.5 – 2 hours
How to book: Contact form on website

Address: #02-21 Cluny Court, 501 Bukit Timah Road, Singapore 259760

11. The Make Up Room

The Make Up Room doesn’t share much on their website, because they let their strong portfolio do the talking. Whether it’s photo shoots for fashion magazines, theatrical makeup for local plays and musicals, or an amazing range of themes for pre-wedding photo-shoots, The Make Up Room has done it all.

Makeup Classes Singapore The Makeup Room

It is clear that The Make Up Room prides themselves on daring to think outside the box when it comes to their makeup artistry. Even their makeup classes are designed and presented in a way refreshingly different from every other.

The Subtle Diva class is most suitable for those aiming to understand makeup in a more in-depth way. Teaching from the basic foundations of makeup onwards, The Make Up Room promises a “process of discovery” where you can not only learn to look good, but to feel good as well. Besides that, you will also learn about colour palettes, demonstrated by a colour theory that was developed exclusively by The Make Up Room.

Private Group
No. of participants 1 4 or more
Course fee (per pax) $350 (weekday)
$450 (weekend)
Duration 6 hours 6 hours

Please bring your makeup kit with you for class.

If you’re bored of the same old routines and techniques that every other make-up class has to offer, you could consider going for The Importance of Being Subjective class offered. In this class, you will be given the leeway to get as experimental as you want, with guidance from the instructors. You will be taught how to dissect and recreate iconic and inspirational looks, as well as versatile make-up techniques.

Course fees: Please enquire for rates
Please bring your makeup kit with you for class, as well as a photo book of looks that you are inspired by.
How to book: Telephone (9231-2703) or email ([email protected])

Address: 236A River Valley Road, Singapore 238294

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